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cat hissing

Cat’s hissing & meowing sounds 

So you are sitting on the couch nursing the cat who is sound asleep. Soon enough the dog comes bounding inside which makes the cat jump up pin her ears back and start to hear a hissing sound.
Why do cats hiss? What should you do if you need to approach a hissing cat? Let’s find out more about cat hissing.

Where did the hissing come from and for no reason?

Cat behavior experts believe that cats learned the hissing sounds from snakes. They imitate the sound of snakes to use as a survival technique. zolpidem order india Many animals are scared of the snakes hiss hence why they believe the cats use it. When a cat is hissing there will be mixed emotions of fear, surprise, unhappiness and most often confusion. A hissing cat just means the cat is acting on its instinct when it becomes scared.

There are different types of hisses that mean different things A warning hiss

If intruders or other animals approach a cat with kittens she will hiss in an attempt to scare the animal away and protect her babies. Your cat may also hiss when she comes into contact with other pets or another cat. This is simply a warning hiss to stay away. Most times the cat will get used to the new pet, but it may take some time. Your cat may also growl when hissing and it is best to separate the animals as most times once the growling and hissing has started it will most likely continue into a fight.

Cats can also hiss at unfamiliar people that may come into your home. This can be just a warning as your cat is unfamiliar with that person or you may have the scent of another pet on your clothing. Once the cat becomes used to the person and the scent they carry the hissing should stop.

Your cat may hiss if in pain any type of pain 

If you approach at cat that you are familiar with, but they are suddenly hissing this can mean they are in pain. Cats don’t like being handled and prodded when they are in pain they like to hide. It is normal for a cat to hiss at a vet who is trying to check over your cat to see where the problem may lie.

Feline non-recognition hissing 

If you have more than one cat and you take your cat to the vet or to a friend’s when that cat returns your other cats can hiss and arc up at the cat as he no longer smells familiar. He will have the scent from other animals at the vet or the place you visited. The cat may be rejected from the rest until it gains the family scent back again.

The playing around hissing

The play hiss is easily noticed as it is a shorter hiss than the more defensive hiss. This is more common within kittens. Kittens may jump up and hiss at loud noises or nothing much in particular. They can also play hiss at other kittens in the pack if they are eating food or coming too close when she wants time alone.

 What to do when a cat hissing when you approach

First you need to take note of the hiss and see that it is a warning hiss. The cat may be startled or in pain. Back away and give the cat some time before trying to approach her again. Give the cat some space and don’t try to catch his quickly. You can try and coax with some food or even something irresistible like sardines.

Try putting small amounts down in a line to coax the cat closer to you or away from somewhere you don’t want her to be. Sometimes when you approach a cat they can hiss simply due to being overstimulated. When this occurs just leave the cat be. When you approach the cat next pay attention to the cat’s body language if the tail is twitching and he follows your movements then it means he wants you to back off.

Cats can attack if you approach when they are hissing so be sure to teach children not to approach a hissing cat to avoid scratches and bites. Cats don’t have the patience level for children as dogs do but they still enjoy the family company. Make a place that is high where the cat can access. This way when she has had enough of being petted and dragged around she is able to get away and be alone but remains in the same room as the family.

What to do if you have to handle a hissing cat

Cats will hiss if sick or in pain as this is their only defense to scare people or predators away. An injured or sick cat knows it cannot fight back. If you need to pick the cat up, you can try putting some sardines on your hands to try and coax them to stop cat hissing when you pick them up. If not most likely the cat with start clawing and biting when you go to pick her up.

Be sure to protect yourself by wearing thick clothing and have the cage or box close to avoid too much transferring and man handling.

While there is no way to stop a cat hissing if you have a naturally angry kitty or one who is starting to age and is getting a little cranky there are natural cat calming sprays that can help to calm your kitty. There are also potent ones available from your vet if the natural alternative doesn’t seem to help. Be sure to check all the sources at home for why the cat is hissing. See your local vet if this is something out of the ordinary for your cat there could be a medical problem that is to blame for the constant hiss coming from your kitty.

A hissing cat is not a nasty cat it is simply a cat that is either in defense mode or just wanting some time alone to deal with whatever is going on with her.

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