How to Stop a Dog from Barking

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Every dog barks to attract the owner’s attention, communicate or express excitement. The bark does not contain as much information as human speech, but it is not an ordinary noise. There are situations when it is desirable that our pet informs or warns us about something; however, it often happens that the dog starts to bark for no reason. At first, a dog making funny noise can be cute.

When you are there, it’s always possible to find a way to calm your dog. The problem arises when you need to leave it alone, even for a couple of minutes. We believe that your neighbors will not always be happy to listen to your dog barking and whining. If you are a responsible owner, you’ll find a way to prevent your dog acting like this.

Find Out What Disturbs Your Pup

You have to train your dog in time, to learn what it can and can’t do. However, even when you give your pup the best training, it may happen that, at one point, your pet starts to bark uncontrollably. Dogs can be unpredictable sometimes, and the owner has to learn how to deal with it. But before you start to overdo it, you have to determine the reason for this behavior. You don’t have to be a dog whisper to figure out why your dog barks.

Pay attention when it starts to make a noise. Observe its behavior and you’ll quickly find out what drives your pup crazy. Although in most cases dogs don’t bark for any apparent reason, there are breeds that are natural barkers. However, you can also teach them not to make a noise without need. Does your dog want something, is it afraid or just wants to defend its territory from something? These are some of the main reasons why dogs sometimes make those unbearable sounds. This behavior is augmented when they are alone because the absence of the owner can lead to insecurity and fear in dogs.

Use Positive Learning Methods

Dogs are more likely to bark because of nervousness and stress than without reason, so punishment often causes incitement to a cycle of bad behavior. Instead, you should understand that any stimulus (cars, unknown people, and other animals) can be the cause of this reaction. After you finally determine what disturbs your pet, try to solve everything you can. As for re-educating your dog, use positive learning methods to correct its behavior. But be careful, as there is a high chance that your dog misinterprets that rewarding.

Do not use physical punishment because it can worsen aggression. Avoid sudden movements of the hand and actions that your pet could perceive as a threat. Positive learning methods relate to rewarding behavior when your dog is calm, instead of acting weird and disobedient. You need to attract its attention first, especially when the stimulus occurs.

Offer a treat at precisely that moment and pamper your dog while the cause stops. It will distract your pup for a while. By doing something that will occupy the attention of your dog, you will encourage desirable behavior. Another important thing is to learn your pet not to defend you when there is no real danger. This dominant behavior can often cause the dog to bark, to show all “enemies” who’s the boss. And since the owner is the “alpha male” of the house pack, the dog should be clear that you are the one in charge now, and that it doesn’t have to worry.

Don’t Treat Your Pup for Barking

Dogs often make a noise because they think their barking will be rewarded. The owners usually do this unconsciously, thinking that they will stop this behavior in their pets, but they actually do the opposite. For example, if your dog barks because it wants to get out, and you have let it out, you actually give the reward for barking. Or, if your pet whines while you have dinner, and you give it a piece of meat – guess what – you just reward it for bad behavior. Although it may be difficult for you to do this, one of the first things you should do is to ignore your pup’s barking. Perhaps it really needs to go out, but do not let your pet command you by making a noise. When it stops whining, wait a few minutes, and then take it outside. So, the dog is rewarded for being quiet, not for barking. Repeat this every time your pet starts to bark for no particular reason; that will teach it to attract your attention in a different way.

Learn Your Pet Not to Be Fearful

Excessive barking in dogs can be defined as aggression. And this aggression is coming from fear. A dog scared of another dog will often express this anxiety by releasing annoying sounds. You’ve seen many times a small dog barking and humping the big one. Pets that are afraid of people, cars, skates or bikes, and other animals, will show emotions in the same way. The dog will bark into the distance, to some fictional “monsters” to chase the fear away. It will often yell about things that suddenly occur by its sides, such as lightning, firecrackers or a man who just entered its house.

You can’t avoid this behavior of your pet in public places, where a large number of people, cars and other dogs circulate. However, in your home, it’s possible to get rid of unnecessary fear and unbearable barking. In time, your dog will learn to be fearless in public too. If someone comes to your place for the first time, warn them about your four-legged friend and let them know your dog.

The simplest sniffing of stranger’s hands or clothing will be enough for your pet to relax. It is important that you are around and that your guest is not afraid of dogs. The same should be done with material things. Dogs mostly rely on their snuff when collecting information about the environment, so for every new thing you enter into the house, let your pup sniff it from all sides (be careful, your pet can pee on it, just to mark it as its property).

Hide the View

  Does your dog bark on people who are just passing by? Although your pup is seeing a mailman or an ice cream truck pretty often, it still barks on them. This is the way your pet “protects” the territory it understands as its own. Such a habit will be difficult to eradicate, but you can do something about it.

If the cause of your dog’s unbearable barking is of a territorial nature, you have to block the view at things that trigger this behavior. If your pup barks on the movements or things it sees through the window, you should pull up the curtains or close the blinds. Especially when you leave your furry buddy alone for a while. If your dog stays in a dog house in the yard near the street, the passengers can irritate it. Turn the entrance to the inside of the yard. The fence that blocks the street view is an excellent solution too. Plus, it also provides good insulation against street noise.

Bring Your Pet a Company

Although dogs enjoy the company of their owners, sometimes the company of the other dog is what they actually miss. This bark of boredom is different from aggressive or warning barking. It looks more like whining and complaining about how lonely your pet is. If your dog is used to other dogs, you regularly take it to the park and let it play with them, maybe getting another pet would not be a bad idea. Of course, if your life and material conditions permit it. Perhaps you think of it as a doubled obligation, but your dog will be much happier when it has someone to play with all the time. Also, this will mean a lot to busy owners – they don’t have to worry their beloved pup is lonely. Bringing a new dog into a home is not easy, and it takes some time for your pet to get used to the fact that it is no longer alone.

However, once it happens, both pups will enjoy in society, playing and cuddling with each other. If you let your pup barks all the time, its behavior can have consequences to you and your social life. If your dog becomes too demanding, you will be forced to be by its side all the time; be prepared for your social life to suffer. You love your pet, but you shouldn’t let it control your life with its indulgence.

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