Do cats like playing with laser pointers?

Did you ever notice how frustrated your cat gets when you use laser pointers? Sure you did, and you just kept on doing it, didn’t you? Well, the truth is, your cat does enjoy the laser game, but the consequences of this game are much darkie when it comes to cat’s health.

So, the next time you decide to get your lazy cat to workout, consider something less drastic, given that the effects laser game has to cat’s health are not something to be dismissed. As we became interested in what’s it with the laser game and cats, we decided to find out the answer to the question. Below, we share what we found out, in the hope you’ll understand the severity of using a laser light to entertain your cat. (messinascatering)

The danger of fake hunting and reasons why you should avoid laser

A laser as a trigger

All know cats are natural predators, and while your cat may not be a tiger, they have the same fire flowing through their bodies. The instinct for hunting is what triggers your cat to pursue the laser, and while the fact it can never be caught is what’s wrong with the whole game, we’re more interested in why the trigger has no positive sides.

It does get the cat out of the cradle and raddles up the usual routine, but it doesn’t mean it’s the right kind of exercise, only because it is fun. Not only that we’re going to touch on the psychological aspects of how laser game hurts your cat but also on the fact there are some physical aspects to consider as well. ambient_generic hl1 So here are the main health risks and the aftermath of this game we consider so innocent.

Physiological harm

Talking about the never-ending game of fetch, except it’s your cat and you shouldn’t be using an item which can never be reached, here is the aftermath to the cat’s mind, after you’ve been using a laser for a while


Being frustrated with the fact she can never catch the red dot, your cat begins to manifest her frustration through a destructive behavior, which only is manifest of a psychological problem. Even though you may not perceive it that way, a cat is sending out signals every time a red dot suddenly disappears, so if nothing at least don’t heat up the game unnecessarily if you’re aware of what it does to your cat.

Chronic anxiety

The worst case scenario when using a laser is definitely the development of chronic anxiety. This is something you don’t want to deal with, and it is almost inevitable if you’re using laser tag more often. If you’ve been using it once a month, the chances your cat will develop chronic anxiety are minimal, but if you’ve been using it as most of the owners do, every single day two weeks straight or until you get bored, then you definitely need to rethink your actions.

Physical Harm

If you think the destructive behavior is the only thing you need to worry about, you’re wrong. Your cat experiences much more than bruises when scratching the walls in the attempt to achieve inner satisfaction even though she can’t. Here is an overview of damage done to cat’s body while playing this game.


Your cat’s retina can be severely impacted by laser, and while this is logical, given that humans too experience the retina damage if their eye faces laser light more than often. Apart from the fact that we simultaneously trick our cat’s sight when in possession of laser, there’s nothing fun or enjoyable in the whole experience, especially for a cat.

Domestic Accidents

It may be fun for once to see your cat jumping around, and being active, but the fact is that this comes with consequences. Yes, we can control our cat when we’re around, but the truth is that we cannot control cat’s mental state. If she’s been anxious for a while, laser game will only add up to the problem, and we may witness severe injuries.

Yes, they may simply be accidents caused by the erratic behavior, but also inflicted by a cat itself. Here is a video to showcase the risks of accidents when playing with laser pointers.

In any case, it definitely is one reason more for us to avoid the laser game as much as we can.


Laser pointers may be a great thing to get your cat out of that lazy mode, but the aftermath is horrible. With the threat of serious illnesses and self-harm, it definitely brings more damage than it does good, which means it is to be avoided or reasonably used. Cats may seem to enjoy it, but a reasonable owner should know how to dose it if you’re looking to keep all the 9 of cat’s lives. Let us know if you have any questions in the comment section below.



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