Can Dogs Eat Pistachio, Cashew, or Macadamia Nuts Safely?

Dog Nuts

Are Pistachio or Cashew Nuts Harmful & Safe for Dogs?

Can dogs eat nuts safely? Ever wondered if you can share nuts with your dog? Well, you can, but shouldn’t. Does that answer make sense? We will try our best to explain it so see more ideas here. There is only one type of nuts that is considered to be toxic, but all the others are composed of mainly fat, which dogs find it hard to digest.

Yes, they can’t be that harmful when eaten in small amounts, but they can cause some pretty messed up blockages if you don’t pay attention, which is why it’s important you know how much did your dog has. One or two won’t hurt them, but more can cause one problem at a time. Some are dangerous if ingested in as hell, and some are simply large for dogs no matter the breed.

The research we conducted focuses on each type individually, presenting which ones are relatively safe to eat and which ones are to be avoided. We hope you’ll get the idea which ones you may treat your dog with, and if nothing, you’ll learn more about why certain types of nuts are not as a good snack for dogs as you thought they were.

Safe Nuts

Safe nuts are those which are proven not to do any harm to a dog no matter the amount is eaten. Even though nuts, in general, are to be avoided if possible, these two are safe, at least when it comes to digestion, given they are easily digested. Still, you should be careful with the amount of these you share with your dog.


When it comes to peanuts, they’re surprisingly safe, when salted and roasted and removed out of shells. While they do contain fat as well, they’re easily adapted to the dog’s diet, which is, in the end, the most important thing. Just don’t give them excessive amounts of it, and they’ll be fine. As for peanut butter, it may look like a delicious treat, but more than a spoon or two may be hard to digest, or simply too much for a dog’s organism to process. In the end, peanuts are as good as it gets for dogs when it comes to nuts.

Sunflower Seeds

While they are technically safe for dogs to ingest, they need to be removed from the shells and we all know how tiring this process may be. The shells are dangerous for dogs, and if you’re taking them out to a game, beware of the shells people throw onto the ground.

Harmful Nuts

While these are not necessarily toxic for dogs, they all contain fat that is hard to digest, and this is why they’re to be avoided as much as possible. As you’ll see, some are more harmful than others, but generally speaking, they all have similar problem structure. They are to be watched out for, given they cause more than a few issues when ingestion exceeds the allowed intake.

Pistachios Nuts

Pistachios may not be as harmful when taken out for the shells, but the danger lies in the fact they are often left in the shells, and the dogs eat it, which causes the blockage in their intestines. This is why they’re to be shared with a dog only if you’ve taken them out of the shell by yourself.

Pecans Nuts (Can dogs eat pecans?)

Large, high in fat and nuts. It’s all you need to know about pecans to avoid sharing them with your dog. It may look like a perfect snack, but once you realize the risk that comes with it, you’ll be more than happy to eat it on your own.

Almonds Nuts

While Almonds may not toxic, they still are nuts that are usually ingested in large quantities, and we all know how hard it is to control intake. In any case, almonds do increase the risk of pancreatitis in dogs, which is why you should avoid them as much as you can.

Can dogs eat nuts safely?

Cashews Nuts

Another type of nuts may not be toxic but are relatively large and high in fat.  They eat more than a few, and you’re stuck with a digestion problem, possible blockage, and a whole number of different issues that accompany it, and that’s not what you want for your dog.


Apart from being high in fat, walnuts are large in size, and given dogs don’t chew on it as much as we do, it gets stuck in their intestines, and can cause a blockage. Apart from the pain, it can also be a stressful experience for a dog, which is why it’s not recommended to be served. (britespanbuildings)

Highly toxic Nuts

While this category may have a single type of nuts, it is the most important one. The fact Macadamia nuts are like grapes in the diet should be more than enough, but still, we’ll explain as much as possible. As for this category, even the smallest amount can cause serious trouble for your dog.

Macadamia Nuts

While it’s not confirmed why are they as toxic as they are, Macadamia nuts get a big no from vets and nutritionists alike. They cause neurological problems when ingested and also can cause immediate dizziness. One of the worst things caused by Macadamia nuts is temporary paralysis, and this is the why Macadamia nuts are to be avoided at all costs. However, unless you’re living in a climate where they’re grown in the garden, there is a small chance your dog will find them on the street, as they are relatively expensive, and considered one of the power foods for humans at least.


While nuts may seem like a perfect snack, our research showed they are more dangerous, especially because they are often ingested in large quantities which risks blockage in the digestive tract. If possible, keep all nuts away from your dog, and only serve one or two per time, given they all have a similar impact. While peanut butter may be a tempting choice and the only one you’ll make, nuts like pecans and pistachios are risky no matter the quantity. If you’re looking to keep your dog safe, and with normal digestion, then stick to sunflowers seeds, as these are only nuts that are completely safe for dogs eating nuts safely.

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