Are dog training classes worth it?

Did you get a puppy recently? Well, if you did, now you’re facing a dilemma, whether to sign them up for a training class or not. Is it a waste of money or not? As far as we’re concerned, it’s something that should be mandatory, and we’re not talking about obedience. (Phentermine) Dogs are social beings and locking them up at home while you’re at work is a traumatic experience.

Why? Apart from the list of health risks, avoiding the mention of training classes is a bad decision because socialization is not something you can handle on your own. Unless you want to end up with an overaggressive dog, we suggest you consider it. While some training classes can be skipped, other cannot. ( So, we found major training classes your dog needs in the first year of their life.

Basic puppy training classes

Most of the owners opt for the socialization classes as they find them to be essential when it comes to training. However, the basic package includes obedience classes as well, which means you ought to consider signing your dog up in a place where they offer both unless you want to end up training them on your own. Here is all you need to know on the two basic puppy training classes.

Here is a glimpse of how these training classes work.


When it comes to socialization, it’s essential that you find a crowded place where your dog will be allowed to thrive. This means you should not shy away from the local clubs, but rather opt for them in the early weeks of training. The essential focus of socialization classes is to prepare your dog for the world out there. It’s about a puppy getting to know all the breeds, as well as adaptation to a different environment.

Since most of the owners get their dogs when they’re 7-8 weeks old, the truth is they already got the chance to socialize a bit. What you need to do is to keep up the good work by signing them up for at least a month. Once they’re 12 weeks old, there’s nothing you can do, so here, time is essential.


When it comes to obedience classes, some owners opt for their own techniques and methods which are not only questionable but rarely work. Only because you bought a shock collar, doesn’t mean you should consider yourself a professional trainer. While you can train your puppy at home, you should do it parallel with the professional classes.

The obedience training lasts up to a month which means you’re not actually losing anything if you sign them up. You still get a plenty of time to introduce your methods as well. The most important thing in any training is for your dog not to feel pressure, which means you will be included in the process either way.

Extra puppy training classes

While the basic package became almost mandatory among the new owners, the ones that had a dog before or simply have a money to invest opt for additional training classes. So what is it offered to the ones who are looking for something extra for their new pet? Well, it certainly is not a crowded place, but when it comes to timing, they do require of you to sign your dog up for the basic puppy training classes before you get here. Bellow, you’ll find info on what the extra puppy training classes are all about.

Small classes

Opposite of the socialization classes, these are smaller yet more effective training groups run by professionals. As your puppy will be over 16 weeks old, learning a new set of skills will be a bit of a challenge. With the strategic organization, professional trainers offer you a solution as they take only a selected few, and work with each dog individually, while still keeping them in a group.

The package varies from the needs and what is currently popular on the market, so you will be surprised to find that your dog can have fun as well. As long as you perceive it as a useful investment, these additional courses will pay off in the future, and if nothing, they’ll keep your dog occupied, lessening the risk of depression and anxiety, which is common in their first year of life.


Dogs need training classes, just as much as we need primary education. No, you don’t have to sign them up for additional classes, but some basic training will help you just as much as them. After all, having an aggressive dog is not really how we picture our relationship with them. Have you signed your dog up for any course recently? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, let us know if you have any questions concerning other training classes we overlooked, and bear in mind, your puppy needs education as well. (jordan-anwar)




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