What you should consider when getting your dog a tracking collar

dog tracking collar

What to look for when choosing the right dog or puppy tracking collar

Science and technology are moving forward with unimaginable speed. Many gadgets, which were unavailable to us a few years ago, can now be found on the market at acceptable prices to an average customer. Numerous innovations bring new products that are here to make our lives easier. Sometimes we are not aware that this progress is taking place around us.

Technology also works for dog lovers. Dogs are lovely animals and very loyal pets. They’ll give you their unconditional love, but very often, can worry you too much. Pups are very curious and like to sniff around. Unfortunately, they often do not know the way back home, or just wander with other dogs. Someone can just take them. It can often be the case with dogs that you just bought or adopt.

Your house and backyard are something new for them, and they want to explore the new environment. (Messinascatering)

Over time, the dog becomes a member of the family. As much as they are clever and well-trained, they could either escape or wander off. To ensure the safety of your beloved pet, you can get a tracking collar, a device that sends information to your phone or computer about where your dog is at any moment.

There are a few things you need to pay attention before buying. Given the variety of products offered, everyone can find something on the market, depending on needs.

Look for all relevant information before purchase

There are poor copies and counterfeit products on the market that can endanger your pet. Before any purchase, especially if you are buying a tracking collar for the first time, be sure to find out all the relevant information about the product, its features, producer, etc. You can visit the local five shops and talk to sellers who will tell you everything you are interested in. (Ambien)

If you opt for online shopping, look for advice from someone who has experience with this product. On the manufacturer’s website, you can get all the required information, or you can contact customer service at any time. Define your needs and, based on this, determine how much your budget is for purchasing.

Don’t waste money on some features you won’t need

Don’t be fooled by the price. Sometimes the most expensive product does not mean the highest quality. Keep in mind that the primary function of the tracking collar is to ensure the safety of your dog. If that’s the most important thing, you do not need to buy the most expensive device. But producers are competing to improve their products with numerous features.

Modern tracking collars can provide you with information about the current outside temperature in your dog’s location. Some products have options to inform you whether your pup is running or walking slowly, and what distance he’s passing. Some owners consider these as important things, some don’t.

Keep in mind the attitude of your dog

Dogs often can be unpredictable. If you have just got a new furry friend, you don’t know how they will behave with the necklace. Some dogs just do not like wearing them.

It can easily happen that they break or completely ruin it. To avoid this happen to the tracking collar, which is not cheap at all, maybe it’s not a bad idea to get a regular necklace for your pet first. Let them wear it for a few days to get used to it. If their reaction is positive, put them a tracking collar.

This gadget is useful for dogs that have the habit to walk alone around the neighborhood. If your furry buddy doesn’t come home on time, with the GPS locator placed in the neckband, you will get accurate information about your pet’s location. Of course, if your dog doesn’t have the habit of leaving the apartment or court without you, it’s unnecessary to buy a tracking collar to track them in the backyard.

Choose the right collar size for your dog

To make your pup feel comfortable wearing a tracking collar, and not to lose it, it’s important to choose the right size. Pet necklaces made of leather or solid fabric can easily be adjusted to their neck. You could use so-called “two-finger rule.” It means that, after you fasten the collar, you can tuck two fingers under it. It is essential that the necklace is not too tight, so your dog can eat and breathe without difficulties.

Before purchasing, measure the size of your dog’s neck by using the measuring tape or the piece of rope. Keep in mind that dogs with lush fur do not require a too loose necklace. Tighten it freely under the hair, to the neck, using the above mentioned rule. Also, make sure to adjust the width of the tracking collar to the leash.

Find the app to connect with the tracking collar

We have already mentioned that each producer has his own tracking application, which connects to the device and allows you to monitor your pet’s moving 24/7. You can find these apps on iOS or Android stores. Depending on the manufacturer of tracking collar, some applications require a monthly subscription, while others are totally free. These apps are usually not demanding and very easy to handle.

Before you start using them, set all the required parameters, turn on the notifications you want to appear on the screen, and turn off the unnecessary ones. Just a few occupied megabytes or a couple of dollars per month are nothing compared to the safety of your beloved pet.

Pay attention on battery

The battery may be the only weak side of this product. In cheaper tracking collars, the rechargeable battery cannot last longer than 4, 5 days. With more expensive variants, there are products whose batteries are of high quality, and can take up to 3 months, but their price is high. These products are primarily intended for trained dogs, used for military purposes. For the ordinary pet owners, regular charging or switching changeable batteries is the only way to be sure of your dog’s movement. Charge them every night, or every two days, and make sure you always have one charged battery with you, just in case.

Pet trackers can be a good investment. Let’s face it, many of us would suffer a lot if their pet has lost or if they did not return home after a few days. Dogs like to explore and to hang around, but they can’t always recognize the danger or bad intention. With this product, your pet’s safety is assured, so as your peace.

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