Facts about Cats I bet you didn’t know

Did you know that Dogs are not the most popular animals in the world but in fact, it is Cats!

Sleeping Habits

Cats usually sleep up to 13 to 14 hours a day to conserve energy, majority of the times are during the day and they spend 2/3 of their lives sleeping. Do not worry as it is actually a healthy sign from your cat and those that spend majority of their time sleeping are usually kittens or elderly cats.

Cats are like humans as well where both are able to experience non-REM where they sleep and don’t dream about anything or REM sleeping and you will know it when they move or twitch when they are asleep. Did you know that cats’ sleeping habits are affected by the weather as well? They tend to sleep even more than usual during raining days and last but not least, they are no different from us because they snore as well especially breeds such as Persians or himalayans! However, if your cat starts to snore with its mouth open or having discharge of nasal , sneezing or coughing or its voice has changed, maybe it is time for you to visit the vet. (Diazepam)


Have you ever wonder why does your cat get aggressive all of a sudden after always being calm and sleeping all day? the only weapons that they have are their mouth and 4 tiny paws.

What is Aggression means in cats? It is commonly known as a hiss or another way to avoid the target of their aggression to cats who attack. (Modafinil) buy xanax vancouver todotvnews.com Firstly, let’s understand how cats’ body language works. Cats body language are different from dogs. It’s basically their body postures, facial expressions, and the position and carriage of certain body parts, like ears, tail and even whiskers.

When cats shows signs of threats or aggression, that could mean offensive or defensive. While being offensive aggressive, the cat would try to make itself bigger and more intimidating as if any second, it may just attack while defensive aggressive cats would show much more of a protective posture and shrink.


Cats aren’t that heartless even though majority of the times, they seem to be wandering in their own world. They do seek for affection and at the same time, they show affection too but the real mystery here is, “how do cats show their affection?

Affection through eyes

Usually, their eyes will be slowly closing or rather, half-open to slowly blinks which are called “Cat Kisses” and it usually means trust, affection, satisfaction which helps to strengthen relationship between you and your cat!

Affection through tails

If you have a cat, you must have seen its wiggling sometimes and it shows the change in cat’s emotions through how they position itself which also shows their body language and emotions from being aggressive and fearful to loving and happy and hence, do not be confused by aggression and happiness.

Affection through the amount of time together

Cats really love hanging around for people they are able to connect naturally such as feeling ease or taking a nap in a position where they are close to you and even if your cat does not fancy closure, they would still be around you nearby.

Some of them like to follow their owner around the house and food is not the reason why but because they enjoy the closure with their owners so that they feel the connection. Not to mention, they are good communicators by simply using their body language, vocals to express themselves.

Sitting on your laptops

Do you ever get annoyed when your cats starts sitting on your laptop, accidentally sent unintentional emails, getting in your way of getting things done and blocking you from using your keyboard? Ever wonder why does your cat enjoys sitting there instead of anywhere else? The reason being is because they want to be nearer to you! Yes, they really want to be the center of your attention, they know they can get attention easier when they sit on your keyboards. This shows that cats are smart and they know how to get the thing they want.


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