Making Home a Dog-Friendly Zone

Pets are enhancing our life; our four-legged buddies are there to be with us, to cheer us up, and to make our lives happier. Especially dogs, which will show you what real unconditional love is. And they look at us in a similar way. We become, not just their owners, but their priority.

From the very beginning, our home becomes theirs, and we must make it comfortable for their stay.

Not everyone can afford to change the place of residence or completely renovate just because we have finally got a dog, but there are some things we can do to make our four-legged friend feel cozy and relaxed in their new home. Although dogs do not care about material things, small home adaptations are recommended.

Think of Removing Carpets

There are many reasons why carpets and curtains should be removed from the house, and especially if you have a dog. Because of the materials from which they are made, there is much dirt that can be stored in these elements. In addition, if they have some extras like fringes and bows, these can be attractive to your dog as a playfield or something to chew. It can easily happen that your pet will destroy them.

Also, on the fibers of these elements can retain the hair of our pets, which we can’t remove, not even with persistent brushing and vacuuming. On their hair, mites, particles of the body’s excretory, and dandruff can be found. All these particles are collecting on carpets and rugs and can be potential allergens, so this is another good reason to remove them from the rooms where you spend the most time.

Remove the carpets and curtains only from those rooms where the dog resides; first and foremost, we think of the living room. Tiles and parquet are the easiest to maintain if you have a dog because you can wipe, vacuum and dry it very quickly. Just imagine that the dog to walk over your expensive rug with its muddy paws or to scratch the wooden floor. You really don’t need that.

If You Still Want to Keep the Carpet

If you just can’t give up the carpet (we have to admit that they give an extra dose of warmness to every home), you can invest in those made from anti-allergic, stain-resistant materials. Nylon, plastic and synthetic is something that professionals recommend.

Rugs in a single color are not the best choice if you share your home with a dog. Better advice is to opt for a colorful carpet, where the stains will be less visible than on monochrome one. Also, think of the color of your pet’s fur. Darker shades can be an excellent choice for your home, but in case your pet has light-colored hair, it will surely be visible on the floor.

Protect Fragile Things

The best way to learn your dog to act well is to train it from the very beginning. If you teach your pup how to behave at home, you really won’t have problems when it grows up. However, although your pet may not crush and destroy things on purpose, they may accidentally knock down the lamp or vase while passing by, or stumble on the cable.

Dogs do not know what all our devices and gadgets mean; for them, all these are potential toys. You may find your pup chewing a cable or a floor mat. Or wrapped it up in a toilet paper or your sheets, just because it was bored.

It’s best to get all the fragile and expensive pieces to the safe places. Vases and decorative details can be placed on wall shelves, floor lamps put in corners, and the cables fixed to the floor battens, or hidden underneath them. In craft shops, you can find suitable protection for cables, if you don’t want to bother with stretching them all around the flat.

Do not cover or wrap up the furniture and other things that you want to protect from your pet. Your dog will consider this a challenge, especially if you use rustle materials like nylon that will encourage its curiosity.

Protect Your Furniture and Assets

Not everyone is thrilled with the idea of the dog lying on silk sheets or leather sofa. Let’s be honest; molting and leaving muddy trails is not something you’d like to see on your furniture. Covers specifically designed for dogs often look ugly, but they are pretty helpful if you haven’t learned your pup not to jump and run around. (Alprazolam)

Invest in materials which are easy to maintain, like a light synthetic blanket or a cotton cover that will match with the interior of your room. This way, you will protect the furniture from damaging, and at the same time, the dog will be able to enjoy with you.

Remove all home chemicals, cleaning agents and hygiene products from the dog’s sight. It is best that the shelves in the bathroom are closed, or locked, as well as the lower sections of the kitchen. This way you will prevent your curious pet from sniffing around and encountering something that could harm it.

Don’t Let Your Pup Chew Furniture

When dogs grow their teeth, a potential target for chewing can be the door, door frame or wooden furniture. Dogs have to practice their bite, but not like this. Punishment doesn’t help, but your pup needs to learn which behavior is acceptable, and which is not.

As a first-aid, you can use tape, as well as special sprays for the protection of wood, whose smell will “distract” your pup from biting furniture. In this period, it is essential to give your dog plenty of indestructible chew toys to keep it entertained while its jaw develops.

Make a Pet Station

However, if your dog is still a puppy, find a place just for it in your home. It can be a hallway or some illuminated corner where you can place a mattress or dog bed. This place should be easily accessible, but also not to prevent you from doing housework. On the nearest outside door, you can put a doggie door, to give your pet a complete freedom of going to yard.

You can create a pet station, where you’ll put all the things you bought for your four-legged friend. Let it be a shelter and place where your pup will be able to nap and rest whenever it wants. And you must leave there something on your own, to remind your pet of you. Some old sweater or t-shirt will serve. The scent you left on that clothes will work soothing to the dog.

Buy Quality Toys for Your Furry Buddy

Apart from furniture, your dog must have its “property” in a new home. Go to pet-store and buy a few different toys for your pup, but let them be made of high-quality materials, like rubbery. That’s not wasting money; consider it as an investment to your pet’s comfort.

None of the cheap and low-quality materials is good, because the dog will destroy them quickly. Its teeth are sharp, and the bite is getting stronger every day. When the plastic toy begins to fall apart, you should throw them away immediately, because small pieces can be dangerous to the health of the dog. One more advantage of rubber toys is that these are easy to maintain.

House Plants Can Be Dangerous

People know that some houseplants can harm their health, although they are very decorative and smell nice. As a conscious creature, no one will ever eat a leaf or chew a plant stalk; we will just admire their beauty. This is not the case with dogs, which curiosity and desire to bite everything can get them in troubles.

Except that they can break the plant, spill the earth out of the pot or make a complete mess all around, dogs can be poisoned. To prevent your loving pet from poisoning, do not place freshly picked flowers or houseplants in available places. Or even better, don’t buy plants if you’re not sure whether it is toxic for your pet or not.

If you equally like plants and animals, their “being together” is only possible if you move pots to a safe place, somewhere on altitude or on the terrace. Before purchasing plants, get information about their toxicity. When they have nothing to chew, dogs can easily opt for leave, from pure curiosity or to “harm” you for leaving them alone for too long. (Zolpidem)

The highest number of accidental pet poisoning occurs in the period when they are alone at home. Depending on the amount of toxin in the plant, the outcome can sometimes be fatal if the owner doesn’t react in time.

With enough love and attention, your four-legged friends will surely make you happy and fulfilled. Your pup won’t matter its life conditions, as long as it has you. Dogs just want to be by their owners, even if they don’t meet most of the tips from this article. With your behavior, make your dog feel part of the family, even if it doesn’t sleep on a couch in the living room.

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