Can a dog play with a tennis ball?

Did you ever play fetch with your dog using a tennis ball? In case you did, and nothing happened, you can continue doing so, but keep mind that tennis ball isn’t the best toy for a dog. Why? Well, while it is an awesome choice due to the size and the price, tennis ball can cause some real issues, for instance, it can get stuck in the throat or even ingested, which then becomes a life-threatening situation. Even though an answer to similar questions is, yes, you can do it, these always come with safety concerns. So, what are those, in this particular situation?  Well, we’ve decided to find all of them, to make things easier for you. Below you’ll find all you need to know concerning this question.

Safety issues, do’s and don’ts and a few professional tips

Buying a tennis ball may seem like a good option, but if you don’t consider the following, you might end up with quite a problem, which is why we recommend you always make sure to check them out before buying a ball.

Serious health risks

When it comes to tennis balls, the possibilities are endless. An allergic reaction may occur due to the toxins found on the surface, and cause a problem in the digestive system of your dog. On the other hand, if Tennis ball swallowed, a ball is code red, requiring immediate surgery. Given it cannot be digested, it’s crucial to act out the minute it happens, as every second count, if you’re looking to save dog’s life.

Another potential risk is cutting out the air passage, if a ball or half of the ball gets stuck in a dog’s throat. This is a life-threatening case, which requires immediate intervention, so if you’re ready to deal with a distressed dog and a tennis ball in their throat, you’re good to go, but if you’re not, at least avoid playing fetch with it as much as you can.

Take a Dog’s breed into consideration

If you own a larger dog, you should probably avoid getting him one of these balls. Larger breeds have stronger teeth and are more likely to ingest a portion of a ball if they tear it apart. Tearing apart the ball can simply be the result of the heated fetch or something your dog does out of boredom.

On the other hand, if your dog is fond of challenges, he may tear it for entertainment purpose only. This means not only you need to constantly keep an eye on them as they play, but also to keep a tennis ball out of the sight for a larger portion of the day, which kills the idea of a toy, right? Here is a video to give you an idea of what to expect with larger breeds.

Look out for a quality product

The thing about tennis balls is that the ones produced for sports are different from the ones you purchase in the stores in regards to quality. If you’re getting one of the cheap tennis balls from the local store, beware of the lead and other toxins which are contained in it Yet, if you do have a chance, purchase a high-quality ball, as it is less likely to tear, and is at least toxin free.

Even though the idea of a cheap dog toy seems tempting, consider what good it does to your dog’s health and if it’s worth the risk before you purchase it. We often tend to decide on the idea which seems cheaper, neglecting the potential risk, and being a dog owner is just the kind of responsibility where we need to cut that off. If nothing, then for the bright future we strive towards with our favorite pet.

Never underestimate a supervision technique

Dogs are wonderful creatures, yet they tend to act out when left unsupervised, and while some things can be torn apart without your approval, tennis ball is just not something you wish to take chances with. Keeping an eye on your dog when playing with a tennis ball is not just a precaution but also a technique which ensures they don’t try anything silly.

Leaving your dog unsupervised with access to potential health risks such as these tennis balls is not only the worst idea ever but also something that you as an owner should know not to do. Each toy is different, and you need to place a limit on the ones which represent potential health risks.

Tennis ball and if dogs can play them conclusion

Dogs require attention as well, and even though they’re often neglected, they too can get in trouble if not supervised. This is why the accent is on supervision. Anything is possible if under a proper supervision.

generic of ambient Do you agree with our conclusion or do you think there’s more to it? Let us know if you have any additional questions in the section below.

In conclusion, here are the points you need to pay attention to when getting your dog a tennis ball:

  • Supervise them at all times
  • Get them a quality product instead of the cheap ones
  • Consider your dog’s height and strength when getting them this ball



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