What To Do With A Cat While On Vacation

What To Do With A Cat While On Vacation

Cats while on vacation give our life meaning, but sometimes we want to use vacation to travel as well. While dragging your cat along is also an option, it’s not one of the options you should consider, partly because it’s not part of their nature. However, when left alone cats often get lonely, and can even experience anxiety.

A sudden change of the environment can also be something that’ll affect your cat’s health. So, what can you do to make your cat just as comfortable as you are while you’re away? Well, there are several options, from sending it to a boarding facility to hiring a cat sitter.

In the end, it all depends on your cat and her ability to adjust to the change. You’re the one who should decide whether your cat can take it or not. If you’re looking to see a happy cat when you get back home, you should pan out her activities while you’re away.

Since most of the owners have no idea what to do with their cat and how to keep it happy when they’re away, we decided to research the most effective methods available. Here are some of the options we gathered along the way. Make sure to check them out, and who knows, there just might be a solution to your problem hidden within these lines.

Cat Sitting

The idea of the cat sitting is not the same as with dog sitting, given cats are more likely to reject a new human and even protest by avoiding food for days. Still, there are options which may help your cat feel better, and even feel like it’s their home. Or, it can literally be their home, which brings us to cat sitting. Hiring a cat sitter can be a tough choice, especially as you cannot just let anyone care about it, which is why there are only a few reputable web platforms which are to be trusted.

As for the others, they too have their perks, but when it comes to the best, only two passed our criteria. As we did our research, we found that only two of those deserve the title, so here is some basic info considering these platforms.


While Rover is mostly popular due the fact that it offers dog sitting, they also offer cat sitting, and if you haven’t heard of this platform, now you know. Rover is one of the most trusted apps among the pet owners given that potential sitters undergo strict criteria. There are several options you can choose from when it comes to Rover given that all cats have different preferences, and you’re the one who knows the best what suits your pet.

So, if you’re looking for someone who’ll keep an eye on your cat while you’re away, and you just cannot trust your cousin with it, then Rover is probably the best option, as it offers a wide selection of pet sitters and impressive communication features for you to keep in touch with the sitter. As they say, professionals are always worthy of the price they ask for.

House Sit Match

House Sit Match is another reputable platform offering pet sitting services. What we love about them is a level of professionalism and the fact they are probably the best option for those who aren’t sure what their cat needs. With the variety of programs and in-house sitting, they top the competition not only with the price but also with the quality of service, as they ensure your cat is not only entertained but also cared for in terms of health. It certainly is the best option for beginners and someone who is in a need of professional advice, given their deals ensure your cat will have the best of time while you’re away.

Cat boarding facilities

Well, while cat sitting is certainly the way to go if you’re looking for your cat to remain within the borders of your house, or if you’re afraid that shipping her off will trigger health issues, cat boarding facilities are somewhat for the cats who easily adapt to the environment if properly entertained. There is a whole bunch of cat boarding facilities across the country, providing your cat with a proper accommodation including toys and company to keep her from being depressed or developing anxiety. So, which are the best cat boarding facilities in the world? Well, we did our research and we found the ones that most of the owners approve, so here they are for you to check out.

P.E.T.S Boarding Kennel

One of the best you’ll find, this facility not only offers a comfy place for your cat to stay while you’re away but also is a training center, meaning you can sign up your cat for some extra activities while you’re away. What we love about this facility is the amount of attention they provide to cats, and we all know how much attention means to a cat. In any case, if you believe your cat can survive in a boarding facility without developing a separation anxiety, then you should definitely check this facility out, not only to book it, but to use it in a comparison with other boarding kennels available in your area as their facility is what an ideal cat facility should look like.

 Amherst Boarding Kennel

Another proper example of what a cat boarding facility should look like is certainly Amherst Boarding Kennel. With the variety of toys included in the condo, your cat also has more space to wander around, and by the time it’s done exploring, you’ll be back. Still, that’s not what’s impressive about this boarding kennel.

Amherst Boarding Kennel is a place where you cannot admit your cat without the vaccination certificates, which is probably the best criteria ever, ensuring yours and other’s cats don’t get sick. Since this rule is not seen in many cat boarding facilities, it should be your number one criteria when deciding where to leave your cat. Whether it’s this cat boarding facility or another, closer to your residential area, checking if they have similar criteria to this one is mandatory if you’re looking for the best option possible.

Cat sleepovers

Cat sitting, or leaving a cat in a boarding facility only works for some, and for a reason. Not all cats will listen to a cat sitter or enjoy the boarding facility. It depends from a cat to a cat. Sometimes, cats are spoiled to the extent they will protest by not eating when their owners are away.

It’s common they even refuse any kind of help, and starve themselves, or even run away. What to do when this happens? Well, there is an option of organizing cat sleepovers. How does that work? Well, you’ve probably met someone with a cat in your lifetime, or your friend owns a cat or your neighbor. Chances are that you already know the person you would choose for this job, so we’re going to explain it straightforwardly.

Even though it’s believed cats don’t get along as good as dogs do, that’s not true. The reason why cats are often hostile towards other cats is that they don’t get the chance to meet them. Leaving your cat with a friend who doesn’t own a cat doesn’t have to be an option if you already have someone who does have it. While the situation with a new cat in the household may be awkward in the beginning, at least your friend will know how to deal with one more cat, which is why it’s recommended.

On the other side, shipping your cat off to a house with several cats is definitely a better idea than leaving it to a stranger, no matter how professional that stranger might be.

Leaving your cat at home

While this should be the last option on your list, leaving your cat at home doesn’t have to be a nightmare, especially if you trust your cat. It can actually be a pleasant experience for both you and the cat, as sometimes cats need some space for themselves as well.

Still, if you decide on this move, there are few things which you should pay attention to, a certain set of safety measures to ensure your cat won’t end up messing with TV cords or knocking of lamps. Here are some safety measures you should follow if you’re leaving your cat home alone.

Safety measures

Even though most of the general tips are something you’re familiar with, it’s still a good idea to remind yourself of few. As they say, checking off the things from the list is much easier if you already have the list, to begin with. Apart from general tips, we’ve prepared certain monitoring options, something which will ensure your cat will be safe even though you’re not there to check up on it. (lowpricebud.co)

General tips

  • Don’t close all the doors in the house, your cat needs space to explore, and leaving her limited to one room can cause her to get lonely and aggressive
  • Make sure to hide food across the house, even the kind she doesn’t like, as she’ll enjoy finding food, and will know where to go when in a need of a snack
  • Always set up two water dispensers, as cats often tend to knock one out, in that case, a cat will have another to use when thirsty


When it comes to monitoring, things often get complicated unnecessarily. While you can ask a friend to come and check up on a cat every now and then, there is a better way for you to follow up on her activities. With the development of the modern technology, you get a chance to keep up with her activities through motion webcam. It surely is an option if you’re going away for a while. Here are the best monitoring options available on the market.


A good option if you’re looking for a monitoring system combined with feeding given it provides you with some additional features such as taking real-time photos of your cat, playing a game with her, and even playing with other cats hooked on board via the mobile app. Cat2See is a whole new experience, and while it is only one of the few available with such features, it is relatively cheap compared to the others.


While it is not strictly a cat-oriented product, Ugolog is a great choice for anyone looking to monitor the house along with the cat. It features motion detection cameras and even sends out notifications in case you need it. One of the things we liked about Ugolog is that it saves videos to their server, so you basically needn’t worry about having a computer since they’ve got it covered. It can also be used to monitor office and even as a baby monitor, which means that given it’s a universal product, it’s more developed than the ordinary cat monitoring systems. Even though it is costlier, it’s still a good way to go.


Well, pebby certainly beats the game when it comes to pet monitoring, as it comes with a whole set of features such as playing laser games with your cat. Still, the most impressive feature is the fact that you get to talk to your cat too, as it includes a microphone and a speaker. The camera is controlled through your phone, and as for additional features, you get to share your photos with a community of cat lovers using the product. It’s definitely worthy of checking out if you’re looking for extras.

The Logi Circle

This is probably the cutest, yet the smallest pet orientated tech in the world. However, it’s not just aesthetically pleasing, as it incorporates high tech features and even allows for night monitoring. It allows you to record videos and watch them later and even has a notification system which sends out messages when your cat is on the camera. You also get to talk to your cat through a communication system and even zoom in on their activities in the room. (alprazolam)

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