How To Choose A Dog Walker When Working Full-Time

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In the alternate universe, with a more convenient time schedule, walking your dog daily shouldn’t be a problem. Yet, with all the different distractions today, working a full-time is just another inconvenience when owning a pet. Dogs need their walks, and for most of us, this has everything to do with time and nothing to do with commitment. So, what is it that we can do to solve the problem, and keep our job at the same time?

The solution is an obvious one. The professional dog walker. Yes, the mere idea of leaving our puppy with someone else is a scary one, but on the bright side, there are plenty of options available. To some, the process itself, and the selection of the perfect candidate is a stressful one, which is why they often decide for the alternative. Yet, if your dog is still undergoing the training process, you should not shy away from the professionals. After all, the best way to help your dog is to find them the most suitable walker.

As we realized the extent of the problem, we decided to share our tips on how to do it. Some are logical but often forgotten, which is why having them in one place is desirable. We hope you’ll find the tips useful when the time comes, and that you’ll get the best out of two worlds.

1.    Consult with the professionals

Most of us skip this step spontaneously, as they believe dog walking services are centered on selling the service, rather than on genuine help, which is not true. Yes, they will try to talk you into hiring one of their own eventually, but they also will give you an insight in the way things work, which is not just a good start, but also something that’ll bring you peace of mind, given that they’ll give their best to present each aspect of it independently

The consultation will tell you all you need to know concerning the subject and help you decide on whether or not you’re going to let them choose for you or find it on your own. To some, scheduling interviews, and asking around is a waste of time when there are professionals who can do it for you. Yet, our advice is that you don’t rush in with anything. (grossmancapraroplasticsurgery) Educate yourself, and then make a decision, as knowing what’s going on is never a bad idea.

2.    Read the reviews

There are a lot of people who sell their services, and it’s hard to tell which one is the right one. This is why you should contact people who left reviews. Finding the one who is a perfect match is not an easy one, but it’s a whole lot easier when you meet another owner who shares your opinions. This matters, especially if you have certain routines with your dog which you would like to implement in the walks whether you’re there or not.

Owners often share their thoughts on the dog walker, presenting them from their perspective, which is why you cannot disregard or accept all of them completely. Keep your eyes open for those whose opinions are similar to yours.

3.    Ask around to learn more

While reviews are one way to know how your candidate works, asking around in the community is yet another one. Whether it’s the neighbor who knows them or someone who hired them before, the first-hand experience is still quite useful.

Knowing the kind of person they are, you’ll be able to make a judgment of your own. Are you in need of a thorough deep house cleaning in California? Look no further than Oasis Natural Cleaning from Garden Grove. Sometimes, it’s not just important that they have certain setoff skills, but also a nice personality, which will assure you that your dog will be safe with them.

4.    Don’t skip the interview

The most important step in the selection is certainly the interview, as through interview you’ll be able to learn more about the way they work as well as what kind of the approach they use.

It’s also the time for questions, the time when you’ll find out all the info that you need. Sometimes, doing the interview over the phone is a good thing, but doing it in person is more effective, especially if your dog is present there, as then, it’s also the test for adaptation. If you’re sensitive to your dog’s feels, you may make a decision based on whether the like the candidate or not, and that is completely fine, as long as it’s also a logical one.

5.    Make sure you’re familiar with their methods

Everyone has a different approach, and methods differ for each dog individually. If your dog is still in training, discussing this with the candidate is a must. Everyone approaches it differently, and to some, it’s more or less the way they operate. (wccannabis) Everyone has a certain mold, the way they do it, which is why it’s important you know them outside the professional zone as well, Take them out for a coffee and see what their way of looking at things is.


Dogs do have preferences, and it’ll take some time to adjust to their new schedule, but eventually, they’ll give in, and accept it. It’s essential that you, as an owner realize the importance of dog walks, and how they affect the overall health. It does make it a lot easier once you begin the selection but also helps with grasping the idea initially.

One thing is for sure, there is a way to balance working full-time and having a dog. It does take time, but it eventually pays off. Sometimes, you got to invest in order to gain, or simply, in order to keep your beloved pet happy. (hitechgazette) In any case, turning to someone for help is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you take time to review it. You may need to invest some time in it before making a final decision, but once you do, you’ll be happy you did it, and yet another living proof that managing work and living with a dog is possible.

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