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Pebby was created for pets. The in-built laser was specifically designed with cats in mind.

Pebby works on both carpets and flat surfaces.

Yes. Light splashes of water or accidental dips in shallow water bowls will not affect Pebby’s functionalities.

Pebby: A single charge can provide 1.5 hrs of optimal playtime. When Pebby is awake but not in use, it automatically goes into idle mode, saving battery power consumption for up to 12 hrs.
PebbyCollar™: A single charge can last between 8-12 days.

Pebby is a robotic ball that can be controlled from a mobile app. It has an in-built camera, laser, two-way audio functions, and an auto-play mode. The PebbyCollaris a smart activity collar that can be connected to Pebby to allow you to track and monitor your pet’s behavioral levels.

Yes, we ship our products worldwide.

Pebby comes with replaceable and interchangeable inner and outer caps that allow you to upkeep the condition of the ball in the long run. Our products come with a 1 year limited warranty and a return policy for any manufacturing defects.