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As cat owners, we also love to see what it’s like for others, and for that social media is more than a source. Instagram became a place where you can promote your furry friend, and even let them have their own fan base. The idea came to light as a result of people posting a lot of cat photos to their personal accounts. Nowadays, the situation is different. We have famous Instagram cats that are not only influential but also stars of their own show. Cat Instagram accounts are a real thing, people, and you should get on the ship before it sails. So, we decided to find the best among the best, accounts which might inspire you to start something of your own.

Some may be more aesthetic than others, but overall the theme is the same. Cats, cats, cats. That’s all you need to hear, and the rest you’re to see for yourself. Here is our list of top cat Instagram accounts to follow, featuring 11 accounts, more than enough, wouldn’t you agree?

1.    loki_the_sphynx


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A post shared by Loki the Sphynx (@loki_the_sphynx) on

Loki may not be the example of beauty, but people are just enchanted with his grumpy nature. He is just a photogenic feline with a great life, so you’ll be able to follow up on his favorite thing, cosplay. All the different costumes transform this cat to a whole new level every time his charming owner decides to help out. Sphynx cats do have their representative and Loki more than worthy of their admiration.

2.    Seniorscrappy


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A post shared by Scrappy🌈 (@seniorscrappy) on

Probably the most beautiful due to its unique features, Scrappy has quite a fan base, and for a reason. Since it had vertigo, Scrappy has a unique pattern which, let’s just say, goes with any background. It’s more than enough reason for you to follow it, even though it is a relatively bored cat that is both grumpy and curious, carrying with pride her flawed fur, knowing the personality is all that matters in the end.

3.    oscar_and_bob


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A post shared by Oscar & Bob (@oscar_and_bob) on

The duo that will make you consider paying for a Persian cat. Oscar may be the charming one, but Bob is not to be dismissed. If you’re looking to check into the world of these two, and the collection of the emotional expressions, this is the right spot. Also, the fact that the owner puts an accent on the background presenting Norway along the way is what makes this account unique.

4.    cobythecat


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A post shared by Coby The Cat (@cobythecat) on

Probably the winner of every beauty pageant, Coby is just loved for his attitude as well. There0s just something about the combination of white as snow fur and blue eyes that keep you coming back for more. Coby is also the cat that many would envy on the number of followers, but we must say Coby deserved it. Such a beauty is the kind of feline leader that even us would bow before.

5.    pumpkinthepurrmachine


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A post shared by P u m p k i n 🐾 (@pumpkinthepurrmachine) on

Pumpkin is also one of the Garfields of the world that luckily is more of a charming feline than a mischief. The fact Pumpkin can express a whole range of emotions and the green eyes are why the account is as popular. However, unlike other famous Instagram cats, Pumpkin is all about the pure love for cats avoiding the overall attention to detail. Let’s just say that the background doesn’t matter when you’re as special as Pumpkin which is why most of us follow the cat accounts for.

6.    hosico_cat


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A post shared by Hosico Cat (@hosico_cat) on

Also, the cat that took over Instagram with the physical appearance. Even though the account nowadays is more focused on earning money through product promotion, the photos of Hosico are still regularly uploaded, and with all the attention, we agree that this cat truly has what it takes to dominate, even though her talents are not as valued. Hosico is a different type of pretty, the type that makes us want to buy another cat, and in the end, all of that is more than enough for us to follow it as our newest feline inspiration.

7.    merlinragdoll



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A post shared by Merlin (@merlinragdoll) on

Grumpy fur ball called Merlin is yet another among the Cat Instagram accounts that really differs from the rest, and not just because it’s the grumpiest cat there is in this reality. Merlin’s physical appearance is nothing compared to the attitude and the fact you will simply wish for Merlin to be yours one day. The truth is that we all need to find the cat that is as grumpy as Merlin is and enjoy the fact felines are just born to be the rulers of the galaxy.

8.    smoothiethecat


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A post shared by Smoothie the Cat (@smoothiethecat) on

One of the cute kittens that we follow just because they’re charming, Smoothie has quite a fan base. This fuzzy ball of bliss is quite a star in the Cat Instagram World, and not only for its physical features but also for the fact that it’s photogenic. While owners did use the unexpected fame to their advantage, we cannot deny this cat earned her way to the top, as it’s just the right kind of sweet for us to choose to follow.

9.    sukiicat


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A post shared by Suki Cat (@sukiicat) on

Living the life even humans wish fore, Suki is a star with over a million followers on Instagram. More of a tiger than a kitten, this extraordinary cat is captured at just the right moment, in the right place for us to enjoy. Suki is fearless and ready for adventures, and that’s we needed to claim her the title of a Feline muse.

10.    Iamlilbub


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A post shared by Lil BUB (@iamlilbub) on

The cat that isn’t as nearly as pretty compared to other cats on the list, Lil Bub has all the charm. Distinctive for its appearance, and the tongue, Lil Bub is followed by almost 2 million people, which means that not everything is in the looks.

11.    salty_sea_cat


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A post shared by Salty_sea_cat 🐈 (@salty_sea_cat) on

Unusual cat with unique features with the growing Instagram account. What we really love about this on me is the fact that the owner goes to a whole new level when it comes to capturing details. Salty, on the other hand, is quite a charm, which adds to this account being on our list.

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