Top 10 Popular Cat YouTube Channels

Cats make our life better, but sometimes we need an inspiration on how to deal with our furry friends. This is why you’ll find there are numerous YouTube channels dedicated to cats and cats only. (grossmancapraroplasticsurgery) Featuring the variety of different contents, from actual advice to cute snaps of cats across the world, YouTube cat channels are true bliss.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about your cat, or simply enjoy watching videos of cats, it doesn’t matter. YouTube got you covered. Still, if you’re looking to find the best among the best, here are our picks for the top 10 popular Cat YouTube Channels.

We covered Cat Vlog Channels, as well as Channel, focused on practical advice to make sure there is something for everyone. Enjoy our selection of Cat YouTube Channels and let us know if you found something better-concerning cats in the comment section below.

1. Ginger Kitties Four

If you’re a fan of ginger cats and Greek names, this is definitely the channel you ought to check out. Funny clips of Zeus and Phoebe will make your day, and definitely show you what it’s like to put up with a whole bunch of Garfield-like cats in the house but the owner keeps things fresh by uploading review videos as well. The channel is a winner for those who have more than four cats as it really lets you get an insight into the art of multitasking. (Messinascatering)

2. Simon’s Cat

Something different, yet a Channel that captivated the hearts of cat owners and lovers alike, Simon’s cat is actually an animated series that will give you feel you’re stuck in the first concept pages of a talented artist. However, the content of each episode is something relatable to adults and children alike. IF you’re looking to see what it’s like to live inside a sketchy world, make sure to check this one out as you’ll hardly find something as unique in this sphere.

3. Cream Heroes

What it’s like to live with 7 kitties in Korea is all this Channel is about. Yet, with the almost two million fans across the globe, Cream Heroes are something special. Videos and content may be in Korean, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking it out. If nothing then for the most adorable kitties that speak the universal language of love we all can not only understand but relate to.

4. Kitten Academy

If you’re looking for a channel which combines education and fun in the cat’s world, Kitten Academy is the one. They often live stream instead of publishing the content, but they leave it up for a day or two to allow all the followers to catch up with something they might have missed in the previous stream. All things considered, they do offer some quality advice concerning training as well as the collection of videos featuring kittens, which is all we can ask for.

5. Cole and Marmalade

Definitely, one of the best Cat Channels in the world, Cole, and Marmalade really take things to a whole new level, from DIY projects to the training videos, the channel is basically a collection of educational fun videos all owners should watch. Not only that you get to enjoy the humor that comes with having a cat in your life, but also get to see the creativity at its highest. It definitely is a channel you should subscribe to if you haven’t already as it is just as fun as it is useful. (Xanax)

6. CatPusic

While it may not be as educational as it is funny, this is also one of the popular channels featuring a cat. Even though the channel focuses on the life of a cat and her interactions with the environment, you still enjoy every second of it. The fact that they show how cats react to children, birds and even food is what we need to see up-close. Don’t miss out on the new video, as when it comes to this channel, the entertainment is a never-ending circle of events.


When it comes to an actual Channel focusing on how intelligent our furry friends can be, CATMANTOO is the winner. The variety of content published on the channel allow for diversity, but given they’re all infused with humor, you’ll enjoy each one in a different way. Training videos, interaction videos, and fun that comes with it, well, it’s not something we will be missing on in the future.

8. SuriNoel

Another Korean Channel focused on cats, SuriNoel is a compilation of videos that will really melt your heart once you get into it. Not only that it shows the sweetest of the sweetest among SuriNoel cats but also shares the moments that we miss out on in our daily lives given we cannot dedicate as much time to our cat as we would want to. The channel is lighthearted when it comes to content but is creative enough to deserve a spot on our list. (modafinil india pharmacy)

9. Relax My Cat – Relaxing Music for Cats

The idea behind this music channel is not only focused on entertainment, but also on treating problems such as cat anxiety and depression. Relax My Cat is the best in this field due to the fact they post more often than other channels, and more importantly, they put the accent on the issues owners might be experiencing with their cats. You’ll be surprised how powerful a music video can be when it comes to cats, and how important it is to have this in your life as well.

10. Pastel Cat Diary

Definitely, the Channel that will charm you with the overall colors even though the content itself isn’t as great. This is a Channel for cat lovers who prefer aesthetic and are looking for inspiration when decorating the house to be in compliance with their cat. If nothing, it’s aesthetically pleasing channel, which might be the reason why is it as popular as it is.

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