12 Pet Tech Apps to Make Caring for Your Pet Easier

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12 Pet Tech Apps to Make Caring for Your Pet Much Easier

It doesn’t matter if you’re a dog person or a cat person, owning a pet is not something you should take lightly. You should be absolutely devoted to it, taking care of its health, managing the events, and simply getting the best out of the experience. With the modern technology, taking care of your pet is not as hard as it used to be.

There is plenty of apps out there offering a whole variety of features which are intended to make your life and the life of your pet more pleasant. So, why wouldn’t you try some of them out? In case you’ve been considering this, but just hadn’t found time to go through the list of pet apps, waging which one is better, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Check out the list of the apps we prepared for you. Most of the apps are free, and some require you to pay a small amount in order to access the updates. In any case, all of them are there to make your life easier. So, let’s see if there’s something here that will help you keep up with your pet and a lifestyle today.

Mobile Pet Journals for all pet owners

If you’re looking for an app which will serve you as a database, and not just for pictures, then you should definitely consider an app which serves as a mobile pet journal. Truth to be told, there’s plenty of options out there, and sometimes it looks like pet diaries are just getting better by the day. Still, some of them fail to deliver on the expectations, and some of them are way too expensive. So, we found the ones you might like which are either free or including minimum fees. Here are the best mobile pet journals you can find online.

1. 11Pets


Another app which focuses on the health of your pet, 11Pets is not just simple to use, but also a great journal which can be used for tracking your pet’s treatment as well as the supplies. Say goodbye to running out pet food, as this app will remind you when it’s time to get your pet a pack of treats. Apart from being highly effective when it comes to storing data, this app also lets you save photos, so you no longer need to explain the excessive amount of photos in your gallery. A great choice if you’re looking for something simple, yet health orientated.

2.  PetDesk

pet deskAn app that you’ll love for the diversity of the features, but mostly for the fact that it got all that you need in one place concerning a health of your pet. Well, what we love about it is certainly the reminder feature which most of the owners need, usually because sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the schedules.

Using a proper app makes the job a lot easier, but when it comes to PetDesk, the mere design of an app is beyond average, something that is not only universal but offers a true value as well.

The wide network of groomers and vets that you can easily contact if needed is what makes this app different from the others, as well as the fact that it features the option of scheduling eventual prescription refill pick-ups. It definitely is one of the apps that you should consider as it will extend a life of your pet in the long run, and make your relationship a lot healthier.

Health Monitoring Apps for all pet owners

If you’re having trouble with your pet’s health, you should definitely consider installing one of these health monitoring apps, as they not only help out in tracking the illness, but some of them are also about the online communication with a professional. These apps will help you take care of your sick and old pets just as much as keep an eye on the younger breeds, scheduling the checks and the vaccinations. So take your time and check some of these amazing apps.

3. Pet Diabetes Tracker


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If your pet has diabetes, this app is an absolute must-have, given that it’s all you need in one place. Whether you need an easy access to the medical data or a separate file for glucose blood level, this app has it both.  Featuring more than impressive algorithm to help you keep your pet checked at all times, it also reminds you when you need to take care of the insulin shots. Definitely, a winner if you’re looking to keep up with the illness, keeping your pet safe at all times. Pet Diabetes Tracker also features an algorithm which allows you to recognize symptoms right away, and act as your pet’s vet given that diabetes is often time-tempered.

4. ASPCA Pet Safety

aspcaAn app that you should most definitely install if you’re looking to get a guide in case of natural disasters as well as the emergency cases. With the variety of features, this app tops the charts mostly for the interesting suggestions and instructions which are intended to keep your pet safe as well during the hard times.

What we loved about this app is the fact that it is one of the most realistic apps out there, great for hikers, and everyone who is keen on exploring a nature with a pet.

It surely has covered on the cases such as a search for a lost pet with features such as storing a pet’s info through a profile within the app. Apart from hints on how to handle extreme weather, the app is focused on safety before anything, and given that is one of the most respected apps out there, you should definitely give it a go. (tramadol)


 5. Vet On Demand

An app that will most certainly save the life of your pet if necessary. Most of the owners struggle with the annual checks due to the local vet being too far from their home. As you can never know whether it’s something serious or just an allergy, Vet On Demand is a great app to use, as it allows you to call a vet and consult to see if they can help.

You also get a one-time free call to use for free, while if you’re looking for more, monthly subscription is required. As an app which is relatively easy to use, Vet On Demand gained on popularity among pet owners due to the efficiency and low fees.

6. Mypet Reminders


pet reminders

If you’re one of the people who keeps on forgetting important dates concerning their pet, or if you’re simply someone who works well with reminders, Mypet is an app you should surely check out as soon as possible.Featuring a variety of different reminders, Mypet app changes your view on the important dates, whether it’s an event or a scheduled vaccination. It does come in handy with features like treatment schedules.

What we loved the most about this app is the fact that it allows you to create your pet’s profile to add all the info you would usually forget about, and to keep it all in one place. It is a lifesaving app which will make taking care of your pet much easier, especially due to the fact that you’ll have one less thing to worry about with a constant flow of automatized reminders.

7. Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross


Probably the best pet app out there, Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross is all about keeping your pet safe, with features like animal hospital locator. Focusing more on the health as well as on the emergencies, this app includes click-to-call a vet option for those who need an advice concerning a situation involving their pet.

What we love the most about this app is that it comes with an emergency guide which can be used to properly treat your pet without scheduling an appointment, especially if it’s about treatment for a diagnosed state. You also learn how to dress the wounds as well as how to stop the bleeding in case it occurs.

One of the best features is the guide on how to treat your pet if they’ve been burnt, which is a common health emergency in most of the homes. An app is worthy of checking out, especially if you’re seriously interested in maintaining your pet’s overall health.

8. Veterinary Dictionary


While this app was originally intended for veterinary students, it gained on popularity among the pet owners as well. Most of us tend to google the disease once we hear it from the vet, and the results on google might be misleading, often resulting in the actions that harm our pets even more. buy modafinil uk fast delivery https://megacanabisdispensary.com/ provigil rx online Now, with the help of this mobile glossary, you’ll have insights into what’s really wrong with your pet as well as in the potential list of diseases and the risks.

Definitely worthy of your time if you’re looking to get some free education in order to improve your knowledge and keep up with the challenges that come with the owning a pet. If nothing, then for the fact that it’s way easier than googling and getting confused about all the different sources.

Pet tech Smartphone Mobile Apps for Pets

Given that we mostly put the accent on the fact that we wish our pet to stay healthy, we often neglect the fact that sometimes you need something extra to make it easy. Here are some of the picks that we chose simply for the creative ideas that they represent, from the app which will relax your cat to sleep to the app which will let you monitor your dog when you’re away for work. There’s something for everyone, even fish owners, so make sure to read them through.

9. Fishlore

unnamed 1

Definitely as good as it gets for fish lovers due to the fact that most of the pet-related apps are cats and dogs related. Well, for those who prefer fish as a pet, Fishlore is a wonderful place to meet another fish owners and exchange experience in this field.

Fishlore is also a great spot if you’re looking to learn more about new species, as well as if you can add a certain species into your aquarium. As one of the rare apps that really educate the owners, providing them with sincere advice and open communication platform, Fishlore is an absolute winner.

10. Cam2Pet


An app that you’ll love for impressive technology, and for the fact that you can now avoid pet sitting, and leave your pet home with no fear of something happening to them. Cam2Pet is an app which allows you to connect any device to your phone, which results in a live cam, allowing you to track your pet in real time, and act if you see something which may look alarming.

What we love about Cam2Pet is the fact that it is easily synced up with almost any device, from tablets to laptops, which means all you need is one more device to get yourself a 24/7 monitoring, ensuring your pet will be safe at all time.

It’s also great for it incorporates the feature which allows you to communicate with your pet, which proved to be a great thing when monitoring older pets. So, make sure to check this one out, and see if it saves you money or not.

11. Relax My Cat

relax my cat

An app that will surely make your cat fall asleep, Relax My Cat is innovation, at least when it comes to the apps available in online store. A great option for those who own a cat that is not as obedient, and a great choice if you’re looking to help your cat deal with separation anxiety.

12. Chewy

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Chewy is an app that’ll save you the trouble of locating the pet store, as it offers you a variety of options. Whether you need pet food or simply wish to test out something new, Chewy get you the best deals out there. Not only that you get a whole range of products at affordable price, but you also get a free shipping for selected products.

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