What does pet friendly hotel mean?

Did you ever wonder if there’s a parallel resort to place your pets at while on vacation? Or, did you wish they too received the special treatment you did at the hotel? We know we did, and for a while, we were frustrated with the fact our dog never seemed to enjoy the vacation or the place we stayed at. So we decided to see if we can find something our dog will enjoy as well.

This is how we found out about pet-friendly hotels, the magical places which take into account your pets need proper accommodation as well. The idea of the pet-friendly hotel is not new, yet many are not familiar with the concept of it, which is why we decided to shed some light on what a pet-friendly hotel really is, and is it as good as it sounds in the advertisements. Below you’ll find all you need to know about pet-friendly hotels.

So, what is a pet-friendly hotel?

Well, when it comes to the basic concept, pet-friendly hotels are places which try to make the stay as pleasant for your pet as possible. This means they include their own special pet offers, from entertainment to the food. Still, the quality of offer rarely depends on a price.


Well, in this case, the accent is on how much they invest in it, and that comes back on whether a hotel owner is a pet-friendly person or not. Some go out of their way to keep your dog interested, yet some satisfy with the basic package, simply to attract clients or to keep the title of a pet-friendly hotel.  Here are the packages you can find in the hotels today, and a brief overview of what they offer.

Basic package

The basic package is what you should expect if an owner simply wants the hotel to be branded as pet-friendly. This means you can bring your pet along with you, but at the same time you’ll probably need to bring their cushions along with them, given basic package doesn’t include a special corner for your dog. Here is what a basic package includes.


While you may be required to bring the cushion along, when it comes to food, you’re good to go. Basic package means you get a pot/ sand and treats so even though bringing your own food is not a problem, this package offers to save you some extra space in that bag.


All pets need toys, and yours is no exception. Basic package does include a set of toys to keep your pet entertained but you’re still limited with space. In any case, it saves you the trouble of losing their favorite toy whilst on the road.

Next-level package

Some owners understand the struggle and try to provide you with the additional services, even though some of these come at the price, they still are focused on your satisfaction. The establishments which go out of their way to provide you with these offers are often owned by people with pets, which means you do get the best out of it. Here are some things included in the next-level packages.

Here is an example of a proper pet-friendly hotel and the offer they include.

Pet Sitters

You do still need to pay some extra money to get this, but honestly, if you’re looking to see the town all by yourself and you want your dog to have fun as well, then using this feature for a day or two seems like a good idea. Pet-friendly hotels offer you to find qualified pet sitters, which will not only entertain your pet but also take care of them if needed.

Special accommodations

If you’re signing in for a top-notch offer, your pet will get all they need, from towels to blankets, and plus you won’t need to bother with the cushion, as this offer includes pet beds as well. Your pet can also get a gift basket when leaving the hotel if they behave well, but apart from that, food in these hotels are top notch, something you probably don’t buy as often due to the price. Your pet can get a special treat every once in a while, wouldn’t you agree? (Clubdeportestolima)

Play areas

Most of the pets prefer to have space for themselves if possible, which is why selected hotels provide you with leash-free play areas for your dog, and a room filled with balls of yarn and other toys alike for your cat. It definitely is not something you want to miss out when choosing a hotel.


We tried to find everything you can get out of a pet-friendly hotel, and while the basic package may suit to most of the owners due to the lower price, booking a special treat every once in a whole cannot hurt. Let us know if have any questions concerning pet-friendly hotels in the comment section below. Also, feel free to share your experience with pet-friendly hotels, and what you found to be the best offer out there.





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