Choosing the Best Interactive pet toys

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Choosing the Best Interactive pet toys

There are so many interactive toys for active dogs online and in the shops. While the variety available in the electronic dog toys is good, it can make it hard when it comes to choosing one that is right for your pet. Challenging dog toys are great for all breeds and ages. It isn’t just puppies that need to be stimulated but also older dogs who are not as active as they used to be. Interactive dog toys can stimulate your dog’s mind, keeping them entertained for hours.

Sometimes we don’t have the time to spend with our pets when life gets a little too busy. Interactive toys are there to entertain your pet when you may be absent. Most dogs love to play fetch but taking your dog to the park every day to tire them out can be exhausting for you.

With so many types, sizes and shapes available you will be sure to find something suitable for your pet. Some toys can involve food and puzzles. There may be ones that sendoff sounds like a cat to get your dog chasing the toy around for hours trying to find that darn cat.

Each toy has different benefits, and certain toys are more suitable for different breeds and ages of dogs than others. When you are looking for the best interactive dog toy, it is best to do your research and find one that works for your pet.

Toys for large dogs

When looking for toys for a larger breed dog like Labradors and sheepdogs you are going to need a durable toy. Smaller toys are not s durable as they are suited for smaller dogs with little teeth. Interactive toys are good for stimulating and exercising large breed dogs that need t burn their energy more than smaller dogs. Some breeds are prone to chewing and destroying things like the Staffordshire dog.

The Kong brand toys are very durable, and some companies will offer a refund if they list the toy as indestructible, and your dog manages to destroy it. What can be better than that? Larger dogs will have more strength so if you can find a durable toy that is also interactive you can’t go wrong.

Puppy toys

Adult dogs are not the only ones who need entertaining and stimulation. Puppies are full of play, exploring and getting into mischief. Puppies love to chew on anything and everything as they are investigating the new world around them. ( Some toys are suitable for puppies that are also safe like the twist and treat.

The twist and treat is a great toy that is gentle for puppies to chew and with an adjustable setting, it means you can make the toy more of a challenge when she manages to understand the gist of what to do. Grab a few different toys for the pups with different sounds, flashes and ones you can fill with food to keep the animals entertained while you cannot be home with them.

Interactive treat toys

There is a vast variety of toys that can dispense treats. These will keep pets entertained for hours on end. The toy can dispense treats as they either chew on it or move in around to a certain point the treat will fall out. There are a few models out there that are like a robotic vacuum cleaner where you can set to auto mode, and they slide around your home dispersing treats every few meters. Your dog or pup will be chasing it around for hours waiting to pounce on the treat when it pops out.

This toy can also be used at meal times if you find your pet is eating too fast. Dog toys that move on their own are great if you set their timer before you leave for the day and then when their battery is low, they can be recharged again for the next day.

Interactive puzzle toys

These type of toys are perfect for dogs as they make the dog use its brain to get a treat. Nina Ottosson has created many treat puzzles for the pets to solve and get a treat. These are easy to clean and can be filled with many items such as dog chocolate, kibble or other healthy treats from home.

You can get easy toys for little pups and more difficult types for the older dogs that learn quickly. Grab a few of these toys to keep dog busy while at work, so you no longer have to come home to torn up cushions or scratched doors.

The toys have individual slots and grooves where treats can be hidden, and the dog has to move certain parts around to release the treat. It seems quite simple but for dogs, it can be quite hard, and they won’t give up too easy once they smell a treat.

Best interactive dog toys

When you are choosing the best interactive toy for your dog, you may need to try a few to discover which ones your dog takes to and which ones don’t interest them. Some dogs prefer toys with lights flashing and different sounds while others prefer that yummy treat each time they get the puzzle right.

Keep your dog busy and happier for longer without worrying your home is getting destroyed by a very bored dog.
Some pet owners receive complaints about their barking dog all day and most only bark due to boredom. With a few interactive toys to keep the dog happy, there shouldn’t be any more complaints about noisy yapping dogs.

Do some research before choosing a self-entertaining dog toy like which has the best battery life, which is easy to clean and ones that have difficulty levels so they can be adjusted as your dog grows meaning they will last you longer.

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