The 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

A dog has been human’s best friend since forever, and having one in your life is more than a blessing, it’s a fulfillment. They are caring and protective pets and unlike cats are rarely selfish. (wccannabis) All they require is loyalty and love in return, and they’ll give you as much as they possibly can. Intelligent, and playful, dogs really top the charts when it comes to pets. They adapt to anything and rarely show when they’re hurt. They come back over and over again, in search of your affection, and unlike cats, they have the sense for your feelings as well. Let’s not forget they love to cuddle and are much easier to train and introduce to the environment. This is why getting one yourself is highly recommended.

Still, the selection can sometimes be exhausting. With all the different breeds, you can be overwhelmed with the choices. Opting for a single breed is especially hard if you’re looking for a dog that will be your lifelong friend. This is why we decide to bring you the top 10 most popular dog breeds from all around the world. They all are different in their own way, but they all will be your most loyal companion. Enjoy our selection, and let us know if there’s a breed you prefer over these 10 in the comment section below.

1.    Labrador Retriever

Probably the best when it comes to guarding the home, Labrador retriever deserved the place on the top of the list. Branded as family dogs, they are sweet and hard-working dogs making them loyal companions for life. What we love about them is their ability to win over all family members, and to become an irreplaceable part of our daily lives. They may be more of a service animal than a home friend, but they still are ready to share love wherever they are.

2.    Bulldog

Known for their strong appearance, Bulldogs were not popular, but over the years, everyone learned they are more than loyal companions. With the gentle side hidden for the special occasions, they can be really affectionate. This is why they gained on popularity. Even though their physical build may not be as appealing they are really good when it comes to cuddling which means you should definitely consider getting one in the years to come.

3.    Boxer

Boxer breed became popular over the years even though it’s followed by the reputation of a fighting dog. They are affectionate, with a strong sense of protection, and most importantly, they are ideal for families with kids. However, they are not as aware of their size as we would love them to be, which means including them in the training process is a must. One thing is for sure, they will be the joyful side of the family drama as the years go by.

4.    Rottweiler

Even though this breed is known for their aggressive reputation, the misconception is usually due to the size. These dogs are more than social when trained properly. However, most of the owners skip this step considering it isn’t as important. Rottweiler is a loyal companion that you can trust with your life, but they can also be quite gentle when it comes to their owners and the people they are used to.


5.    French Bulldog

They’ve gained on popularity in the last decade, and mostly for the playful nature, but French Bulldogs are much more than dogs who look like puppies their entire life. They may be small, but they have the best personality, and they’re willing to give affection even when it’s not returned to them. They are sweet enough for us to put them on this list which means they definitely should be your option as well.

6.    Golden Retriever

Probably the prettiest on the list, Golden Retriever is known to be a gentle companion and not just that. They are quite protective yet fond of cuddling which makes them ideal for families. What we love about them is that they sense our sadness and are always there to act as our own personal therapist. They make quite a friend to small children, and re generally sweet with no aggression present. With their behavior, they can fit everywhere, making them one of the most adaptable breeds in the world.

7.    Yorkshire Terrier

Even though Yorkshire terrier is relatively small to be a protective companion, you’ll be surprised to learn he is quite protective of his owners. With the reputation of the lady companion, he is not considered equal to a watchdog, but his personality will certainly surprise you. With a longer hair than dogs usually have, he receives quite a treatment from his owners, but let’s just say, Yorkshire terrier deserves to be attended to properly, after all, he is the best when it comes to cuddling.

8.    Poodle

One of the famous historical figures, this breed earned its place among the aristocratic society members for a reason. They aren’t just pretty looking dogs with haircuts, but also performing dogs with an impressive level of intelligence. One of the best things about them is how long they live, but what they’re praised for is the fact they come in a variety of sizes. They do require some extra attention, but they can be just as giving, especially when it comes to cheering you up.

9.    German Shepherd Dog

Known as police dogs, this breed has another side to their personality. Yes, they are quite protective, but when it comes to being gentle and goofy, they can do that as well. They do, however, need to get to know you first, and then they unleash their inner hidden feature, affection.

10.    Beagle

They may be not as large, but they still are the favorite breed for families with kids. They are not just loyal and protective companions, but also quite listeners. Even though they are known for causing small trouble every now and then, they still remain one of our favorites due to their signature conversational traits and the fact they are quite intelligent when it comes to sensing the trouble in the road.

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