Leaving Cats Home Alone: Everything You Need to Know

Cat or Dog Lover

The debate between cat and dog lovers is almost as old as the one about which came first, chicken or egg. Which animal you should choose as a pet, and how much care they need, is a matter of individual preference. There are even a number of psychological research that indicates what kind of person you are, based on the choice of pet.

One thing is sure, whatever you choose, you will not make a mistake. Having a loving pet by your side means to have someone who will give you a lot of attention and love, without expecting too much in return. It’s always nice to take care of someone who will love you back unconditionally.

Well, let’s be honest, this is a bit more accurate in the case of dogs. As for the cat, they will already find a way to show you their love and affection, but keep in mind that they have stronger character than dogs. While the dog will play and cuddle with you whenever you want, cats will do it only when they want to get something, like when they are hungry or want to go outside.

This leads to the conclusion that cats are pretty cunning. This is not a bad feature, because cats can be cool if you decide to pet them. You have to show them authority from an early age and to teach them obedience. Maybe it won’t work every time, but at least you can be sure they won’t be too spoiled and stubborn. (Provigil)

Can You Train a Cat?

Cats are among the most intelligent species of animals, although it may not seem like that. While many are convinced that dogs are smarter because we can train them and learn various tricks, the truth is actually different. Cats could learn all the same if they just want. And you probably noticed they did not want to.

You can train a cat, to a certain extent. But do not expect it to run over, pretend dead or bring you something. Even if this is possible, sometimes it requires too much time and nerves. It’s just enough to learn basic things, such as using a cat box to relieve and sleeping in the cradle.

Beside this, cats do not need any special preparation for your departure, either for a few hours or for a few days. You can leave the house absolutely sure that your cat won’t make a mess if you do the former dressage right.

 “Feed me, pet me. Now you can go“

You got a cat and spent a couple of days with it, to get used to the environment and you. But you started to worry about what to do with your beloved pet when you need to leave it home alone. This is inevitable because our way of life demands that we have to get out of the house.

Many people still have a wrong picture of cats as totally independent beings who do not need any high socializing because they are self-sufficient. Through the centuries, cats were dependent on humans and developed a special bond with them. However, this does not mean you can leave your home alone most of the time.

Because they do not require long walking, constant attention, and playing with them, it seems that cats are a better choice for people who sometimes don’t have time for themselves, and not to mention, for pets. This doesn’t mean they don’t like and take care of their pets; simply, sometimes there are situations when we do not know where our head is.

Let Your Cat to Get Familiar with the Environment

Kittens like when they are in a familiar environment. If you do not want your cat to scratch the door, because it is interested in what is behind them, show it a place where it will be. From now on, it will be its territory, and your kit will feel safe there.

It may happen that your cat “sprinkles” the area at the beginning, but it’s just a way to mark the territory. This will not happen again unless you get another pet. (50gram) Pheromones in the urine are a sign that it is the place where your kitten is in charge.

When staying in a familiar environment, cats know that there’s no danger and can quietly spend the day napping. Move the curtains out of the window, and provide your pet with a view, especially if you have a large backyard or look on a busy street. It’s something like a movie theater for your cat, and it can sit like that for hours.

Meet All Their Needs before You Go

If we consider that the cat is sleeping about 16 hours a day, we think that we can handle this. Cats are hunters, by nature very active animals – when they are awake. It is very likely that your feline will sleep for most of the day while you are not at home. But, just in case, make sure that her needs are satisfied.

Leave it enough food, water, and a clean sandbox on the place your kit is got used to. But don’t place “potty” place right next to a food bowl. Separate these, because cats are very nitty animals and they understand that you can’t pee and eat at the same place.

You noticed that cats take care of their hygiene a lot. alprazolam online india https://www.sunjournal.com/ xanax e recepta online If you do not clean the sandbox before you leave, be sure that your pet won’t relieve there, but on plces like kitchen or bathroom floor. The same applies to food and water bowls. Leave fresh water and not too much food – they can eat everything they find.

Bored Cat Is a Bad Cat

When leaving the cat alone in the house, you don’t usually have to worry about furniture and curtains if it does not destroy these when you’re home. However, it can happen that your kitten “went crazy” because of boredom.

You’ll avoid possible damage if you leave it all favorite toys, some catnip balls, and other things that can entertain your pet, like a cat tunnel, “trees,” and scratchers. Cats like to climb and overcome obstacles, and playing can exhaust them pretty much, so they will probably continue to sleep after that.

Don’t Use Cages

These furballs love hidden and tight places because they feel safe. The fact that your kit spends a lot of time in a box or cradle doesn’t mean it will be equally relaxed if you close it in a cage, even for a few hours. Cats appreciate their freedom and don’t like limitations. Keep in mind that your pet will suffer more in this situation.

The same thing is with cattery, although this option offers everything your cat needs when you are away. If you don’t leave your pet for more than one day, the better option is to ask someone to check it from time to time. For a cat, it’s better when it’s on familiar territory.

Rules For a Longer Separation

You’ve already gone through the process of getting used your cat on a temporary separation, only for a few hours. What if you are going on holiday or a business trip? If you completely reject the idea of cat boarding, keep in mind that most of the previous rules can be applied in the case you have to leave your cat home alone for a couple of days.

The only difference is that your pet may need occasional supervision and it will probably notice that you are not at home after a while. Ask a cousin or a friend who loves your cat to visit it 2 or 3 times a day. Or hire cat sitters to do the same. Agree how many time they will visit your pet, and what they should do.

Cats easily create a routine, so try to stick of it, even when you are not there. So, they need to be fed at exactly the right time. It’s a way better solution than to leave food stocks all around the apartment. Your kit can easily overeat or make a mess, if it got stressed or depressed because of your leaving.

In a case when a cat feels neglected, there is a chance that it will suffer from anxiety. This is especially noticed in shelter cats that you adopt. (ihacvet.com) Their previous owner left them, so they have a fear that you’ll do the same. So help them feel welcome and safe in their new home.

It has been proven that cats can handle the loneliness way better than dogs. Maybe they won’t even notice your short absence. But be sure that you’re going to miss your furry buddy while you’re not around, but it will show that sometimes, in its own way.

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