Dog Breeds for People with Allergies

Dog lovers can only accept two reasons why someone does not want to have this lovely animal as a pet. Or they are afraid of pups, or their health may be endangered by the presence of allergens found in animal hair. Allergies are common diseases, and if we don’t treat them, they can cause significant health complications.

Many people consider dogs as a lifetime companion. They represent an unavoidable family member, and their presence can have a therapeutic effect. But what to do if you or someone in your family has an allergy that occurs in the presence of a dog?

Animal Hair Allergy

People are not allergic to hair, but to what is found on them. Because of static electricity, animal fur can retain drool, urinal and fecal particles, and traces of the dead layer of the skin. Because of static electricity, animal fur can retain drool, urinal and fecal particles, and traces of the dead layer of the skin. These contain proteins secreted by the thyroid gland, and in fact, that is an allergen.

Allergy doesn’t have to appear immediately, but it can slowly develop over a long period of time. Contrary to the widespread opinion, thick fur is elastic and don’t fall off, especially if you keep your pet tidy. Then the surface layer of the skin peels off less and fewer particles pass through the fur. It acts as a filter, and keep all those allergens deeply inside.

There are dog breeds that are suitable for people suffering allergies, but only if the symptoms of this disease are mild, such as a runny nose, sneezing or eye irritation. In case that animal hair is proven to cause serious health problems, it is best to completely move your beloved pet from the presence of a sick person.

It is logical that less harmful substances will be present in the breeds with shorter hair, or in those that do not molt. These are mostly dogs with curly or wavy hair. Even some of the breeds that you would suspect of carrying tones of allergens, because of thick fur can be an ideal solution.


The curly Bichon is a puppy of gentle character and small size, and as such, represents an ideal pet for the house, kids and allergy patients. Their fur is soft and thin, although it seems quite thick. It looks like this because of the undercoat, which acts as a “dandruff isolator.”

Because of its softness, the hair is not flat but the curl, so they don’t shed a lot. Curly fur acts like a web, keeping particles from spreading all around. And those fewer hairs that fall off won’t hook on clothes and furniture, so it’ll be easy to remove them.

Possibly the trickiest parts of having Bichon as a pet are regular visits to a professional hairdresser. Grooming this breed at home is real science. It’s a quite neat dog, so you won’t find them drooling, peeing or leaving you smelly presents all around the apartment. This is important because we have already mentioned that allergens are usually found on body excretions.


Cute, tiny Yorkies are a breed that holds one of the highest places among the most favorite pets, and there are many reasons for their popularity. Apart from being lovely pets, very courageous and committed to the owner, Yorkshire Terriers are shedding far less than other dog breeds, which make them an excellent choice for people suffering allergies.

These dogs are extremely attached to their house. Yorkies are friendly breed, and although they love playing with other pups, they don’t like to be messy. So they’ll avoid any contact if they see that their play buddy is cover in mud or dust.

If you have decided for this little fellow, be sure to take a purebred Yorkie. There are variants of this breed, known as Designer Yorkies, which represent a mixture of species. Before taking thone of these, ask the breeders about the origin of your future pet. Choose for mixing with Bichons or Poodles, because they are proven to be allergy-friendly too.

It’s kind of a rule that every short-haired breed should be maintained on a regular basis. So grooming and trimming is a must every 3 to 4 months. And you have to brush their long hair every day. This breed loves water, so feel free to treat your pet with a bubble bath once a week. Decide on anti-dandruff shampoo, created for long-haired dogs. So you will minimize the appearance of allergens. order tramadol online india

French poodle

Poodle have always been a symbol of an elegant dog, with their soft and trimmed fur. For this breed, the rule is that they don’t shred and that all the hair is piled up on the body. So the puddle owners won’t have problems during fll and spring; they just have to groom their pet regularly to keep their hair neat.

Puddle’s fur reminds of the wool; the hairs are very elastic, and therefore they do not become sharp but twist in the curls. Maintaining a Puddle is much more demanding than in other breeds of dogs. Not just to pamper them, but to keep their hair allergy-friendly.

The hair is very quickly renewed, so you have to groom your pet at least once per month. And it always remains enough hair for owners to be amused in doing various haircuts to their pups. Also, day-to-day combing with special brushes is a must, to keep your pet’s fur soft and fluffy.


For people suffering from an allergy, they should opt for a small breed if they want to have a pet. Smaller breeds mean minor body surface, less dandruff, and other allergens. Maltese are great pets for these people, although their long hair can confuse. Their fur is straight, silky, and the big advantage is that they don’t have the undercoat.

The disadvantage of this breed is that it requires everyday care, but that just means less shedding and producing dandruff. It is obligatory to have daily combing, especially if you opt for exhibit breeds with very long hair.

For the fur care of Maltese, you can use special sprays to reduce hair loss. These preparations give some protective coat to the fur, so allergens won’t stay on it. If you don’t maintain their fur, there will be hair on all sides. It may not aggravate allergy symptoms, but it will make it difficult for you to clean the apartment.

You may think that having Maltese is very demanding, but when you see their cute, cheerful faces, you will know that every dime is worth having this little boy for a friend.

Miniature Schnauzers

This is one more hypoallergenic breed that supports the fact that dogs of small growth are the best choice for people suffering from allergies. Miniature Schnauzer is all you want from your pet but in a tiny form. Small, faithful and very brave, these cute pups are the true guardian, which may not go along with their size.

Besides, these dogs have very grateful hair that does not cause an allergic reaction. Their fur is somewhat specific because it has two layers – coat and undercoat. The first layer or undercoat can shed a bit, but the above coat serves as a protection. This way, the hair won’t lie all around your place, and allergens won’t spread in your apartment.

Because of two layers of fur, the owners of Schnauzers can choose how they’ll groom their beloved pet. The upper layer must be shortened regularly so that the new, healthy hair can come out on the surface. Do not mix fur with a soft “beard” which is a trademark of this breed. There is no need to shorten head hair, as these dogs do not drool, and allergens won’t stay on their beard or brows.

How to Reduce the Impact of Allergens

Depending on when allergy has manifested, and how intense its symptoms are, a difficult decision is in front of you, if you already have a dog. Having a long hair breed carries a higher risk of allergy development. If you don’t have a pet, but really want one, you should consult your doctor and ask a vet for advice about the best breeds for your case.

If symptoms of an allergy are mild and bearable, you have to limit the pup’s movement through the apartment. So, strictly forbid the entrance in the bedroom to prevent allergens from reaching your bed. Then, carpets and heavy curtains should be thrown out of your house. Allergens won’t keep on these surfaces, and it will be easier for you to clean up your place.

Some experts advise to include foods rich in omega-3 acids to your pup daily nutrition. These healthy fats can reduce the level of allergens because they keep your pet’s skin hydrated, their hair elastic and resistant to particles hanging on them.

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