5 Best Home Alone Dog Breeds

The dog is a lovely animal that can be a great buddy. Having it for a pet is suitable for anyone who loves animals (and do not have health problems like hair allergies). Whether you are alone or have a family, the dog is there to be loyal to you and the best friend for entire life. The endless dose of love is provided.

Since your love can’t feed and take care of it, you must provide your new friend with good conditions for nurturing. Before you get a dog, no matter how much you love animals, be objective and consider – can you handle all that? Besides meeting its physiological needs, your pet also wants attention and company. What is the point of having a dog, and then leave it alone all day long?

Not All Breeds Are the Same

You decide to get a pet and give it all your love. If you are conscious and aware that sometimes you have to leave a dog alone, you should know that not all breeds will react equally to separation from the owner. In general, dogs don’t like loneliness. But some breeds will take that easier than others.

Also, it’s not the same when you take a puppy and an adult dog. What is important is to get the correct habits from the very beginning. That way, your pup will handle your leaving (and coming back) as much painless as possible.

There are types of dogs that can stay alone for a long time but do not count on leaving them for days. Simply, their mental set enables easy dressage and getting used to loneliness from time to time. Without the intention of underrating some breeds, we will point out to five dogs that you can leave home alone for a while, without any problems. They are among the most intelligent members of their kind.

Feel Free to Leave Your Frenchie Alone

Who would say that these small, stumpy furballs can be so obedient and beautiful? Although at first glance, they seem grumpy and too temperamental, French Bulldogs have a very gentle character and are very friendly.Frenchie

They are very sensitive and friendly, but they can show intolerance and signs of aggression sometimes, especially if you did not train them on time. In this case, these little scamps think they could do what they want. French Bulldogs can be a bit grouchy, but with good dressage, they will become a real little “soldiers.”

Because of their size, it’s clear to you that French Bulldog is not an outdoor dog. So, at the very beginning, you have the advantage of getting accustomed to indoor. Frenchies are not fans of open space. Because of their tinny nose and wrinkles on the skin, they can’t breathe in the right way, so they hate the heat.

Since these dogs belong to flat-nosed breeds, they do not even like being overly physically active. They prefer to chill and nap; even when you’re around, they will rather lie on your lap than play with you. Due to the specific anatomy of the face, they rarely bark, so you can leave them without a problem in the apartment.

So, you do not have to worry about whether the Frenchie will be too active. Before you go, do everything you need, and leave it in the house. If you have recently gotten the dog, it won’t mind being in the crate while home alone, as long as it has enough food, water, and a few toys to entertain, before it falls asleep.

Chihuahuas Would Appreciate Some Quality Time – without You

Chihuahuas 5 Best Home Alone Dog BreedsChihuahuas are real couch potatoes. Although they sometimes seem to work on batteries, these tinny dogs actually like to sleep. Because they are so small, owners think they can always play with them, but that’s not the case. Therefore, as the title says, Chihuahuas can take the temporary separation from you – very well. They will finally get some sleep.

And after they get a good and long rest, they have to fill the time they spend without you somehow. Leave your dog plenty of toys, balls and some treats. Food, water, and piddle pads are a must. It is recommended to learn your pup from an early age to use these pads, so dressage and basics of obedience are suggested.

The most important thing is not to treat Chihuahua as a toy. Without too much pampering and spoiling; be gentle, but also authoritative. As soon as you get the dog, let it go through the apartment to get familiar with the environment.

Chihuahua will find its “lair,” somewhere at the bottom of the bed, or between pillows, blankets or wardrobe, seeking peace and security when they want to nap. It’s very likely that you’ll find your pet there when you come home.

Beagles Will Find the Way to Entertain Themselves

If you opt for Beagle, make sure they handle loneliness very well. A few hours a day of separation, they’ll fulfill in different ways, so they often don’t notice your absence. They have a specific bark, which can remind of whining, but they really don’t miss you that much.Beagles

Though Beagles are hunting dogs, do not worry – they will not “hunt” your stuff around the apartment. It just means you have to prepare your pup for leaving. Give it a long, exhausting walk, and let it run as much as possible.

Beagles like to be busy. Their inherent intelligence and curiosity must be satisfied. So let the pup sniff around while you’re at home. Make sure that your pet is familiar with the place where it is allowed to be and to learn where its spot will be. (Zolpidem)

Their social life can be both, blessing and problem. Beagles love other dogs, people, even cats, but they have to grow up together. Be sure they’ll be best buddies, and it will be safe to leave them alone at home for a while. You can even leave your Beagle in the yard because sometimes they can be really hyperactive. If you need to limit them, a crate is a better solution than binding.

Golden Retrievers Are Big Boys and Aren’t Afraid of Being Alone

Golden RetrieversGolden retrievers belong to the most popular breed of dogs because they are devoted, loyal and confident. Apart from being irresistible, they have excellent behavior and inherited intelligence. Retrievers are very patient and peaceful pups, and they love being around humans. Especially kids.

This doesn’t mean Goldens are possessive and spoiled. Exactly the opposite. Although they can create an unbreakable bond with their owner, these canines are very independent. Honestly, retrievers do not have too strong guardian instinct, because they are very friendly to everyone, including other dogs.

Goldens are Easy to Train

Retrievers are not competitive and prone to the destruction of things if you provide them with regular physical, as well as mental, activity. Like all dogs, they want your love and kindness. Despite their free spirit, but they can recognize and respect authority. That’s the secret of their easy training.Goldens

If you know that you will leave your Golden alone from time to time, train it to relieve outside, to have toys that will entertain it while home alone, but also on all hygienic habits. Keeping the golden retriever in the apartment, even leaving it alone for a few hours, is not a problem if you regularly take your pup outside.

This breed belongs to medium-active dogs. They feel great while outside, but they can quickly adapt to indoor space. Just find them a place to eat, sleep, and play. Also, retrievers are not aggressive and rarely show signs of autodestruction. This means that they will wait for you, lying in some corner, rather than destroy everything around you.

Maltese Enjoys Your Company but Appreciate Privacy Too

MalteseLike most small dogs, this little beauty will usually chill on the couch, waiting to return home. When Maltese sees you, it will run to you, but not because you miss it so much, but only to return to sleep after feeding and a short cuddle.

The Maltese has “shortened” constitution, and for that reason, it doesn’t like long walks, and the hair can be a problem too. So this breed doesn’t “die” for some outdoor activity. It’s enough to be in a familiar space, with all that it needs. As far as aggression and self-destructiveness are concerned, you won’t experience these with Maltese.

It is interesting that these dogs love to be nourished, which means regular brushing and hair cutting. That is good for you too because they won’t molt, and you won’t find their hair all over the place.

Sure, none of us can devote to the dog all the time. Because of the obligations we have, we are sometimes forced to leave it for a while. But it is necessary that you compensate your loving pet for this “missing” while you are together. If you neglect your pup anyway, be realistic – you don’t need a pet.

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