Why Do Cats Sit in Squares and Boxes?

A cat is definitely not a type of pet that you will learn to roll over or fetch. It is not an animal intended for such kind of entertainment. Your kitty will rather lie down and watch the birds for a whole day. But, unlike the widespread belief that cats are stubborn and ungrateful for dressage, this is not true.

Can You Even Train a Cat?

Cats are highly intelligent animals, more intelligent than dogs. Does that mean you can train them with ease? The answer can be both, yes and no. These furballs respond to praise and rewards; any kind of punishment will not bring a result, because the cat will find a way to “soften” you (cats can be very tricky, you know that?).

A positive stimulus in the form of gifts, after every fulfilled command, will make your kitty act nice. They’ll do anything for a treat. Have patience for a while. When training a cat, keep in mind that they are not humans. They do not understand our language, but they learn by routine and experience.

For example, feeding a cat after every single “meow” will teach her that means she’ll get food every time she sounds. In order to train your spoiled pet not to meow for every little thing, you need to show her that this act will not always bring a positive result.

Cats can learn some simple tricks and commands, but it will be enough to tame their unstable character. You just have to show them who the boss is, without neglecting them love and attention. (Tramadol) The key to good training is persistence; so, once you start doing something with your loving pet, do that every single time.

What’s the Point with the Sitting in Square Trick

Cats can be a little bit stubborn. Sometimes it can irritate you, but it can be fun once in a while. How many times did your beloved pet sit down on the keyboard while you are working or right on your face while watching TV? Have you ever tried to tell the cat to “sit?” You already know that it won’t work.

A few years ago, you probably noticed a video of cats sitting in squares made of the duct tape. What’s so interesting about the cats and squares? You assume that they do not know that it is a foursquare form. So there must be a specific reason why they are attracted to everything that looks like a rectangle.

The video went viral soon and became something like the Holy Grail for the owners of cats, who finally found a way to tame their pet. You are already thinking of forcing your stubborn pet to get into a square on the floor but your feline is doing on her own. This can happen, but you have nothing to lose if you try.

Why Do Cats Prefer Square Shapes?

As the owner of the cat, you may have noticed that your pet feels a special attraction to boxes, or to anything else in a square shape – sinks, plant pots, cases, etc. Some of them even like their transportation crate (which is a bit rarer case). The size and depth of the box do not play a significant role, because your kitty will find a way to go inside. Or, at least, to lie on it.

Believe it or not, there is an explanation for this behavior, which is even based on several scientific researches. For getting a final conclusion why the cats are “in love” with the square shape, the researchers had to investigate cats habits from their earliest age. And they get a very logical explanation – cats love boxes because they feel safe in them.

These fluffy animals have an inherited instinct to seek shelter. Whether they want to protect themselves, or it’s a way to lure their prey out of disguise, cats like to be safe and tucked in. Even better if no one sees them, but they have an open view on the area.

Cats, in a way, like privacy. A pregnant female cat will seek hidden, comfy places where she will give birth to her babies. Then, the kitties, which are still breastfeeding and dependent on their mom, are continually hiding under her or among their furry siblings. In this way, they maintain the body temperature, but also to protect each other.

Leaving a safe, cozy shelter is a natural process for cats when they grow up. So then, they have to find a replacement for a warm mother nest. And the cats get it – in the boxes. This will become their favorite place, and you can turn this habit into your favor.

What’s the Catch with the Duct Tape?

No one knows where the idea of using duct tape, for the purpose of taming cats, is coming from, but it works. You need an ordinary tape (even better if you have it in some bright color because the cats love these) and just as much of the artist’s talent to make a square on the floor. Now sit and wait.

If the cat is not present while you are making a square, call it and let it see this strange thing on the floor. https://www.printpeppermint.com/ If you watched some of the videos, you could have noticed those strange and stunned cats’ faces when they saw the square.

Don’t think cats will jump right into it. They will approach the square cautiously, as well as to everything that is new and unknown. (Theclickreader) And as soon as cats feel that there is no danger, after long staring and examination, they will settle in.

The “If I fit, I sit” philosophy of the cat doesn’t count in this case, if we look objectively in this situation. Of course it can fit, there are no walls! Don’t think of how you fooled your pet. You just provoke her imagination.

This intelligent animal has the ability to create a vision of a box and a fenced space in which it feels safe and secure. Unless it notices something better, the “invisible box” can be helpful too. So, if you want to try this trick, remove all the boxes from the room, or whatever with the square shape where your kitty can jump in.

At that moment when your cat steps in the tape box, she will feel relaxed, because her tiny body will produce the hormone endorphin (the hormone of happiness). You’ll notice that by purring. It is possible that cat will often go out and return to the box, but don’t move it of the floor for some time.

Do All Cats Love Small Space?

“A love” towards boxes is mostly not related to sex, age or breed of your cat. However, there are exemptions from the rules that all cats like tinny spaces in which they will fit and nap whole day. In a word of an expert, it depends on the character and personal preferences of your kitty.

For example, if your cat is slightly more aggressive than others, it loves to hunt, and from time to time leaves you “gifts” in the form of dead birds or mice in front of the door, it is possible that it will not be thrilled with the “box.” Simply, this cat likes to be active and to catch its prey, not to lurk it. (Messinascatering)

Also, it may happen that your pet is a type of alpha male (rarely female). You can identify it by its dominant character, stubborn behavior, periodical aggression, but also by fear of the indoor space. When this cat is inside, it will scratch the door and furniture to go outside.

Although these are less common cases, some cats do not like hiding in a box, but rather to sniff around, looking for an adventure. If your pet breaks every cat stereotype, don’t bother with the tape trick. That won’t be something that will interest a dominant cat.

Is square tape box some kind of magic? We don’t think so. It’s only the matter of the moment when your feline will realize that you fooled her. But as you read the text, you probably understood the point. Once your trick is busted, provide your loving pet with several shoe boxes to fit furry buttocks in and chill for most of the day.

Cats may have a bit strange attitude, but if you properly train and show some authority to them, they can be lovely pets and give you a lot of love. Maybe the cat will not wait for you at the door, being thrilled to see you, but she will find a way to show you her affection.

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