Cat tales of depression

Previously, I have talked about depression in dogs and today, we are going to talk about depression in cats. Depression does not only occur in human but it also occurs in animals as well.

Symptoms of depression in cats

Change in sleeping pattern & losing interest in usual play

Like dogs, your cats may happen to sleep more than usual and more than 13 to 14 hours a day which may indicate that there is a change in their sleeping pattern as well as losing interest in the things they used to like such as play time.

Eating Habits

You may be wondering why does your cat stop eating as much as it usually does or perhaps skipped meals at times. This usually occurs when your cat loses its appetite due to Mental, Emotional or Physical health problem.


When you wake up in the morning, you may realize that your cat isn’t annoying you by hopping on to you or snuggling right next to you and it is nowhere to be found. Truthfully, it is just hiding somewhere simply just to avoid any communication or contact and to them, every moment felt like blue. Aggression occurs when people try to get closer when it wants to be alone.

Vocalisation and body language

does your cat purr? Well, of course, it happens during inhalation and exhalation. It may occur when it’s happy such as comforting but it may be the opposite of happiness. Cats purr too when they are feeling down, sick, nervous, in pain or close to death. Changed of body language includes ears held back and their tails tucked in.

Anxiety dogs

What are the causes?

Unlike humans, there is a communication barrier between pet owners and pets and hence, it is not easy to understand them on their thinkings and feelings but we could only pick up their traces and hints dropped by them.


It may be due to a new family member in the house be it animals or a baby introduced in the house where all the attention are given to them instead of the cat and hence, this makes them feel extremely unworthy and low which would allow them to slowly succumb into depression.

Health Problems and Loss of loved ones

Cats are masters when it comes to hiding things from their owners regarding their illness and tends to keep everything to themselves which could be one of the reasons why it leads them to suffer from depression. A loss of loved ones such as companion or owner may also be the leading cause to loneliness as these are the ones that are the center of the life and attention which may lead them to feel that they will be alone and hence, be leading to the cause of depression.

Before assuming that your cat has depression, it is important to pick up traces and hints of their symptoms before taking them to the vet for a checkup! Hope the information above helps and stay tuned for more articles on animals’ well being!


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