Obesity in Dogs The Dangers of Having an Overweight Dog

Most of the owners put the accent on happiness rather than on health, which is why feeding a family dog with literally anything on the way is something that gets them in trouble later. Having a chubby pet may be cute, but brings more than a few issues to the table, and for some, it definitely changes the game, and not for the better.

So, we decided to find out all one can find out about obesity and how it affects them, and we were surprised to realize the obesity is much more complicated than we initially thought. List of the problems related to overweight dogs grows each day, and not many try to do something about it. Whether it’s out of ignorance or not, it’s not a reason enough.

They do need our help, and feeding them constantly only brings problems to the table. Balancing the diet can save a day, but don’t let it get out of control before you decide to do something about it. Your dog deserves all the attention you can give them, and taking care after them is the at least you can do all things considered.

Do You Have an Overweight Dog?

After reading the intro, we wonder, did you relate, and how? Are you sharing too much when it comes to your dog, or are you simply ignoring their health in the belief they can handle it themselves? Are they really that much at risk or they just need small adjustments?

Is it possible you’ve been neglecting your pet without even knowing it? Are you ready to share some of the thongs with the world? Or, are you ready to explain your theory to the rest of us, as sometimes taking a different perspective keeps you updated?

How to Tell if Your Dog is Overweight

Recognizing the signs is an easy one, given that constipation combined with trouble breathing almost certainly mean your dog is overweight. Yet, make sure to take into account breed and physical traits as you may be fooled. (Xanax)

Since physical appearance is the key factor which helps you determine the state, checking for the ribs is the obvious one. If your dog begins to lose a body shape and is more round than ever, you may have a problem.

This problem is usually followed by their inactivity, or inabilities such as not being able to groom themselves. What’s important is that you recognize there is a problem before your dog ends up sick. As they say, prevention saves lives, and education keeps you alive. Read and research to make sure you know what you’re dealing with.

Risks of Obesity: Is it Time to Consider Dog Weight Loss

There are more than a few risks when it comes to obesity. Yet some trigger us more than others. If you’re still contemplating whether you should keep on getting unhealthy dog treats or switching the diet, here are few issues we guarantee will change your mind. https://www.oldhouseonline.com


Sugar diabetes is definitely something that comes along with obesity, and for a reason. When it comes to Insulin, it all comes to a demand. Overweight dogs risk diabetes once their organism no longer produces enough, which means there is a certain weight that represents the line in between.

Once the disease takes over, there isn’t much you can do about it, which is why maintaining a diet is so essential, as it regulates the amount of insulin needed through balancing the supplements correctly throughout the body.

Heart disease

While heart disease in humans comes with age due to years of unhealthy diet, dogs have the same issue, but it comes quicker. As increased blood pressure comes to play, the heart works double shift which takes it to a different place.

With this amount of work invested to keep all of the tissue supplied, heart failure is the almost certain result, which is why dieting since an early age is crucial for dogs. However, regular checkups are also required to keep yourself updated a prepared to the worst. After all, preventing the disease is a far better solution than dealing with it once it takes over your dog.

Bad digestion

The worst thing that can happen to you as an owner and your overweight dog as a pet is constipation, which also comes as a result of a certain diet, and for a reason. Intestinal gas as a factor plays a role in keeping things the way they’re supposed to be, and the unpleasant moments come once everything is out of order.

Balanced diet solves the issue easily, as dog’s organism adapts to it, the problems stop within the short amount of time, leaving both you and your dog pleased with the results.

Liver disease

Another problem that is solemnly due to the size of the dog, as the liver is an organ that has a function, but is not flexible. The synthesis of fat has its limits, and once they’re exceeded, the liver becomes a storage place rather than a vital organ. The expansion slows down the activity of the liver and ultimately results in malfunction. Proper diet organization saves you the trouble later and helps with keeping the storage the way it is supposed to be.

Breathing issues

Dog’s lungs have a certain limit and for a reason. The expansion is not planned and therefore is not to be tolerated. Once the fat reaches the lungs and induces the expansion, it gets crowdy in there, and inspiration becomes a living nightmare.

Apart from that, the fact that tissue asks for oxygen and lungs cannot supply, the problem arises within each atom inside the body. The risk of death here is not something to play with, given that if your dog has the predisposition such as genetic respiratory disease, you’re risking more than you think.

Coat issues and heat intolerance

When it comes to skin and hair coat, there isn’t much you can do about it if your dog is already an overweight. The fact that it affects both the mental and physical state of your dog, this calls for immediate action. Infections which come with skin folds and layers are not to be overlooked but rather treated carefully.

Being an overweight dog, your pet no longer enjoys the warmth of the Sun and the summer, given that accumulated fat in their body doesn’t allow for much to go through, yet at the same time, they are required to act normal.

Causes of Obesity: Factors to Consider In Addition to Your Dog’s Diet

When it comes to the cause of the problem, the breed is certainly a dominant one. The breed dictates the risks, but the lifestyle serves to speed it up. Whether you like it or not, even your behavior affects whether it will happen or not. The last factor is activity, and this is the one that is a game changer given it’s the one you can directly influence.

Breeds Prone to Obesity


The breed that is never considered overweight, but is generally overweight and chills out. Bulldogs can be forgiven for the food they eat given they don’t have a single predisposition that puts a red flag on them. They may have a few extra pounds, but they still are as healthy as they were before.

Golden Retrievers

The fact they can handle being overweight comes from a fact they’re the family dog, and their activities are often limited to a confined space. Being a family dog, they get all the treats they need, but it affects them as much as it would the others, which is why they proudly deserve the first place on the list.


When it comes to weight gain, pugs can handle it, and for a reason. The heat intolerance may be the obstacle for them to survive on the outside, but inside the house, they keep up with you and do what they were meant to do, and that being a lapdog.


They may be active, unlike others on this list, but they certainly weren’t meant to have the problem with it. Yet, the fact their metabolism experiences genetic disorder, it gets slower and slower. This means they need activity as much as they need food if you’re looking to avoid issues.

Basset hounds

Given they’re not as active due to the genetic traits such as short legs, Basset hounds close the list of breeds prone to obesity. They are lucky they have quite a metabolism, as them eating as much as they eat it would not be as neglectable.

Treatment: How to Help My Dog Lose Weight

The first thing you need to do is consult the vet if you are looking for a solid advice. After all, your dog may already have one of the diseases mentioned, and that requires a diet plan crafted by professionals.

Treatment also asks for activity training, and that takes time, so if you cannot give iotas much time, consider signing them up for a program, to ensure this step is correctly done.

In the end, consultation with several professionals is what you should have in mind when you decide on solving the existing issues or introducing your dog to their new diet. Each phase requires adaptation, but what you need to realize is that dogs can adapt to pretty much everything, so this shouldn’t be the problem.

Dog Diets: How to Choose the Best Dog Diet Food

Choosing a diet is probably the step many make mistakes with, and this comes from the fact they often disregard the opinion of the vet and decide to focus on professionals from other areas. Keep in touch with your local vet, as he’s the only one who can clarify how factors such as age, breed and activity level affect the improved plan. Changing it up on your own can cause more trouble later on.

PEBBY: An Innovative Way to Help with Weight Loss for Dogs

Introducing smart technology to their lives will most certainly help you out, especially if you don’t have as much time to share as you would like to. Products like Pebby help you solve the issue without actually being present 24/7. The creative and innovative solution for inactive dogs, which is guaranteed to save you trouble.

The idea behind it is entertainment that serves to health and maintains the order by ensuring it’s implemented in your dog’s day. It will save you time, and help you track progress as Pebby products are designed to be one step ahead at all times.


While it does look like it’s not going to go away just now, once you’ve realized how dangerous it is, the fact it can be fixed is the one you should focus on. Dogs can be trained, diet can be changed, but most importantly, never lose hope, as that what solving a problem is all about. Make sure to keep on reading, trying out new ways, as that gives you an insight into what can be done.

While it is recommended that diet begins along with the training, at least with certain breeds, the amount of time to be invested in it is not nearly as much as you think. Diet plan is all about having the idea about what is good for a certain age or the certain breed. Once you have all the factors in mind, it’s easy to stick to the meal plan without risking everything else.

They may need some time to adjust to the change, but they will be thankful once they acknowledge the relief which comes with it. So, don’t be afraid to push them into it as long as you keep an eye out for the results. Some need more time, and some accept it immediately.

It’s important you don’t switch from one solution to the other, as that complicates the process, and cuts the results, creating the result which you may not see immediately, but the result which catches up on you in a year or two.


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