How to Name a Cat?


Naming a cat is not an easy task, especially if this is your first cat. With all the factors in play, there are just so many names thrown at you, and you’re probably lost among all these different choices. Well, there is a difference between finding a perfect name and knowing how to name a cat. This is why we decided to conduct in-depth research in order to help you understand what’s currently offered.

Different folks choose different names based on different facts, yet it all can be categorized under 6 categories, give or take, in order to provide you with an idea of how others choose the name so you can choose one for your cat as easily as possible. Read on and find out the main categories. Let us know if your cat got its name differently in the comment section below.

Sentimental Traditional Naming

One of the most popular options since the beginning of times is definitely sentimental traditional naming. This practically includes naming your cat after the old king or a knight and is still present in the modern day. Some take a step further as they play with different combinations. Traditional cat naming is all about the glory of the cat, as some believe they are cleverer than they let on. An example of a traditional name is Bartholomew, but then you can spice it up with a generation mark, or even the title. It does sound interesting if you’re the type of person that reads a lot or simply admires the history, but it does tag along choices like Pope Francis. In the end, you are the only one who gets to choose, so make your choice a worthy one.

Naming Cat after Food

While this may seem like a strange one, we’re not talking about naming your cat Taco, or Pizza. The names in this category include those as well, but the focus is on elegant ones like Olive or Rye. Since the owners often choose a name for a cat based on how short it is or how it sounds, this category offers both, satisfying needs and letting you enjoy naming your cat after food no matter how strange it may sound. So, brace the trend of exploring the cat names through nutrition charts, as this may look weird when read, but sounds awesome once it’s all set and done. (Gilberteyecare)

Naming Cat after TV Character

Definitely one of the popular choices in the modern-day naming society. Whether you choose it from a TV show, or from a movie franchise, naming your cat Snow after Jon Snow doesn’t sound as bad. Well, this depends on how influential the pop culture is in your case, and if we’re talking about people today, you’ll rarely find someone who doesn’t follow the pop culture.

One of the advantages of naming your cat this way is that you’ll easily make friends with folks who are into the same things you’re into, but there is a dark side to it as well. Some may not take you seriously if you’re a cat lady and you named all of your cats after Charmed characters. Yet, it does look tempting to many, given it’ll stick in your head forever, and all of have our favorites.

This also includes names of the characters from movies, which don’0t have to be strange like Padme from Star Wars but can be as mundane as Helen. However, it does sound great when you explain it to the others why you decided to name your cat after this certain character. If nothing, it will always be a good conversation starter with other people.

Naming Cat after a Plant

Another popular option, and an area in which most of the people turn to flower names. Naming cat after a plant doesn’t seem like a good idea if you already have a name like Lilly on your mind for a while. Yet if you’re looking to experiment with names, it’s probably the best you chose one based on practical reasons. Yes, it may be tempting to name your cat Tulip or Rose, but make sure you’re okay with the fact many people name their cats after flowers, and it’s possible your cat may not appear as unique to the others as you may want it.

Naming Cat to match its Personality

The choice most of the owners tend to make is naming their cat after some time, when they’ve had time to see what they act like. Some cats are angrier than other cats, and they deserve a villain name, yet some are heroes from the start. We tend not to judge, as each cat has its own unique features. Waiting for a perfect name is not a bad decision, especially if you’re having a hard time, or if you0re looking to get to know your new at first.

Naming Cat after a Famous Person

Most of the owners name their cats after actors and even sports stars, but this choice is one of the most regrettable ones. While naming a cat after a person, and hoping they’ll act in a similar manner is weird by itself, it’s also not something you should believe in. Yes, you can name your cat LeBron, but that doesn’t mean they’ll similar to him in any way.


To conclude the categories, naming your cat is completely up to you. While we believe some of these categories influence your choice one way or another, we also reserve a spot for the creative souls, even though the cat may not be as interested in being named strangely. In any case, having a cat is a blessing, and naming one is a luxury, although there are people who change the name after a while, but this can only be done if the cat is still young, as later, cat sticks to her name no matter what, which is why you need to make sure you’ve made a choice both you and your cat can live with till one of you dies.

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