Are cruises pet-friendly for dogs and cats?

Did you ever wish your pet joined you on the cruise? Well, you probably did but disregarded the idea altogether due to the fact that traveling with your pet is a whole new dimension. All that aside, when it comes to cruises, you probably never saw any pets walking with their owners on the deck. This brings out the question, are cruises pet-friendly or not? Well, the general answer is no, and for a number of reasons.

The truth is that you can still find the offer which allows you to take your dog along as well, but the strict protocol concerning this trip will probably change your mind. So, what’s the main reason behind cruises banning the pets and what do the rare pet-friendly cruises offer to your pet? Through the extensive research, we found the info, so below, you can find all you need to know about pet-friendly cruises and the ones which exclude pets from their offers.

The main reason why pets are not welcome on most of the cruises

When it comes to why, the answer is usually something to avoid offending the potential clients, but in truth, it all comes to a single reason. Here is why your dog cannot come with you on that ship.


Pets can be messy, and most of the companies are looking to avoid additional risks. So, when stating the reasons behind the pet ban, most of them focus on hygiene and the costs. The truth is that pets are never allowed on the deck, even though some cruises make an exception by letting them into dining areas, most of them exclude this option. Keeping your pet locked up for most of the trip is definitely not a solution, but this is probably the only solution most of the pet-friendly cruises offer. It simple, their strict protocol cannot take into the account your pet’s unpredictable behavior, and the risk of disease is too much for most of the companies.

The offers you get at rare pet-friendly cruises

You still can get something out of it, if you’re insisting on bringing your pet along with you, but prepare for disappointment, as most of the companies offer the bare minimum. You’re most likely to end up giving your pet to a kennel 24/7 for the procedures are a simple headache. Here is what this offer is all about.

Here is a look into one of the rare cruses which allow pets on board.

Kennel areas

During the trip, you’ll be required to give your pet up. They’ll stay in the kennel under a proper management, and even though you may not consider it that great of a deal, at least you’ll know they’re safe at all times. The kennel area is also following a strict set of regulations which dictate visiting hours as well as collective meals. Even though you can get a permit for your dog to join you in the dining area, there must be a mutual understanding with other travelers. (

On the other hand, the positive side of the kennel area is that companies do invest a lot to make sure order is maintained, which means your pet is taken care of by professionals. This also may be a good opportunity for your pet to develop certain skills, or simply to help them adjust to any situation when traveling.

Service dogs only

When it comes to dogs, the problem is never with the cruise management, but rather with the countries visited throughout the trip. Most of the countries have strict policies when it comes to pets, and no passport or vaccination chart will save you. phentermine online mexico phentermine online georgia This means your dog will most likely have to stay on the ship while you’re walking around. This is why companies only allow for a service dog to travel. The regulations, however, are different for disabled and blind people.

The truth is that the exceptions are made with celebrities as well, but what you need to know before you sign a dog up for a cruise, is that unless it’s a service dog, you’ll get a negative answer. Even with a service dog, there is a whole list of procedures to be prepared for, but if you are still determined, the truth is that it’s possible. It will require some additional cash, but in the end, your dog won’t be left behind.


As we wrap up the question, we want to put an accent on the fact that most of the cruises are not pet-friendly. While you can still find some companies allow pets, the advice is you avoid undertaking this trip, mostly due to pet safety and health. It is possible, but not as exciting or as easy as it seas. Let us know if you’ve managed to do it in the comment section below. Also, let us know if you have any questions concerning the famous pet-friendly cruises as we’re more than happy to answer them to the best of our knowledge-



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