Stimulating pet toys for dogs

Best Stimulating Pet toys for dogs

We all know that look our dog gives us when it comes to saying goodbye. Dogs don’t like being left alone and often get bored being by themselves all day. We all hate leaving our pets as they are not just our pet dog or cat but our beloved family member. It is reality that we cannot be with our pets all day as much as we would like we just cannot.

It is common these days for everyone in the household to either be studying or working and running errands.  The best thing you can do for your dog is to buy some interactive dog toys to occupy them when you are not home. While we may all have the old cheap dog toys laying around the backyard that the dog is now bored with there is more to dog toys now a days.

Dog chew toys are the now a thing of the past as we are being introduced to newer items like the electronic pet toy. You need a few indestructible dog chew toys to keep your dog entertained while you are not home. Interactive toys can stimulate the brain and keep the dog alert and in a playful mood.

Dogs tend to sleep a lot when we are not home but it is important for dogs to get a good deal of exercise to keep them healthy and by using toys you can ensure your dog gets the exercise they need. Dogs need engaging and interactive playtime and sometimes throwing the tennis ball all day gets boring and gives pet owners a sore arm.

It is best to look around when it comes to buying your dog a new toy as there is a huge variety of different sizes, shapes and models that all do different things.
If your dog likes to chase things search for an electronic toy that the dog can chase around. Some dogs love lasers lights, and there are a few interactive toys that come with lasers to keep the dog running around for hours.

It is good to buy a few toys and switch them around from time to time as dogs can get bored with the same toy over time. There are a few toys that tops the list for best stimulating pet toys for dogs:

Kong Classic

The Kong Classic is very popular, and it is a toy that is not only durable but interactive for dogs at the same time. You can put a treat inside the toy such as some kibble or even something more special peanut butter! Your dog will get rewarded with a treat when they interact and play with the toy. If your dog needs a food-based reason to play then this toy is a great idea. The Kong Classic is a good toy to begin with then work your way up to the more interactive difficult toys later on.

Entertaineze Puzzle Ball

This ball is a basic toy yet very functional. It will spark your dog’s curiosity and stimulate even the most clever dogs while they are playing. The ball is made from durable materials and is quite squishy, so it has a good bounce when the dogs poke at it with their nose. Treats can be put inside the toy with a hole in the side. Treats do not fall out easily, so it offers a challenge to the dogs. When the dog tumbles the ball properly, it will release the treat. This toy is easy to wash and works great both outside and indoors.

Dog home alone toy

If your dog is left home alone while you work this is great for dogs who love to play tug of war. You can tie the toy up to a pole or tree and leave it there for your dog to play with when you are not there. Fill the ball up with dry kibble which will make a noise when the dog plays with it. Once your dog starts playing with the toy, it will release the treats. It replicated the famous tug of war game without the need for you to pull the other side.

AFP interactive food maze toy

This is a larger toy and works well to keep dogs stimulated throughout the day. The AFP food maze toy is not a typical chew toy or even a ball. This toy is a food maze. It works similar to the Go-Go slow bowl which makes the dog eat slower at meal times. You place treats in the slots, and the dog will spend so much time biting, licking and trying to wiggle the slots to get the food out. This toy is a cleaner alternative to feeding dogs and may well be the toy your dog is looking for.

It is best to supervise your pet with their new toy first to ensure it is safe and your dog learns how to use it properly. Once the dog has the gist of it, there will be no turning back. No need to worry about buying dog toys for aggressive chewers your dog will be distracted by the interactive toys and dispensing treats they will forget about chewing the toy to pieces.

Toys have so many benefits for dogs, and it gives them plenty of stimulation and company when you are not home. Have fun filling up dog toys and watching them try and figure out how to get them out.

Dogs spend their whole day waiting for you to get home so they can get bored and this is when they will find things around the home and chew them to pieces.

These types of toys are good for dogs who bark all day and disrupt the neighbors. It is now time to say goodbye to the complaints from the neighbors and hello to a new world of entertaining your dog with the latest toy gadgets your dog is just barking to get their paws into.

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