Home pet camera monitor & interact with Pets remotely with Pebby

Home Pet Camera Monitor & Interact With Pets Remotely with PEBBY

We are all surprised by how far technology has come. We have so many gadgets that do many different things it can be hard to keep up. Not only is there tech gadgets for us but there is also tech gadgets for your pets. Technology is making it easier to leave our pets at home while we go to work, run errands or take a vacation. There are pet trackers, pet Wi-Fi cameras and interactive toys. How good would it be to find a toy that did all of these things? Yes! That is right the PEBBY the pet surveillance camera can do all of these things and more.

PEBBY is a pet camera with voice controls and is known as the most advanced dog sitter it can be used to monitor your pets and track what they are doing it can even interact with your pet when it needs some extra company.

PEBBY is a ball-shaped Wi-Fi camera that can be controlled from your smartphone. It is a smart collar system allowing you to monitor and stimulate your pet all from the easy use of your cell phone. You can do it anytime and anywhere even from across the world.

What do I get in the pack?

There are four main parts which work with each other to create a robotic toy. We have the face which is the core of the device. There is a camera inside the toy that can be moved around by remote control. The ball is made out of a polycarbonate shell which is very durable and can handle what your dog throws at it. There is a water suspension in each layer to protect the inside components from any damage. PEBBY is 100% waterproof so you can be sure it is safe from even the most slobbery dogs or an accidental drop into the water.

The dog camera Collar

The tracker will attach to your dog’s collar and can sync with the ball to take notes of the dog’s activity every day. There is a built-in RRF beacon that can call out to the smart ball when its time for some playtime. The tracker is small and doesn’t worry the dogs once they are on. https://littlescholarsnyc.com/

Technical Specifications:

  • Battery life lasts around eight days
  • USB and wireless charging
  • Autoplay
  • Built-in sensors

Using the PEBBY App

The PEBBY app is the user interface where you will be able to communicate with the device. From your tablet or smartphone you can:

  • Drive the ball around
  • Watch the video from the hidden camera
  • Send sounds and messages to your dog
  • Take photos
  • Record video to keep
  • Use the PEBBY social media platform to share memories

PEBBY is most popular as has more features than most of the other similar toys. You can check in with your pet anytime, and there are no restrictions to just one room.

This ball allows you to follow the dog wherever it goes in any room. Don’t worry about what the dog is doing in the room where the camera doesn’t access, with PEBBY you can go anywhere.

PEBBY, a pet viewing camera offers a fantastic playing option for cat or dog which is the built-in laser. If you are too busy to interact with your pet at the time, then stick PEBBY into auto mode, and it can entertain your pooch for you.

You can pre-record a message for you pooh and send it through to them when you think your dog is uneasy or looking a little bored. The device is heavy duty and built to last. Being waterproof it doesn’t matter if it goes in the water bowl or accidentally dropped into the water by the kids. It has a shatterproof case with a polycarbonate casing. When the toy is low on charge, you can send it to the charging station where it will automatically charge itself ready for more play. The device can be in play mode for around 90 minutes with the battery lasting for around the 12-hour mark.

PEBBY is not only a pet security camera but a device that offers a unique way to interact with your pet wherever you may be. Video and audio cues mean your dog doesn’t have to suffer alone. PEBBY is a good way to bond with your pet when you are away and let them know you are not far away. This type of toy is good for dogs who suffer separation anxiety as they can learn to be home alone and cope quite well with the use of audio and video cues from their owners throughout the day.

Some dog cameras to watchdog at home at complicated to set up and often have a billion and one cords running around everywhere. Cords can be a hazard for chewing dogs with the PEBBY ball there is none of that to worry about its just a simple charging station and interactive ball.

Ever wondered what your pet is doing at home while you are not there. Worried they are chewing away at your brand new couch or are they simply sleeping away the day. (lowpricebud.co) Pet owners like to monitor how much exercise their pet is getting and PEBBY is great for that to.

Using this pet camera, you can now check up what they are doing and make sure they are not getting into any mischief. If you find your dog doing something, it shouldn’t be you can send through a pre-recorded voice message to interrupt and stop what your dog is doing. Wonder no more about what the dog does each day with PEBBY you can know all about your dog’s business, where they go, how active they are and even follow them from room to room. No better device can do everything you want.

Don’t make your dog suffer sitting at home all day with no company and no stimulation. Buy the famous interactive pet camera monitoring system PEBBY, and you can see the difference it will make to your furry pooch.

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