Why do cats like playing with string?

Did you ever catch your cat wrapped up in a ball of yarn, amused by it as if it is the best toy in the world? We believe you did. Cats do have a special place in their heart reserved just for balls of yarn. They probably love it more than any other toy, but why? The mystery will not continue any longer, as we crack down the reasons why the string is so special to these delicate creatures. Let’s just say, they do have a complicated relationship with it, but it doesn’t mean you should supply your home with the infinite amount of string just to keep your cat amused.

Balls of yarn can also be quite dangerous, which means that you need to be careful when leaving your cat with it. Cats may be quite resourceful, but they can also strangle themselves in the attempt to make the world just the way they want it to be.

Hunters and their prey

We all know cats are not as innocent as they appear, and while they’re not tigers, they do have this thing for hunting, which is limited to the premises of where they thrive. There is some truth in the saying that cats consider themselves the smartest, and that the challenge pushes them to their limits. While dogs play with toys mostly to please their owner, cats play with it to show off, and that’s okay. Coming back to the balls of yarn you have in your house, cats see it as a potential challenge, which is why they’re so determined on playing with it.

Showing off their dominance over the object, they prove themselves to the owners with joy. Some even consider that this obsessiveness with balls of yarn comes from the wild cats’ natural habitat. When in a forest, cats’ rival was a snake, and look around, what does a ball of yarn reminds you of? Exactly, a snake, which makes this theory quite plausible. Here is a compilation of cats playing with yarn so you’d understand the idea behind their hunt.

Apart from it being a toy, a string is also a training object for cats, as they train themselves to be the hunters in their home, and a string is an ideal object, as it is not a living creature, making the process easier with the smaller cats. Even though the excessive amount of string is not what vets recommend you have in your home, one ball will not hurt your cat, especially if you supervise them playing with it.

Balls of yarn as mental stimulation

Cats can be much more sensitive when it comes to dealing with loneliness, and they often experience anxiety, which means that owners must come up with a way to keep their health at the optimal level. Stress and anxiety in cats is often a result of boredom, and while cats are also natural attention seekers, they can thrive on their own, with a proper simulation. (stairsupplies.com)

Balls of yarn had proven to be a good stimulant in dealing with anxiety in cats. The fact that it entertains them longer than any other toy does, with the right combination of natural remedies, a string is surely an effective method for all those looking to entertain their cat while at the same time putting an accent on their safety.

Since it is relatively safe to use when playing with your cat, a string can also be a training object. Cats do love a good game, and with the variety of unhealthy options such as laser pointers, balls of yarn are at least something the can touch in real life, and feel a real connection to. (Sildenafil)

String as a visual stimulant

We all know cats are more visual creatures due to their hunting background, which means that anything which excites their senses is good as long as they eventually can grasp it with their paws. They do have a natural sense for anything in motion, which is why entertaining your cat requires more than petting, it requires an actual investment of time and energy.

The string is a great example of the toys in motion which develop their physical skills. Your cat may naturally climb onto the cupboard, but training her to come off safely on their own is much harder. This is why toys in motion are used with kittens, to develop the skills they have in their genes, the ones that will keep them entertained while teaching them to stay safe.


Cats do love balls of yarn, but if you’re looking to keep them safe, then don’t leave around the excessive amount of it. In the end, they still are pets, and they need our care and attention. mommabe.com Let us know if we’ve missed something or if you have anything to add up to our explanation. Also, let us know if you have any questions concerning this in the comment section below.



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