How to treat cat anxiety naturally?

Did you catch your cat hissing lately? Or perhaps you’ve noticed an overall shift in behavior? Well, if you did, chances are your cat is suffering from anxiety. Symptoms of feline anxiety further include excessive grooming as well as avoiding food. While we do recommend visiting the vet, there are a few natural remedies which also guarantee to cure your cat.

What are those and where can I get them, you must be wondering. Well, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to conduct a research, and so we found the way you can treat your cat’s anxiety naturally. Here are the results of our research, and the methods we picked up along the way. After all, a cat is what makes our life special, and their problems should be taken seriously.

Methods and remedies that’ll help your cat overcome anxiety

Herb Remedies

They say nothing cures anxiety like a good herb, and whether you’re curing a cat or yourself, this method is surely something to have in mind. Herbs like Catnip, Valerian and Chamomile are some of the most effective anxiety remedies out there, so let’s see what they do.


Most of the owners avoid Catnip as they believe this herb is not intended to relax, but rather to activate your lazy cat, but the truth is that Catnip finds the way to help your cat, no matter the issue. When it comes to treating anxiety, Catnip functions like a drug, affecting your cat’s behavior, and while it does give your cat the illusion of sudden energy spikes, the aftermath of the effect is way more important.

Catnip affects last for about 20 minutes, and then your cat is way too exhausted to feel anything, especially stress. This treatment is preferred if a cat is afraid of vets, but recently it became more popular among the owners looking to treat anxiety in the new cats. Cats do need time to adjust to new surroundings and Catnip does help in a transition, as it speeds up the process while avoiding anxiety.

However, when purchasing Catnip make sure you get an organic one, as a difference is visible in treatment. Good old dried Catnip is way better than any product offered in the store, and plus, its effect is more intense, and it’s less likely to cause stomach problems or vomiting.


Even though it is often neglected for Catnip, Valerian is actually an even better option when treating anxiety. It does use the same approach as Catnip, but it has a different aftermath. Valerian is not only great for a cat but also for you, if you’re suffering from insomnia. Its effect is definitely more chill behavior, even though it too does come with initial hyperactivity.

The difference between Catnip and Valerian is in the fact that it will make your cat fall asleep faster, and it is stronger in the initial hyperactivity phase, which is why it’s often avoided by owners as it also makes your cat a bit more unpredictable, even for just a short time.


We all know how great Chamomile is, but did you know you can also use it to treat cat anxiety? We bet you didn’t. Skip on Catnip, Valerian and remedies that you need to get separately as you don’t usually buy them, and opt for Chamomile, something you probably have in your home already.

Flower tinctures

While these are new, given that most of the owners had never heard of this treatment, Flower tinctures are definitely one of the effective ways of calming your cat.  You can find the manual online and prepare them yourself, of you can find them in local stores. They’re definitely pleasant in smell, and they will be something your cat will love if nothing then for the fact it doesn’t need to be ingested for it to work.

Safe spots method

Most o0f the cats experience anxiety if they change the environment suddenly or if there is someone new in their lives, for instance, a baby. This is why they need to have an enclosed smaller portion of the space for them to rest their souls. It can be an old chair or a box underneath your bed, as long as your cat will feel safe to hide in there, it works.

Cuddling Method

Sometimes, all your cat need is a proper cuddle, so don’t shy away from the attention, but don’t smother your cat. Let them communicate and come when they’re ready, and make sure not to be nervous around them, as they often mirror your feelings in their own kind of empathy.

Here is a video of calming music to go along with your cuddling.


Cats can be calmed down with a variety of herbs, and even with some quality cuddling time, so don’t panic if you notice the symptoms of anxiety in your cat. We believe we listed down the most important ones, but if you have other natural remedies, or questions, share them in the section below.

To sum it up, there are treatments we found to be the best in treating cat anxiety:

  • Herb remedies (Valerian, Catnip and Flower tinctures)
  • Safe spot method
  • Cuddling method



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