How to tell if your dog loves you?

Wanna know if your dog really loves you?

Dogs are our best friends, and they do make our life happier, but did you ever wondered if they think the same about us? We often hear of aggressive dogs, the strays, but we never really wonder what’s wrong with them. Dogs need our attention, and most importantly our training.

The devotion to raising a pup is a serious one, and if you’re simply not someone who’s ready to commit, we suggest you avoid the responsibility for now. However, if you’re a responsible one, willing to do what it takes, there are things you should know first.

Can dogs really feel it all?

Dogs can feel, too. They can feel when something is wrong, or when they need to jump in for a cuddle. ( Yet, when it comes to us reacting to their emotions, things get complicated. Why? Well, for starters, dogs have their own way of expressing emotion, and sometimes it’s not only ignored but mistaken for misbehaving.

New owners tend to mistake it for anxiety symptoms, or simply lack training, but believe us when we say that certain behavior patterns when isolated lets you know whether your dog cares for you or not. We conducted extensive research and we found that there are ways to tell if your dog loves you.

Brace yourselves for you’re about to find out all the little signs our favorite pets send out in order to let you know they love you just as much as you love them.  Make sure to look out for these signs, and let us know what your dog does from the things we listed below.

Signs your dog loves you

1. Jump at you whatever the occasion

If your dog jumps at you the minute you open the front door, you don’t need the rest of the signs from this list, as this most definitely means that they not only care about you but also want you to know that loud and clear. Dogs express their affection physically, which is why jumping at you upon your arrival means they not only care but that they waited all day long for you to finally open that door.

Another famous jump that dogs do often is most certainly the one where they jump at you, expecting you to hold them. This is quite common with large breeds, but small dogs can attempt at it as well.

While larger breeds can knock us off our feet, they are just adorable when they jump, but remember, they too crave your attention just as much as they’re trusting you’ll catch them and snuggle.

2. Only play fetch with you

Well, this one was unusual, but it did prove to be the sign. Dogs tend to isolate the one they prefer in the household to enjoy with them, and them only. This is why your dog refuses to play fetch with someone else. It’s not because they’re trained, but because they want for you to realize that you’re the special one.

They perceive fetch as something that helps them prove their loyalty which is why they limit the number of people they play it with. If you’re the one they play it with, it means they like you.

3. Always attempt to lick you

Dogs can smother as well, but only to prove they love you more than the other members of the household. If your dog is one of the lickers, it’s not a bad thing. Dogs only lick the people they feel affection towards, and they know that it’s in a way annoying, yet they cannot help it, as this is their way of showing that they care about you. While it may not be as hygienic, it still is a proof that they love you, and that should suffice.

4. Go for a knee

Does your dog prefer sitting on your knee when you’re watching TV or chatting with friends? Well, don’t worry, as that is not a bad thing. Dogs have their spots too, and a knee is one of them. They feel safe when they’re close to you, yet they want you not to see them as a burden, which is why they always go for a knee.

5. Express jealousy

We all experienced our dog attacking one of our friends, but you never knew why they did it. Well, now you do, like dogs, too can experience jealousy, and trust us, it’s not pretty when they think they’ve been replaced. Even though this is in a way cute, as it proves your dog loves you, it still can be quite awkward, so make sure they always feel as they’re number one in your life.

6. Sense your arrival

75 A sign your dog truly cares for is that they cannot wait for you to get home. So, how can you tell if they’re that excited as your arrival approaches? Well, if you’re not that interested in installing a camera in your home to track the activities, let us tell you that you can easily check it out if you have a front window.

Dogs can sense if you’re nearby, but only if you’re important to them. So, if you notice them wagging their tail while looking through the window to see if you’re coming, look no further, as this is surely a sign your dog adores you.

7. Show affection even when sick

Did you ever notice how excited your pup gets when they see you no matter how they feel? We know they too can be in extreme pain, yet they never fail to express their affection. It can be heart-breaking but when you see them lying down helplessly yet still wagging their tail when you talk to them, but it is a sign that you really have a true bond.

Dogs are among the most affectionate creatures, and they make sure you know where their loyalty lies even when they’re at their weakest.

8. Sneak up in your bed

Did you ever wake up to your dog sleeping next to you and wondered how did they get here? Well, if your dog tends to sneak up on you often, chances are they just cannot stand being without you, which means they really want you around.

Dogs tend to express the wish to be close to the ones they love the most, and sometimes have trouble sleeping in a separate room.

While training your dog that sleeping in your bed is not something they should do often is surely recommended, you just have to admit that it’s cute when you get to wake up to them sleeping in your bed anyway.

9. Collect your smelly stuff

Did you ever notice your dog with a bunch of smelly socks? If you did, you probably wondered what the hell is wrong with them. Well, the recent studies show that dogs are much more sensitive to the smell of their beloved ones as it gives them a sense of safety. So, if your dog is collecting your smelly stuff, it’s probably because they want to feel as you’re always with them. Even though chewing on all of these trophies can also be the early sign of separation anxiety, it definitely means they care for you.

10. Snuggle with you whenever possible

Another sign your dog just cannot hide how much you mean to them is that they attempt to snuggle wherever they find you. Even if you’re exercising, or focusing on something that they see is important, they may come and express their wish for snuggling simply by leaning against you and waiting for your response. However, ignoring them may prompt a more aggressive response, so when you’re not available to be sure to let them know you know they’re waiting.

11. Get protective in front of others

Did your dog ever try to attack your potential significant other? Well, for starters, let us just say that if your dog doesn’t like them, it’s possible they’re not that good for you, as dogs do sense a bad vibe. Seriously now, dogs get protective for various reasons, and sometimes it’s simply to show off, but the background for their behavior lies in the fact that they want to protect you because they love you.

Dogs express their affection in strange ways and one of them is showing off their domination in front of other dogs, which is why it may be hard to have more than one dog in the household because they can seriously injure each other in the attempt to prove whose better among them.

12. Come to cuddle when you’re sad

Dogs can sense when we’re feeling down, and while this bonding is something that benefits us when going through a rough time, it also is a way to see if our dog cares about us.

If they ignore you when you’re crying over something, or simply shutting down everything around you, it’s possible they don’t really love you that much, but if they do react when you’re in a bad mood, trying to cuddle their way out of your bad aura, it’s a sign. The can be a real cuddle bag when they care about someone.

13.  Stare at you often

Did you ever catch your dog staring at you? Well, while it does get creepy sometimes, most of the times it’s that pleasant reassuring stare that makes you think you can do whatever it takes to get things done. This is due to the fact dogs are staring at you to empower you, and because this is their way of showing admiration and loyalty. Long story short, if a dog does stare it you, it’s definitely not because they plan to murder you, but because they believe you’re the worthy one.

14. Lift their eyebrows

Seeing your dog lift their eyebrows when they see you, or when you decide to pay attention to them is a sign your dog thinks high of you. Dogs cannot really mimic their feelings unless when it comes to a strong expression. This also means they can smile, but they rarely do, and that too is a sign of a strong affection towards the owner.

So, next time when you lift your eyes from your phone, look at your dog and see how they will react to you focusing your attention on them.

15.  Yawn more often when with you

Yawning is not a big deal, but when it comes to dogs, recent studies have shown that they tend to yawn more frequent in front of the familiar faces. While it is a strange assumption, yawning does have something to do with emotional expression. Supposedly, this makes them feel safe, so if your dog starts randomly yawning in the middle of your interaction, it’s probably because they just love you enough to be comfortable around you. Isn’t that sweet?

16.  Wag their tails

Classic sign of love is definitely tail wagging, and while most of the dogs do this when excited, it’s also easy to recognize whether they do it because of your presence or because of something else. If it’s something they do unexpectedly, it definitely means they care for you, so make sure to return the favor.

Your dog wants you to play with them, to show them they too are important to you. When it comes to dogs, it literally takes few minutes of snuggling and they’ll be in a mood for the rest of the day. buy modalert 100 mg modalert online buy


So, are you really worthy of the loyalty and love your dog shows for you? We hope you are, and we hope you remember that next time when they make a mess all around the house. After all, they’re worthy of being pardoned for the majority of things if they do it spontaneously.

Sometimes, it’s hard not to spoil them, wouldn’t you agree? Let us know if your dog shows their love through something else in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share some love next time the jump at you as soon as you open the front door. After all, they cannot possibly know the consequences when they knock something off, especially if they’re still puppies.

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