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Everything you need to know about cat exercise

We all understand the importance of dogs getting exercise. But do you realize that cats need exercise as well? This is the one thing that cat owners don’t realize. And, therefore they don’t do cat exercises. No, we don’t really talk about taking your cat for a walk. We are talking about other exercises that are important to ensure that your cat stays healthy.

If you are a cat owner, and you never considered cat exercises. Or you don’t even know about cat exercises; we have the answer for you. The moment that you get as much information about exercising your cat, the better you will understand why this is important. And, you will know what type of exercises you should do with your cat. You don’t need to worry anymore. With this guide, you will get everything about cat exercises.

Example of cat exercises

How to get your cat to exercise

Cats can also get fat, and it also endangers their lives. But, it isn’t easy to get your cat to exercise. Especially, if you didn’t start with the exercises when they were a kitten. Cat exercises are, and therefore you should begin with cat exercises as soon as possible.

Because cats love toys, you can start exercising them with using toys like feathers and strings. With them playing around for about 15 to 20 minutes, they are getting a good workout. You can increase the level of play until you notice that your cat can start doing other exercises. Giving them healthy treats during the activity is also a great way to get them moving.

There are other exercises that you can consider doing as well. Using a cat tower is also a great way for a cat to exercise without them knowing about it. There are many different cat towers that you can purchase online, that you can use to exercise your cat. You can leave a treat on top of the tower. And, when they reach the top, you are putting another treat at the bottom. This way they will get active and start climbing their towers.

How long should my cat exercise

The other thing that cat owners are asking, is how long should my cat exercise per day. This isn’t really a simple answer where you can say that 10 minutes a day is fine. There are a couple of things that you should consider to ensure that you know exactly how long your cat should exercise.

For starters, if your cat is really fat and unhealthy, then you should make sure that you are exercising them more frequently, but for shorter times. You can’t get your cat to work out the maximum time to lose the weight faster. If you struggle to find a great amount of time that you should exercise your pet, you can ask a vet. (Jordan-anwar) They will easily assist you with the best workout time that your cat needs.

If your cat is getting exercise on a daily basis, by playing around or going hunting in the yard, then you don’t need to exercise the cat as much. And, you don’t need to spend hours on exercising. It is still important to exercise, but your cat will be healthier than those cats that are always just indoors.

Experts are saying that the amount of time that your cat should exercise is between 15 and 20 minutes. But, this is for a cat that is normally exercising on a regular basis. You should adjust the time according to your cat’s needs.

How much should a cat exercise

Again, the amount of times that your cat should exercise per week, depends on the health and the age of the cat. The older the cat, the less frequently you should exercise your cat. Young cats or kittens are active a lot, and they can handle getting exercise on a more regular basis.

For the older cats, it is recommended that you start exercising just two times a week. You can increase it if you see that the cat can handle the exercise. Younger cats and kittens can exercise three times a week, or every second day. The more they are exercising, the more they will like doing these exercises, and they will stay as healthy as possible.

You need to be careful to exercise your cat too much if they are sick or not feeling well. Just like humans and dogs, they need to rest if they are sick.

The other thing that you should consider is that if you are playing with your cat, that you can do this on a daily basis. But, if you are doing severe exercises, you need to make sure that the cat is getting enough rest in between exercises. Therefore, it is recommended that you are just exercising your cat every second day.

Why do cats exercise their claws?

Even if your cat is a pet and living indoors most of the time, they are exercising their claws a lot. When they are exercising their claws, people think that they are actually sharpening their nails. This isn’t the real reason that they are scratching their nails against anything that they can find. It is actually known that the cat is exercising their claws.

The real reason for these exercises where they are scratching their nails is because they want to make sure that the nails that have dead outer layers to shed and to clean the nails.

It can get frustrating when cats are exercising their claws against our furniture. And, we normally are getting angry with them. But, in reality, this is because we don’t provide them with the necessary tools to exercise their claws and their nails against. You can make sure that your cat is staying away from your furniture by buying them a couple of scratch poles. This will make sure that your cat is getting the necessary claw exercise, and you won’t have problems with furniture that is getting damaged.

The scratch poles can be bought at many different pet stores, or you can purchase one online. It doesn’t matter how the scratch pole looks like, as long as the cat can scratch their claws against it.

Do cat exercise wheels work?

Something that not many people are aware off, is the exercise wheel for cats. This is really an exercise wheel, almost looking like the hamster wheel. It is just larger and making sure that the cat is getting the right amount of exercise if the cat is overweight and unhealthy.

You will be surprised about how much cats can love the exercise wheel. Some cat owners are saying that their cats are using the wheel without even receiving some treats. The problem is that not many cat owners know about the cat wheel and how much fun it can be for them. It is ideal for homes that don’t have any yard space for the cats to play at. With the wheel, they are running, just in one place. They don’t need to go outside to get exercise.

Finding a cat exercise wheel might be hard. Not many pet stores are selling them because cat owners don’t see the importance to purchase it. But, if you want to buy one, you should search online. There you will be able to find a large variety of cat exercise wheels and you will be able to search for one that you can afford. This is a great exercise tool that cats love, so it is worth doing a bit more research and to find one that you can afford. With this wheel, you don’t need to worry about doing other exercises.


In short. Cats do need to exercise on a regular basis just like dogs. The only difference is, is in the method that you should exercise your cat. By using toys, strings, cat towers and scratch poles, you will ensure that your cat is getting the right amount of exercise. (Modafinil)

Eating healthy, and making sure that your cats are getting in the right amount of exercise is essential. This is why you should know how long and how frequently you need to exercise your cat. Cats that are always indoors should be exercised a lot more than those that are hunting outside as well.

Another great tool to use is the cat exercise wheel. Not many cat owners know about this wheel, and they don’t know if this is a useful tool. However, those that are using the exercise wheel for their cats are testifying that this is something that their cats love doing.

Cat exercises. Something we don’t consider, but that is just as important as dog exercises and especially if you see that your cat is overweight and lazy. The more you are exercising your cat, the healthier he will be. And, the longer he will live. This is our responsibility to ensure that you are exercising your cat to make sure that the cat is as healthy as can be. With a bit of research, you will find that it isn’t as hard as what you might think, to exercise your cat on a regular basis.

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