14 Free Apps For Dog Owners

Today, when everything can be found on the Internet and when we are online for most of the time, it would be a wonder that there are no apps that are adjusted to pets and their owners. Below you can find a list of free apps that can help you in various aspects of your pet’s care and growing. Many of them are available both for iOS and Android (if there are restrictions, we’ll mention them).

1. Bark Happy

This application is some type of social network for all pet owners. It was created so that you can get in touch with other dog lovers, or easily find pet-friendly coffee shops, restaurants, or accommodation nearby. The goal of the Bark Happy application is to find the best company for your pup by visiting the suggested places or events near you so he won’t feel lonely.

2. Bark Buddy

Apps for pets can also be used by people who do not currently have a dog, but they want to adopt it. Bark Buddy is an application that can help you in this, like some kind of dating website. Owners who want to find a new home for their pets or local shelters put up pictures of dogs that are ready for adoption. Based on the search and the given description, you can find your perfect match. (Provigil) It’s like Tinder for pet lovers!

3. Dogo – Training app

A good dog is a well-trained dog. With the help of the Doggo app, which is rated very high on the Google Play store, you can get the best tips and instructions on how to train your dog and learn it some new tricks. At any time, you can use professional support, provided by veterinarians, licensed trainers, and experienced sitters.

4. Dog translator

Often believe that your dog wants to tell you something, and you are not able to figure out what? Dog translator is an entertaining app that lets you understand your beloved dog. Simply, record his bark and have fun listening to what your pet is trying to tell you. Of course, you know that you will get silly answers, but do not take them seriously. All this is intended to lighten your mood.

5. Wag

The Dog Walk app is designed for dog owners who want to track their dog’s activity during the day. Based on the GPS signal, this application shows you route information, distance, and the average speed of your dog’s walk. It is very easy to use – you’ll activate it with a single click on the button. The data is stored in the phone’s memory, so you can compare or send them to your friends or vet.

6. Walk for a Dog

This application walk for a dog works on a similar principle as the previous one, but it has one great characteristic – every login is a donation. Every time you walk your dog, you indirectly make a donation for a particular shelter or rescue that you choose in the Impact tab. Sponsors and advertisers provide financial funds; you only have to take care of your dog’s activity. Isn’t that a good reason to be active and spend quality time with your four-legged friend?

7. Animal Poison Control Center

Dogs cannot distinguish which foods are good or bad for them, and often do not even know the owners. To solve the dilemma, install the free Animal Poison Control Center app where you can find a list of everything that can be toxic to your dog – chemicals, medicines, specific foods, etc. Also, there are short instructions in case of pet poisoning. In this way, you can keep your dog safe and away from potential dangers.

8.  Pet Coach

Dog owners sometimes do not have the opportunity to visit a veterinarian when they want to get information about their pet’s health. With the help of the Pet Coach app, you can get professional advice on any question about the health of your furry friend. Experienced nutritionists, trainers, and veterinarians will assist you in the shortest possible time. However, this app is just guidance, and can’t provide actual medical help when the situation is critical. It is essential to timely respond, and to take your dog to the nearest vet.

9.  11 pets: Pet Care

When your dogs need first aid, there is 11 Pets app. Here you can look for help from experts who provide daily advice and information on pet care. There is an option in this app to monitor both the food intake and the weight of your dog, which is very important for maintaining his health. You can also use it as a reminder when you have a veterinarian appointment or when the vaccination time is.

10.  Pet Diary

For your dog to be always cheerful and healthy, regular visits to the vet, taking vitamins and medicines as needed, but also regular bathing, grooming, etc. are required. In a hurry, we often skip appointments, so Pet Diary is an excellent thing for forgetful dog owners. You’ll always know when it’s time for nail clipping or taking vitamins. Also, you can keep a record of your dog’s health, but also get evidence of money you spent every month.

11. Pet Backer

As a proud owner and a dog lover, Pet Backer application can help you to get the best of both worlds. In addition to looking for a sitter to take care of your pet, you can also offer your personal dog walking, boarding, or sitting services. This is an excellent opportunity for all dog lovers to earn extra money while doing something that they love and spend time with these lovely animals.

12.  Bring Fido

The Bring Fido app is at your service to, faster than ever, find and reserve a pet-friendly accommodation. By using the filter, you can customize search with your requirements, and find the best hotels or hostels at the lowest price. In addition, you can discover interesting nearby attractions, museums, cinemas, and restaurants where you can take your dog. Also, you can look for important stuff like local veterinarians and pet shops.

13. Rover

Often, we are not able to take a pet with us on a holiday or business trip. Our friends and family do not have the time to look after them, and you don’t want to leave them alone in the hotel. With the help of Rover app, you can book the proper accommodation for your pet. Or else, you can engage a professional sitter to visit your dog while you are at work or to pass it on. All app’s services are covered by insurance. (Ultram HCL) It also offers an option for sitters to send you pictures and information about your beloved pet.

14. Chewy

As for humans, there are Amazon and Ali-express; for your pets, there’s Chewy. There you can find everything that your dog needs. Over 1000 brands offer their products, from food, treats, toys, to kennels and beds. You can make a wish list, track your order status, and have insight into various discounts and actions that producers give. Except for dogs, this application is also useful for owners of cats, birds, fish, etc.

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