15 Best Free Dog Mobile Apps most have

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15 Best Free Dog Mobile Apps most have

Nowadays, you can find some the best free dog mobile apps and is key also when owning a dog, but as they say, with every title comes to a huge responsibility. Whether you’re a workaholic or simply someone who follows up with trends, you’ll notice that dog mobile apps have gained in popularity, and for a good reason. Not only that they change a whole perspective of dog care, but also because following up with a life of your pet can be something you find hard in modern times.

Well, scrolling down through the lists of apps looking for a perfect one is also something you would rather avoid, if possible, which is why we bring you to top 15 free dog apps which dog owners use nowadays. Forget checking out the ones with good marketing and a wonderful story, and check some from our list that is not only approved by countless clients but are also free. Paying for an app that could potentially disappoint you is a thing of the past as your best free dog mobile apps has increase. So, let’s dive in to see which apps are actually worthy of your time.

Dog Lifestyle apps

When it comes to a selection of apps that will help you keep track of the dog health, as well as find instructions what to do if an emergency occurs, there’s plenty of options out there. Not only that we found apps that will let you keep all of the data in one place, but also apps which will let you schedule annual checks and even pay vet service online. Take a look at lifesaving free dog mobile apps we found for you.

1. BarkCam

An app that may be more fun than health apps and a great option for those looking to keep dog photos separated from the rest of your photo feed. BarkCam allows you for taking a whole range of photos, and editing them along the way, a great choice for those who are looking to get that vintage feel with their pet along with nostalgic stickers to make things better. Not only that it’s a free app, but also the one you’ll enjoy for simplicity and the fact that it saves lives when it comes to getting your dog to look at the camera for once.

2. PetDiary

If you’re looking to save your pet’s vital records all in one place, as well as constantly monitor its treatment or anything else that need monitoring, PetDiary is a great option. With the carefully organized data, this app will take your heart, given that you can finally give up on scrabbling the data on paper, and later losing it. It’s free, it’s efficient, and most importantly it isn’t as complicated as the rest of them. Keeping things simple, yet getting all you need from them is definitely the best way to go, no matter the situation.

3. PetCoach

PetCoach is a great option for those who are living far away from a local vet, as it allows you to get professional advice and treatment from online vets. The app is a great thing if you’re not sure whether the symptoms are indicating something serious, or your dog simply needs a diet adjustment. Definitely worthy of your time given that it delivers on a whole pack of features and even an option of scheduling appointments with the vet you’ve been communicating through this online platform. In the end, the most important thing is that it is free.

4. iKibble Free

Given that most of the apps will offer you similar features, iKibble is an excellent option. You get the app that will allow you to instantly check whether the thing your dog just ate will harm the dog or it’s something you can neglect altogether. Looking up what a certain ingredient will do to your dog’s health is definitely a unique idea, and most importantly a free app. A good choice for hikers and anyone whose pet is not as obedient as they would like. In any case, worthy of checking out, if nothing then for the originality.

5.  Dog Buddy

An app that will allow you to keep up with the health state of your pet, whether it’s to simply store medical needs of your pet or to have a constant reminder when it comes to vaccination schedules. Apart from that, Dog Buddy also allows you to store photos, as well as make journal entries to keep a constant touch with data concerning your dog.

6. Figo Pet Cloud

Well, cloud technology really does help when it comes to saving your data and sharing it, at least when it comes to us. Now, you have the same option for your pet, and it’s not only about saving photos and videos of your dog barking around. It’s an app that lets you store all data, from vital records to the certificates, everything you might need to have in one place in case of the emergency. It is also a great option for those who are looking to avoid mailed checks as it allows you to upload vet bills utilizing an electronic payment as well.

 Dog Tracking Apps

Walking your dog can be quite an obligation, not only because we often forget did we take it out for a walk or not. So, when it comes to the selection of mobile apps which allow you to keep track of the daily walks, there aren’t as many options, at least not the free ones. Most of the packages require you either to pay for a tracking device or include that within the price of the app, so finding a free option was not an easy task, but we did it. Here are some of the free mobile apps that’ll help you out.

7. MapMyDogWalk

An app that will change your perspective on dog walking, as it offers a variety of routes you can choose for your dog. Definitely a great thing for someone who just moved into the city, and isn’t sure how things work there. So, if you’re looking for an app which will point you out in the right direction, whether it’s a great dog park or a water fountain, this is the one you should have in mind. It certainly is a winner given it allows you to track previous activities and change routes every now and then.

8. Dog Walk

One of the few free tracking apps that really has it all, Dog Walk is a great choice for anyone looking to keep track of the routes as well as the store data for later use. Whether you decide on it for the fact that it allows you sharing the activity with friends and family, or for another feature, Dog Walk is one hell of a free mobile app.

9. Dogways

If you’re looking for your pet to have a social life as well, this is the best free app you can find online. Featuring a map with all the events happening nearby, it allows you to find company for your pet, whether it’s only for a walk or for something more. What we love about this app is the fact that it allows users to create both public and private events for their pets, as well as adjust the filters so your dog gets a companion of its own breed and size to chill out with.

Dog Training Apps

Training your dog is not an easy task, and most of the owners’ either opt for a trained dog or pay to train it once they get one. Well, this isn’t something that needs to be paid for. Training him with a whistle can be a thing of the past if you decide on an app to help you out. The truth is that fining a free dog training app can be a risky thing for a beginner, but if you’re someone willing to learn, apps are a great way to save time and money. So, let’s take a look at the free mobile apps that are basically all you’ll need to train your dog.

10. iClicker

Definitely the best option you can find when it comes to training apps as iClicker takes a whole new approach to the process of training. Given that it’s proven to be much more efficient than the whistle, iClicker gained on popularity mostly due to the unconventional methods which proved to be way more efficient than the whistle. The thing with iClicker is that you get detailed tutorials, as well as a whole package of additional features such as sounds which will help you train your dog, or will affect dog’s behavior allowing you test your pet while you train it.

11. P5 Dog Training App from Purina Pro Plan

What we loved about this app, apart from it being free is the fact that you can also use it without an internet connection which most of the users find more than rewarding. The best thing about it, however, is the fact you can track the progress as you choose from a number of tutorials which allows for easier training. This app certainly is more professional than iClicker, but it also asks for your active involvement in the process, taking you to a professional level with a variety of guides for your pet to not only get in shape but also acquire a new set of skills.

Dog Sitting Apps

An option that emerged a few years ago, dog sitting allows you to avoid a trouble when traveling or when preoccupied, as it offers you few options for dog care. There is a number of people willing to take in your dog for a while you’re away. Most of the platforms which offer such services are secured, which means the applicants undergo a strict selection to ensure your pet is in safe hands. Some even require their members to complete a training. Enough said, dog sitting is a thing now, and you’re just one click away from it. Make sure to check out free options we listed below, and see if you’ll find something for your pet as well.

12. DogVacay

This app is certainly a winner when it comes to finding a qualified caretaker. While caretakers on this app are not as cheap as elsewhere, the difference is in quality. Most of the dog sitting apps offer options for students, which does not guarantee your dog will be in safe hands. However, DogVacay is a whole new story, definitely worthy of your time.

13. Rover

An app that allows you to get a proper sitter with its wide offer of users. What we love about Rover is the fact that you get to be constantly updated with photos as well as an upgraded communication with a sitter. Rover offers an option of leaving your dog at someone’s house or simply taking someone into yours while you’re away. buy modafinil online legit https://bloodbornecertification.com can i buy modafinil online in usa In any case, the fact is that Rover really takes things to a new level with a number of features for you to be constantly aware of what’s happening in your pet’s life even though if you’re more than a few miles away.

14. Trottr

An app that will really help you when in a need of a dog sitting, as it will connect you with certified dog walkers. Easy to use the platform, and an app that will surely let you get the best out of the dog walkers, given that leaving your dog with someone isn’t really a guarantee your dog will be properly treated. (canadianpharmacy365.net) Trottr is different, allowing you to select the dog walker by yourself and pay through the app. It surely is an app worthy of checking out, especially if you’re having a hard time walking your dog due to your current job status.

15. Bark Happy

An app that is more of a communication platform than it is the one you can trust with dog sitting, as Bark Happy allows you to meet new people, someone who’s sharing your interests and the owners of the dogs your dog played within the park. Definitely a great choice for travelers as it also comes with the feature that allows you to find the nearest dog parks as well as dog-friendly hotels.

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