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Dog or Cat Boarding Pet Sitters

So, what exactly is a Pet Sitter?

Good question! You can nominate someone to mind your pet while you are away from home. You can either have them come to your home and mind the pet or the pet can go to sitter’s house if the pet doesn’t mind being changed around. Most times the pet sitter will come to your home as the pet stays in their own environment where they are comfortable and know their surroundings.

Sometimes the pet may need you to stay at the home overnight this usually occurs if the pet suffers from separation anxiety so boarding pet sitters come in handle. If the pet tolerates being along quite good, then you may only be required to do drop in visits.

This means you will just stay for a short while to feed the pet and offer some company before leaving again. You can discuss with the pet owner what they prefer and the services the sitter is happy to offer.

What does a pet sitter do?

As said above they come to your home and look after your pet while you are away. Pet owners that go on holidays, work away from home or work long hours can have their pet looked after so they don’t have to put them in boarding kennels for the duration where everything is strange and there isn’t as much human interaction as the individual dog may need.

Can pet sitters do other tasks as well?

They sure can. Most pet sitters will do more than just mind the pet, but you will need to check with the individual sitter as to what they are happy to do.
A few common tasks they perform are:

  • Feeding and filling water bowls.
  • Walking dogs and offering play time with other pets
  • Cleaning litter boxes out
  • Giving pet medications if required
  • Alternate lights on to give the appearance of someone living in the house
  • Grooming if qualified to do so

Vacation care is the most common type of boarding pet sitters. The sitter will visit the home several times to attend to the animals needs. The length of the stay will be determined on an agreement between the pet owner and sitter.

The pet sitter is responsible for the feeding of the pet, cleaning up pet messes, monitoring their health, exercising and giving treatment to pets that are unwell.
You can be charged either for each visit or a one-off fee to cover everything done. This normally includes charges for additional pets and travel expenses.

Do boarding pet sitters provide dog walking services?

Most times pet sitters are happy to walk your dog for you and in some cases the pet sitter is only hired a couple of times a week to just walk the dog and nothing else. This allows the dog to still enjoy a good walk and much needed exercise if the owner works full time or is unwell and unable to the walk the dog.

Some pet sitters will be required to supply a license for walking the dog plus an inspection of how the dog will be transported to ensure the dog is safe and a proper harness in the car is used.

Other services:

Sometimes many pet sitters are also qualified groomers and while they are staying with your pet it can be a good time to get your pet groomed as they are familiar with the pet sitter making it a more comfortable experience for the pet.

In the last few years pet sitting services has grown significantly. Many people want to have pets but find they can’t due to work or family commitments. Pet sitters allow people to still have pets and all their needs are taken care of. Pet sitting is also a much nicer option of looking after your pet rather than putting them in boarding kennels.

Dogs with separation anxiety will fret and struggle being away from home. Having a pet sitter or boarding pet sitters come to you means your pet can stay exactly where they are comfortably.

There are several good reasons why pet sitting is a better option than other services that are available:

  • A reduction in stress when pets are sent to strange homes
  • No travel trauma
  • A reduction in the exposure of illness and parasites that may be present in other animals in the kennels.
  • If you are against vaccinations pet sitters do not require your pet to be vaccinated whereas kennels do.
  • Your pet doesn’t have to adapt to other environments
  • Easier for pets with health problems like arthritis or incontinence

Certification and accreditation

boarding Pet sitters

Pet sitting companies give training to all their pet sitters. This includes pet care, first aid, animal law, nutrition and how to deal with common pet behaviors
If the certification is credential based the sitter may have to supply a criminal background check, provide some proof of insurance, proof they have completed a pet first aid course, provide the documents concerning business policies and procedures.

Most times pet sitters will have a separate certificated for pet first aid as they can obtain hands on training from private business courses and participate in virtual classes. Pet sitting offers a decrease in stress for your pet when it comes to going on holidays or working away from home.

You will find your pet is happier and comfortable at home in their own surroundings and no changed to their exercise and diet routines. Some pets don’t like to travel so using a sitter means no irritation and stress for both the pet and their owner.

With so many benefits there really is no reason to not use a pet sitter. As long as you have checked out their credentials and talked to others who have used the services and heard nothing but good feedback then it surely is the way to go.

It lowers the stress on the pets and the owners who have their minds focused on work or vacation, their pet becomes one less thing to worry about. Pet sitting services offer cheaper rates than boarding kennels it’s a win win for everyone when investing in a boarding pet sitter.

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