7 of the Most Popular Cat Related Twitter Accounts

Social media is a great way to promote your love for kittens, and some did it before others. With the hype around cats of Instagram, many forget where it all begins. The first cat profile accounts emerged on Twitter, and with the limitations that came with this social network, the creativity became a serious competition. It’s not easy keeping up the reputation of your cat on Twitter, which is why being the best among the best is certainly something worthy of admiration. Twitter cats are not ordinary cats, which is why finding the special ones was not an easy task.

However, we managed to research most of the cat-related Twitter accounts, and we found there are some pretty good ones. Cutting out some of the good ones was not an easy decision, but we finally did it. The list came down to top 7 accounts, but we still believe that’s more than enough for you to use Twitter to get inspired as well.

Some accounts are more than inspiring, and some earned their way to the top 7 with their uniqueness. In any case, as long as they inspire you to put your cat out there as well, it’s good. All of our cats are special, and giving them a chance to shine is an obligation. After all, that’s what cats are made for, the fame and the limelight, with their admiring and powerful attitude. Enjoy our list and let us know in the comment section below if you’ve found accounts that are inspiring as much as the ones on our list.

1. Socks McFurry

Some accounts are not just about a single cat, and this is one of those accounts. With the creative mind of the author behind it, this account deserved its way to the top of the list with the variety of different content orientated at cats. (Howefarmstn) What we love about Socks McFurry is the surprise element and the relatable posts.

Not only you’ll be able to witness some of the best cat photos captured across the globe, but also the puns and fun that comes out of this sacred relationship. It definitely is a profile worth checking out, if you’re yet another fan of cats or an owner. When it comes to this account, content is a never-ending circle of inspiration, and that’s all you need to consider following it.

2. Stevie Evil Cat

Definitely one of the accounts that took us by surprise, given the concept is definitely an interesting one. Dedicated to Stevie, an evil cat that has its own evil ways. The account really gives you a different perceptive when it comes to cat stuff.

If you’re up for the display of sweet costumes or the trash talk from cat’s perceptive, this is definitely the account you’re going to enjoy. There’s a good side to this evil persona as well, given the account also promotes the investigation when there is a case of a missing cat, which is a positive thing for all those who admire the creative concept of an evil cat.

3. The Real Otis Fuzz

The account for those who are looking to follow a life of a really cute cat, as that’s basically the concept behind this one. Yes, we can never get enough of the cats and the cute photos, and occasionally, an internet cat star captivates our senses making us beg for more. This is one of those charming accounts that really melt your heart which is more than enough reason to check it out.

Other than cute cat Otis, recently another cat was added to the family, and it’s as sweet as Otis is. Whether it’s about two of them kicking boxes of playing with the number of costumes, this account is worthy of your daily attention, at least if you’re a true cat lover.

4. Mr. Pie

If you’re looking for the original inspiration, Mr. Pie is the account for you. Based on the idea of cat conversations, this account takes things to a whole new level. It’s definitely one of the accounts with a positive vibe that will make you laugh every time you check them out, as they focus on simple things instead of overdoing it with costumes and similar accessories.

What we love about this account is the fact that it’s not only about the cat conversations, but it’s also an impressive collection of cute videos, something that we all need to make our day. Whether it’s cat playing, or simply enjoying the perks of being a pet, this account makes sure its presented to us, and that’s more than enough for it to end up on this list.

5. Moet the Blind Cat

The profile that will break your heart, but also help you understand that kitties need care too. Moet is a visually disabled cat that experienced neglect at her last home. The account shares the story of Moet, but only to show us how strong a will for life can be. It putts accent on the health awareness and cruelty in the community which makes this account more important than the others in the cat niche.

6. Santas Cat

Another account focused on fighting animal cruelty, Santas Cat does have the bright side to it. Given that the account supposedly is run by a cat living in the North Pole, the backstory is a sweet one considering the purpose. It definitely is the right place to be if you too are looking to raise awareness about certain issues, or simply looking to see if it improved over time.

7. Mr. Furrrrguson

One of the things that make this account special is the fact there is no beauty in this cat star. Mr. Furrrrguson is scarred and ugly, but that’s what makes it cute. It may be a more of a geeky account, but if you’re looking for an unusual concept, and the cutest ugly ginger cat on Twitter, this is the account you ought to check out.

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