Birthday Dog Party Guide: How you can have the best party for your pet

dog birthday guide

Dogs react to the smallest sign of attention. With just a short cuddle and words “good boy,” they will give you all their love. Did not such lovely animals deserve a day just for themselves? Perhaps your dog will not understand it, but you can arrange a birthday party where everything will be dedicated to him. This is one of the ways that your pup will feel loved and as a real member of your family.

Nowadays, we are often too occupied with everyday responsibilities. If you do not have the time or simply do not have the inspiration to organize a birthday party for your dog, you can hire an event planner, which will cost you a lot for nothing. With just a bit of imagination, will and good ideas, you can make a perfect party for your beloved pet, even with a humble budget.

Here you can read some of the guidelines that will help you with the organization.

Choose the date for your with your Birthday Dog Party Guide

Every day you spend with your pet is special. However, you need to choose the particular date to celebrate as their birthday. You can remember the exact date of birth of your dog only if it was born in your home, or you know previous owners who can find out this information.

In case you bought or adopted a shelter dog, you can celebrate the gotcha day. That is a date when you got yourself a new best friend. Or you can just choose any significant date for you. Your pup really doesn’t care about that 😊

Human or pooch dog party?

Creating a guest list is the first step. You have to choose whether you’ll host only humans, or their furry friends will follow them. Based on that, you will plan other details, such as location, food, and animation. If your pup does not get along well with other dogs, but he is relaxed with your friends and family, you should invite people who love your puppy people and who will give attention to him. In this way, your pet will be relaxed and calm.

Organizing a birthday party for a friendly dog is a little bit harder. Among the guests must be his buddies from the neighborhood or the local park. In this case, invite only those dogs that get along well with your pup. Bringing an unknown dog can make your loving pet jealous, which is not desirable.

Of course, all dogs should come with their owners. It can be an excellent opportunity to get to know each other better. Be sure to mention to all the guests how many other dogs are coming to the party. That can be useful information if it is necessary to take some safety measures, such as wearing a muzzle or a leash.
Location is important

Once you decide on what party you will prepare for your dog, the location choice is the next step. If you choose to invite only human friends and family, you can make a party in your house or apartment. It’s a place that your pet knows and where he will feel comfortable. In case you do not have enough room, you can also opt for a pet-friendly club or coffee shop, which rent space for such events.

When guests are furry buddies of your dog, outdoor is the most acceptable solution. Choose backyard or the closest park, or any other open space so that the dogs have enough room to run and play each other. Not to mention the mess – it’s easier to clean the lawn than all floors in the house.

If four-legged guests are of small growth, due to bad weather, you can hold the party indoors, but if the invitees are bigger races such as Dogo Argentino or Golden Retriever, it may be better to postpone the party for another day.

What to serve during birthday for your dog?

You can’t celebrate your pet’s birthday without a cake. Although it is known that dogs should not eat sugar, and that chocolate can be even toxic for them, you can make a cake for your pup from the ingredients we all have in the house – eggs, flour, milk, aromatic spices, etc. If you are not handy with baking cakes, in pet-shops you can find mixes for preparing cakes for dogs in just a few minutes.

On the Internet, you can find various recipes for treats that can both, human and dogs, eat. Since not everyone like non-sweet candies, it may be a better solution for human guests to make an ordinary birthday cake.
As for the snack, many of the foods we eat are acceptable to our dogs. Muffins, bread-sticks, cheese crackers, vegetables like celery or carrots, and even frozen fruit popsicles can be an excellent choice for serving. Still, do not forget about things that dogs like. These are various treats, chews, kibbles, biscuits, etc.

As far as drink is concerned, only water is sufficient for dogs. Make sure that there is always enough of it, and that each dog has its own food bowl.

How to animate your guests

Human guests can play various board games or outsides sports like volleyball or even play with their pets. Dogs are hyperactive, and they’re often bored if they do nothing. To make them animated, create a variety of games. Fetch is something which all dogs enjoy. Apart from space, you need props like balls, rubber sticks, and frisbees.

If the area where you have the party is open, you can set various obstacles like benches, slides or small pools with water where dogs will play.

An extra tip: Dogs can be very possessive. Buy the toys and other accessories you intend to use at the party the same day. Do not give your pet toys to other dogs. Your pet can misinterpret this and become jealous and aggressive.

Paying attention to the details is essential for your pet

Since you have a birthday party for your dog, it is logical that it be dog-themed. Still, don’t exaggerate with the decoration, balloons, ribbons, and stuff, and set them high, so the dogs can’t reach it. When they play or run around, they can accidentally knock down something and make a mess.

Then, make sure to place the trash cans, wet wipes, and poop bags in multiple places. You do not want to find smelly gifts in every corner. (

You can also make caps that your guests will wear with this birthday dog party guide. However, do not hope that it will take time. Since dogs are restless, they will quickly destroy or remove these accessories from their head.
You can give your guests a small sign of attention, in gratitude for coming to your celebration. It can be doggy bags in which you will pack several yummy treats or some squishy toy.

The great idea is to rent a photo booth, or if you are creative, you can make it by yourself. Get cute accessories for fun photos to keep your guests remembered the best dog birthday party ever!

Choose the right gift for your loving pet

The love and gratitude your dog feels toward you is not conditioned by material things. Your dog does not care if you bought him a new bed or a ball for playing. Dogs appreciate every sign of attention because you show them how much you care about them.

If your pet is getting along well with strangers, you can take him to pet shops where he will choose a gift. If you want to surprise him, hide the present in a place where he will find it or wrap it in a decorative paper that he will tear with pleasure. Still, be there while opening a gift, because your pup can swallow a piece of paper or decorative ribbon.

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