Top 15 tracking devices for dogs

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Tracking devices for dogs

Not all dogs are as obedient, and sometimes our playful companions require extra safety measures. The modern era of gadgets made sure to provide us with more than enough solutions to the problem. Some of them are not based on the smartphones but rather take on the old tracker designs utilizing radio frequency. With the selection being offered online, owners may find themselves wondering is it possible to know which one is the best. Well, the truth is that it all depends on the individual needs and a dog breed. In any case, finding the one that suits you may be as hard as finding the perfect dog for your household. So, we decided to go through the options and find something for everyone. Here is the updated list of top 15 tracking devices for dogs.

Health-oriented trackers

If you’re looking to keep your dog’s health or track the progress of the treatment, health orientated trackers are the ones you should focus on. Some to include GPS locating feature as a bonus, but they’re more focused on the activity tracking. In any case, it’s definitely a good idea to have one of them in your collection. Check out the list below for some of the best offers for health orientated trackers online.

1.    FitBark

Combination of the mobile app and highly precise bone-shaped monitor are combined to present you with FitBark, a product which resembles popular Fitbit tracker. So, what does it do? Well, in fact, it’s just like Fitbit, except it is for dogs. It’s basically monitoring the activity of your dog including sleep patterns to provide you with the info that will help you check up its health. (Thedentalspa) Most of the owners found it useful for the fact that it helps them understand what sets their dog off, especially in the early stages of training. What we love about it is that it collect data on the international scale, allowing us insight in patterns of certain breeds.

2.  Voyce

One of the great health dog trackers is certainly Voyce, which features a collar paired up with an app, allowing you to follow up on your dog’s activity, and more. It is one of the pricier options, but it’s worth the price, considering you’re getting a full package which allows you to not only track the behavior patterns but also details such as heart rate or calories burned. The option is certainly a winner among the owners who wish to know every single detail in order to take care of their dog’s well-being.

3. Link Akc Collar

Probably the best option out there if you’re looking for an all-in-one package as this Link Akc Collar really does deliver on the expectations. Allowing you to monitor a dog’s activity, this exquisite smart tracker is not only an aesthetically pleasing accessory but also a highly functional piece. It does come paired up with an app available in online stores, but more importantly, it also comes with USB port, which means you can use it as a power bank for your cell phone as well. Given its health-oriented, it allows you to log vet records as well as respond to temperature alerts, keeping your dog safe at all times.

4. Nuzzle Tracker

Another in the series of impressive health-oriented trackers, this smart collar is specific not only for the features, but also because you pay no subscription fees, and you can even monitor few dogs with their app. So, back on the good stuff, this collar is focused on the environmental factors just as much as it is focused on the response of your tog to those. Apart from it being incredibly accurate, you also have a feature which will limit your dog to a certain area, and you’ll get notified the minute your pet crosses a geophone set up by you. It’s surely something you’d like to have in your collection, especially if your dog isn’t as obedient and prefers to wander off even though its health condition forbids it.

5. PetPace

While some will avoid it for it’s not as good in locating your dog, PetPace still remains one of the great options for those who are looking to monitor their dog’s activity given that it comes with the variety of health-orientated features. Apart from it being suitable for following up with the progress in a certain treatment, PetPace is also a great choice if you’re looking to diagnose a disease. It surely offers a lot concerning the health of the dog and makes keeping up with the progress an easy task even for someone who is dealing with it for the first time.

GPS Pet Tracking Devices

Definitely, a good way to go if you’re opting for a device which is designed with location feature in mind since most of the GPS Tracking devices are focused on the accuracy. Some of them do include an activity tracker as a bonus but look out for those who are meant to do one job, since they’re more likely to be the most precise. Here are the best GPS dog trackers you’ll find online.

6. Gibi Pet Locator

A unique product considering it does not include an app at all, Gibi is a GPS device which will change your perspective on the simplicity. The design itself is sleek, featuring waterproof attachment, and the fact that you can easily locate your dog at all times using a google maps is more than enough for us to consider it. Easy to attach to any collar, this handy gadget is relatively cheap considering the technology it utilizes.

What we love about is that designers had everything in mind, and got the best out of the modern day technology while keeping things simple. So, what is the best thing about this product? Well, if you ask us, it surely is the fact that it notifies you via email if your dog is outside the created safe zone. The safe zone feature, on the other hand, allows you to set borders for your dog, which are then used by Gibi for real-time updates. Definitely, something you should check out if you’re looking for a solid GPs monitor, as Gibi is more than just great.

7. Squeaker Buddy

Probably the best you’ll get for the price if you’re looking for a GPS tracker with additional features. This amazing package features a collar, a leash, and an app. What differs it from the rest, apart from the tech features is that it includes a LED lightning in design, making the training process at night much easier, and definitely helping your dog accept the product itself. The collar itself is water resistant and it is easy to charge given it takes only one hour to do so. The quality of the design speaks for itself, given it features an insulated wiring loom, protecting your dog from a possible danger which comes along with tech gadgets. It’s definitely something you should consider checking out if nothing then for the cool features which will take your ownership to a whole new level.

8. Kippy Tracker

Another solid device if you’re looking to keep track of the location. What we love about it is the anti-shock feature and the fact that even though it isn’t as compact in design, it is protected from damage and easily attachable onto the harness. It has a battery that can last up to 7 days, but most importantly it sends out the notification every six seconds which is probably as good as it gets with these gadgets.

9.  Pebbel

Small in design, yet highly effective due to the multi-functional features and the fact you can send out SOS messages which inform 3 contacts of your choosing about the device itself. What we love about this GPS tracker is the alarm, which is sophisticated enough to catch attention. Pebbel is a great option for those who are looking to avoid the usage of mobile phones. It’s also good if you’re traveling with your dog, and need some extra safety measures. The device can be attached to almost any collar and harness and is highly resistant to the environmental changes.

10. Whistle

The Whistle is the product which combines exclusive design with affordable price, delivering on quite a lot for dog owners. Unlike most of the products we mentioned, this tech piece does not feature a collar, allowing you to attach the tracker onto the existing collar and avoid extra cost. The best thing about it is certainly the fact that it is easily managed as the features are focused on GPS tracking rather than on monitoring the activity, which is what most of the packages offer. It’s compact in size and designed having in mind that not all dogs are as obedient. Check it out and see if it’s the one that’ll cover your needs as each owner looks for something different.

11. Pod GPS Tracker

Another awesome product if you’re looking for compact design or simply the small piece that’ll do all the work. This Pod tracker is not just great because it can be attached to almost any collar, but also because it allows you to locate your dog easily. What we love about Pod is the fact that you can keep records of your dog whereabouts, which comes in handy if you’re looking to track their activity pattern, or simply if you’re not as trusting with your new dog sitter. It definitely is one of a kind gadget which will help you keep your dog in check and enjoy, even though it does depend on 2G coverage.

12. Tractive

If you’re looking for a reliable dog tracker, Tractive is something you should definitely check out. Why? Well, if nothing then for a design and then for the fact that it provides you with simple service, allowing you to have access to the location at all times, literally allowing you to get the coordinates in case your dog wandered off. It’s also a great choice due to the fact that it is designed to be paired up with a tablet or smartphone.

Radio Trackers

Whilst radio trackers are considered more reliable due to the mechanism, some avoid it for the price or short range. Still, if you’re looking for a tracking device that will incorporate what you need, whether it is hunting with your dog or simply enjoying the afternoon in the yard, radio trackers are a good way to go. Here are some of the best dog trackers which utilize radio frequency.

13. Garmin Astro Dog Tracker

Given that most of the technology today focuses on the syncing up with owner’s phones, Garmin keeps it simple, allowing you to get an old-fashioned piece improved to match today’s technology. Even though this tracking device is not something you’ll opt for unless you have a hunting dog, it still is worthy of a consideration. It’s a highly professional device targeting bird hunting dogs having in mind all the aspect of hunting, looking to please both owners and their dogs, which is an admirable goal.

14. Marco Polo Locator

If you’re looking for a radio tracker which is compact in size and exceeds the expectations, Marco Polo is the device you need. One of the rare designs with urban dogs in mind, Marco Polo Tracker features a whole set of cool things, such as alarm and the fact you can track up to 3 dogs at once. We love it for it incorporates a modern design, yet sticks to the basics given it uses radio frequency, which means it’s way more efficient in locating your dog than other devices on this list considering radio frequency knows no barrier such as walls which is often a problem with other gadgets.

15. Loc8tor

Well, even though it is only suited for your yard due to the small range, this tracker is still a good way to go. It’s designed having in mind visually impaired people since it is to be used with audio cues. Considering it’s quite small for a radio tracker, it’s something you should have in mind, at least a gift for your elders. It’s relatively affordable given it is, after all, a modern take on radio locator.


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