10 Mobile Apps for dogs and cats for everyday use

We use smartphones every day, in almost every aspect of life, even when it comes to our pets. Some apps can ease pet care, and help us to create a better and safer environment for cats or dogs.

1. Pet First Aid

Sometimes it is required to help an injured or sick pet before seeing the vet. Pet First Aid app is provided by the American Red Cross and allows you to receive helpful information and instructions on how to react in a specific situation at any time.

Whether it’s a tip on how to bandage and disinfect the injured paw, or how to give a medication to your pet, on the app you’ll find many handy tutorials for everyday situations. In case of emergency, Pet First Aid app helps you to find the nearest vet hospital or a doctor on call.

2. Pet Phone

Pet Phone is a handy application that allows you to keep track of your pet’s health condition. It helps you to remember scheduled appointments with veterinarians, medication and vitamin intake, or when your pet has to get another vaccine. Also, you can also control the weight of your dog to preserve his health. Pet Phone app stores all relevant information about your pet. You can easily forward them to your vet, so you do not have to remember them next time you visit him.

3. Whistle

Sometimes your pets can be notorious escapers. They are hyperactive and curious or just want to hang around the neighborhood. You can’t always give them all your attention whenever they want to. So they decide to do it on their own 🙂

Especially for cats, it’s hard to control them; because of their tinny anatomy, they can easily escape from the yard. If your pets like to run away from time to time, buying Whistle tracker may not be a bad idea. Place this GPS tracker on a collar and connect it to the Whistle application, which gives you timely information about the movement of your pet. You can set Whistle to react whenever your cat or dog leaves their safe area – at that point; you get a notification. There are also some additional features, such as speed, distance, or calorie consumption.

4. My Talking Pet

Animal lovers have many pictures of their pets in their smartphones or on social networks. Why wouldn’t you have some fun and bring them to life? My Talking Pet entertainment app is a great way to laugh at the animated version of your pet talks to you in human language.
You can turn the ordinary photo of your pet into an animation, meme, or 3D video that you’ll share on social networks. Think about what your dog or cat wants you to say to you, record that and have fun. You can make these images even more interesting by adding text, some “accessories” like glasses, mustaches, or hats, and make different memes that you can send to friends.

5. Fur Alert

When your four-legged pet is lost, the first thing you will do is to alarm your family and friends help you with sharing flyers around the neighborhood and asking if anyone has seen it. Now, why did you feel sorry for not buying a tracking collar?

Don’t worry. With the help of Fur Alert app, you can quickly and easily publish that your pet is missing and look for help from other users. All you need to do is create a profile of all your furry buddies right after downloading the app. When one of them wanders off, announce that you’re looking for him.

You can set up the search area, and the server will send notifications to all users near you. If someone notices your cat or dog, they will get in touch with you via Fur Alert, send you a notice where they have seen it or get information on where to get the lost pet back.

6. Pet Finder

Whether you get a pet for the first time or just want to have another one, Pet Finder app is a real deal. Every day, more than half a million dogs and cats waiting for adoption can be found in the offer. You can search them by several criteria like breed, age or location. (Stairsupplies)
The list is updated every day, so the choice is vast. Apart from the animal’s photos, you can find contact details of the owner or shelter, as well as useful information about your new pet. Also, you can also read the exciting confessions of the owners who found their furry buddies this way.

7. Dog Vacay

Because of the paced tempo of life and too many obligations, it often happens that we leave our pet home alone for a long time. Or we have to go on a business trip without your best friend. It would be best for him to stay with someone who will take care of him well and make him feel at home.
Say no more. App Dog Vacay allows you to contact sitters in your area that will treat your cat or dog as a family member. Whether it will be just a walk, daily visit, or an accommodation for a few days, any service you book through Dog Vacay application is insured. Sitters will inform you daily by sending you pictures and recordings of your pets to make sure they are in the right place.

8. ASPCA – Emergency Pet Safety

This application is designed as help in risk situations, such as extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, or if your loving pet is lost. The ASPCA app allows you to spread the word about a missing pet, but also provides you with instructions on what to do in such cases. Natural disasters often occur suddenly. To avoid anxiety, aggression or risky behavior in your pets, you should know how to treat them when these situations happen (earthquakes, storms, hurricane, etc.). ASPCA app gives you handy advice about that. ASPCA free app is available for both iOS and Android systems. It also provides you to store all relevant health records and information about your cat or dog.

9. Petzbe

Probably you’ve all heard of Facebook and Instagram. Pet lovers will be happy to hear that there is a similar application for their four-legged friends – Petzbe. If you like to take photos and live records of your pet and share this content with friends on social networks, this application is the right choice for you. Your pet can find new virtual friends, but also to like (“lick”) photos and follow (“sniff”) other animals.
Petzbe is a relatively new application that is still evolving, and only iOS options are currently available. Their motto is “No humans allowed.” Of course, functionality is not possible without the owner 😊. But the content shared through this social network relates exclusively to your furry friends.

10. Reddit

Although Reddit application is not intended only for pet owners, it is quite useful and interesting. On this app, you can find about everything you are interested in about your pet. It is designed as a platform where you can search and share information with other users, have discussions on blog posts and forums, and find helpful tips, tutorials, and links. (messinascatering.com)
Reddit app has a large number of users, so everyone, with a bit of research, can find the answer they’re looking for. You also have Chat and Community discussion options, where you can share thoughts and ideas with other users.

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