Why do cats need a Cat GPS Tracker Chip in it’s collar?

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Why do cats need a GPS tracker?

So, for the third time today you have gone to the door to bring your cat inside for the night only to find the cat is not waiting at the front door. You call your cat she doesn’t appear, and you are already stressing and thinking the worst. Finally, your cat appears several hours later none the wiser about you being stressed and anxious over her.

Sometimes you are ready to head out for the night, but the cat is no where in sight. You call she doesn’t come and by the time you have gone searching for her you are already late for the night out not to mention dirty from looking under the car for her. Let the kitty finding troubles be over and let’s talk about why your cat needs a GPS tracker.

Cats love to get lost, they love to explore and chases little critters. Cats are known for roaming around everywhere and ending up miles away from home. Cats love to sleep in tight places and sometimes they get stuck and can’t get out. Sometimes shaking their food and get the kids out calling for the cat she will come running but if she is stuck she could be anywhere.

The new technology of a cat GPS means you can see where your cat likes to go during the day. If you need to find the cat in a hurry before you go out just load up the tracker software and it will tell you exactly where your cat is which will help to eliminate stress and worry.

What is a GPS and how it can helps?

A GPS is a global navigation satellite system that can provide a location and time details in any type of weather and anywhere around the world as long as there are unobstructed lines to four or more satellites. The GPS system is operated by the Government which works with internet and telephones connections. You can track something and then see results on your computer or smart phone.

Who needs a cat GPS?

Everyone who has a cat. These aren’t just for those cats that like to roam and get lost but even if you have an indoor car that accidentally gets let out you never know when things happen. Pets have been known to escape during storms or when something frightens them be prepared with the cat GPS.

If your fat cat needs some exercise you can get a GPS for your cat that can also monitor how active they are. This can be a good tool if you have been given an exercise plan but not too sure how active your cat has been. This can show you visual data that you can see using the software that goes with the GPS.

How do cat GPS devices work?

The GPS is designed to use both cell phone technology and satellites to access locations.

The device will contain a chip that is found within a casing that is attached to your pets’ collar. Each one will have a home base that it will dock to when you’re not needing to use it. This is also where it will recharge. Basically, when the device is on your pet it will check in often with the home base.

When your cat moves away from the dock it will start to track the location. The cell towers and satellites will come in and the signal will start to track the cat continuously.

Once the cat roams away you can rest easy that your device is tracing its movements and location which is being recorded and transmitted to the home base where it will automatically save. It may seem confusing, but the information will be formatted in an easy to understand way that you can access immediately on your tablet, smart phone or computer.

How good is the Battery Life?

GPS devices use triangulation from satellites around the earth. There is a 12,000-mile distance that the signal between the device and satellites must travel. The battery will have to work hard, and you will find it will consume a fair chunk of battery. A GPS charge will last between 2-6 days depending on the type of GPS used and how far your cat travels.

See where you cats goes!

Is a GPS tracker like a micro-chip?

No there is quite a big difference between the two. A microchip is best described as a name tag that is permanent it holds all your pet’s important information such as address and owners’ details.  The best thing about microchips is the chip cannot be removed or get damaged from water. (temismarketing)

If you lose your pet and it is found the vet can scan the chip and contact you. While the GPS tracker is not permanent and requires charging it works well at pinpointing the location of your cat. (stairsupplies.com) Both are recommended to keep your cat safe and offers an easy way to get them home again.

If you are one of those cat owners who says, “Oh I don’t need one of them GPS tracker as my cat sleeps on the bed all day and only goes into the backyard then back inside again” Then you have another thing coming. Pet owners who have tried the tracking system were surprised to see the results. (Stylerecap)

Some cats had traveled to the other side of town and back again then over to the other side of town and back again. Some cats had even traveled to a different suburb then explored for awhile then headed back home.

It can be fun to monitor your cat and see where they go and what they do. You can also monitor your cat to ensure they aren’t wandering into people’s backyard and causing havoc. This can lead to people setting traps to catch the cats if they are causing trouble in someone else’s backyard.

There is no doubt the cat GPS system is always a much-needed addition to your furry friends’ life to ensure their safety. aspireregenerativehealth.com

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