A Guide to Hiking and Traveling With Your Dog

A dog, like a man’s best friend, can be a great companion. Whether you took it with you because you didn’t have anywhere to leave it or because you wanted to spend more time with your four-legged friend, traveling with a dog is a one-of-a-kind experience.

However, apart from being a great adventure, it can be a real challenge, especially if you are traveling like this for the first time. And if you are an adventurer, so you want to take your pet to hike, there are some rules you should follow to make this experience enjoyable for both.

How to Drive Safely

If you’ve ever been driving a dog in the car, you probably remember that first time, it didn’t go smoothly. In fact, it is possible that the same case was with the second, the third, and all the other times. The dog likes to be on the move, but it definitely takes time to get rid of this initial discomfort that everything moves around him, and he does not.

Fast driving in curvatures, sudden slow-downs and braking can only make things worse. Riding in a car can be a stressful experience for your pup, so you have to adapt it to driving very slowly. The vehicles are noisy and cramped; dogs do not have enough room to freely move or sit where they want.

Let Your Pup Get Used to Car

Dog’s adaption to a car should start from the very beginning, while it’s still young or when you just get it the house. Let your pup want to go in, then praise and reward him for doing a good job. buy zolpidem malaysia https://www.livermedic.com/ generic ambien images After entering, leave it for a while to sniff around; that way, your pet will get familiar with new space.

The next step is to close the door; then, slowly turn on the car and ride your dog around the neighborhood. When it enters the vehicle, and just sits back happily, you’ll know your dog is ready for a long ride.

Provide optimum road conditions

In some short relations or when someone is sitting with the dog, you can leave it free in the back seat. But we recommend you to ensure your dog, particularly when you plan a long trip. The dog has no feeling when braking, turning, or accelerating, so it can easily get hurt. Also, you will prevent the dog from jumping into your lap and thus endanger a safe ride.

The dog is the safest in the transporter; however, if you have a van or caravan, you can buy an ordinary bulkhead and allow your dog to ride safely in the back of the car. It is an excellent solution not only for driving but also for making a break after the road because a dog can rest in it. The cage is a must if you travel by any other type of transportation.

Let your dog do all its physiological needs before you go. Avoid feeding the pup avoid it getting sick during the ride. Also, be sure to take enough water and make often breaks, so that the dog can stretch and finish what it has to do outside the vehicle. All the time while you’re out of the car, your pet should be on the leash.

Accommodation Tips

In recent years, many accommodations have turned their facilities into pet-friendly. Thus, the number of hotels, apartments, beaches, and cafes welcoming the dogs is increasing every year. You must be informed about this before the journey to avoid possible inconveniences.

Traveling with a dog is an exceptional experience, and the pleasure must be complete for you, but also for your four-legged friend. Do not be surprised that, although the hotel is pet-friendly, your dog can’t stay there. Some objects are intended for minor breeds only. Therefore, check the accommodation before departure, and confirm all reservations before the trip, in case some conditions change.

Sleeping Outside

If you decide to camp in nature, it’s the friendliest accommodation for your pet in the world. You only have to provide a warm and comfortable place for your pup to rest and sleep. Get specific sleeping bags for your furry friend. If the weather is warm, a blanket or litter will do the job. No matter how much your dog is obedient, tie it to the tree or your arm overnight. This way, you’ll be sure your pup won’t wander off.

Double-check the Documentation

Checking the documentation is mandatory, both for you and your pet. Depending on whether you travel within the state or cross the border, your dog needs a certificate from a veterinarian about regular vaccination and possession of an electronic data chip. You should get all these certificates right before departure.

If you travel abroad, along with all of the above certificates, the vet will give you a passport for your dog as well as a special license based on all previous documents. The travel conditions vary depending on the country so make sure to inquire about the required documentation for your puppy before going on a journey.

Dog’s Behavior in an Unknown Territory

Although the dog is a very friendly animal and a human lover, an over-attachment to the owner can sometimes be a problem. When they are moving across unknown territory, dogs consider everything as a potential danger. You can never be sure how your pet will react if another person or another animal gets close to it.

No matter how well you’ve train your furry buddy, for the sake of general safety, let your dog be on the leash. In outdoor stores, you can find many kinds of collars and leashes made of flexible materials, specially made for outside adventures with dogs. Your dog won’t have the feeling of limitation, and it can enjoy in nature while, at the same time, you’ll have full control.

Adhere to Area’s Rules

There are hiking areas that have specific rules about pets. First and foremost, if you are going hiking, ask if dogs are allowed in that area. Keep in mind that many locations, such as national parks and nature reserves, do not allow dogs to enter, for logical reasons. These areas represent specific ecosystems that your dog can disrupt.

Failure to comply with these rules may lead to paying penalties; this is not something you want to happen to you on the vacation. No one will check how well you trained a dog, but there is a chance that someone will report you for breaking the rules.

Bring All Necessities

All you need for this outdoor adventure, your four-legged hiking partner will need too. So food, water, first-aid kit, but also poop bags should be on your check-list. If own large-breed dog, you can get a proper backpack to pack its necessities. Of course, this should not be too heavy so your buddy can move easily.

Water supplies are required, especially if you are hiking through unknown areas. Dogs’ fur keeps them from cooling, and it can easily get overheated. And you’ll never know where the next spring is, or is it checked. Do not let the dog drink from the puddles, because they can be a source of bacteria that can ruin your vacation.

There are special pads for your pup’s paws, which you can use if hiking on the rough or rocky terrains. Although these are not an obstacle for your dog, it is best to protect it in this way from injuries and cuts. The same thing is with vests and rain coats for your pet, if it’s chilly or rainy outside.

Don’t Forget Poop Bags

Although you are in nature, poop bags are a must if you hike through preserved areas. We have already said that your dog may, in some way, jeopardize these ecosystems. It may sound weird since dogs originate from wild animals, but its “body circuit” has changed over time.

For example, its poop may contain some bacteria that may be fatal to minor animal species (but very rare). Just in case, you take enough bags with you. There are trash cans all over national parks and reserves, so you won’t have to take your dog’s number two with you all the time.

Tracking Collars for Well-Trained Pets

You can use these gadgets when you go to some wildlife areas and if you have a lot of confidence in your dog. The GPS locator on these necklaces is directly linked to your phone or computer, and you will be able to check where your dog is at any time if it disappears from your sight.

The tracking-collars batteries are very durable; in some popular brands, they can last for months. However, since your trip will not last that much, you can buy some cheaper locator, to ensure the safety of your favorite hiking partner.

Safe and well-prepared travel with a dog guarantees an enjoyable adventure and a lot of pleasant memories. Don’t forget the camera to capture every moment of this unforgettable experience.

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