Signs Your Pet Dog or Cat Has Allergies

pets with allgeies

Seasonal allergies are a completely normal thing, and as long as they’re treated, there’s no need to worry. However, reacting on time is essential, especially if you’re looking to prevent more serious issues which come after. Recognizing the symptoms can be a tricky one whether you have a dog or a cat, but it’s not impossible. Some patterns never change, and some are literally a book examples. They come unexpected, and they can be easily recognized if you spend even the small amount of time with your dog. Observing their behavior is the key, so make sure to know what you’re dealing with on time.

There are more than a few signs pointing to allergies, but the most common ones are the most important ones. This is why we decided to help you out. Here, you’ll find all the signs you need to tell if your dog has an allergy or not. If there is one of the signs present, get your pet over to a local vet for a prescription. It’s better to treat on time than to deal with it later.

1.    Itchiness

When it comes to itchiness, it’s easy to recognize, as pets bite and scratch, regardless of time and space they’re in. However, the worse the allergy, the harder it is to relieve scratching. Spring is the perfect season for energy, and while trees and flowers trigger us as well, let’s take it on differently. They’re trying to deal with it on their own, but this only causes more issues.

Once you see they’re scratching more than usual, it’s time you take them to a local vet. A thorough checkup is always a welcome one, no matter the occasion. If nothing, you’ll get the idea of what it might be, which means you can implement alternative medicine later at home, so you can have pet allergies treatment.

2.    Ear Infection

Ear infections are painful, no matter the species. Yet, dogs tend to have this issue more often, which is why it’s also enlisted as one of the alarming signs pointing out to allergy. Most of the vets will tell you to look out for head shaking, or simply to inspect ears every day. Red or waxy ears are a sign your dog needs help. However, this isn’t something which goes away within a few days. Ear infections can last up to 12 weeks which is why they are to be carefully treated,

3.    Skin Infection

Probably the red flag when it comes to allergies, skin inflammation is present with dogs and cats alike. There’s no way of telling whether it’ll pass on their own or not. Most of the owners opt for alternative medicine such as witch hazel, but this should only be considered a temporary solution. Dogs are different, and they might even handle it well. Cats, on the other hand, are way more intense, and way worse when it comes to skin infection. They literally scratch the skin off to relieve the pain. (simonsezit)

Using the oils and moisturizers may help, but a trip to a vet is highly recommended. There are signs such as bad odor which is alarming, but most of these are something we can handle with the help of alternative medicine. Still, make sure to consult with the vet, even if it’s just over the phone, as knowing what’s the problem makes it a whole lot easier to deal with it afterward.

4.    Scooting the Anal Region

One of the signs which is directly related to the release of histamines. You should see it like sneezing in humans, just in this case your dog is licking the anal region. ( Yes, this can also be the sign of a much larger issue, but generally, it is a sign or allergy. Still, a quick drive to the vet station is recommended, just to make sure all is good with the anal gland.

Scooting the anal region usually comes as the reaction to itchiness, and it’s followed by a whole list of accompanying symptoms pointing out the obvious. Your dog has a seasonal allergy. Good news is that it’s easily treated and that there is nothing to worry about.

5.    Hair Loss

This one may be harder to recognize, but it usually comes hand in hand with a skin infection. Excessive shedding may not be the direct and the certain sign your dog has allergies, but it certainly is a sign you need to pay attention to other things, such as dandruff. Excessive shedding may also point out the dry skin condition, which is why you shouldn’t just jump to conclusions. (tramadol)

While it’s still god to get them checked at the local vet station, you can also try out alternative medicine, or online consulting as this one is not as alarming, and it usually is accompanied with other signs when it comes to allergies, which makes things a lot easier.

6.    Paw Licking

Paw licking is a regular part of their lives, but when it comes to recognizing the allergies, this behavior is also to be looking out for. Excessive paw licking is something which points out that dog or a cat are trying to get rid of the histamines, and they often go for paws.

Some consider this alarming only if there is a compulsive behavior present. On the other hand, there is also a “facial rubbing” which should follow the paw licking as the sign of an allergy. In any case, it does show there is something wrong. It doesn’t necessarily ask for a vet consultation, but it does help you realize there is something going on.

7.    Pets & Dogs having trouble breathing

Mostly seen in cats, respiratory issues are definitely about allergies. Coughing is not something you should disregard, as, unlike the other symptoms on the list, this one asks for immediate reaction. Feline asthma is not something to treat with the help of an alternative medicine, but something which requires a vet as soon as possible. Respiratory issues can quickly turn into something worse, and having your cat checked is a must, not a recommendation.

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