Why Dogs Need A Fitness Tracker

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Find out why Dog Owners Should Invest in a Fitness Tracker

Obesity is not just a disease that is present in humans. Quite often, pets may become overweight, and this can endanger their health and reduce their lifespan. It may be unbelievable that dogs are susceptible to getting weights since they are very active and always on the move, but that’s true. Lack of activity and poor quality nutrition are the main culprits for it.

Remember, just how many times did you go jogging with your pup, and he got tired after only a few miles? Or how fast he lost his breath when you play in the yard with him? Most of the time, when you’re not around, your dog is just napping and doing nothing.

Many helpful gadgets can help you track the physical condition of your dog, and hence its health. The fitness tracker is one of them, and except for a dog, it can be helpful for the owners, as it will encourage you to practice and walk more together with your pet.

Fitness tracker monitor your dog’s activity and health condition

Many owners believe that it is enough to let the dog out, and leave it in the yard all day long to play and run. The dog will be active for a while; the rest of the day, he will spend just being lazy, lying in the shade, and waiting for lunchtime.

For some dogs, a short walk on a leash is not enough. While it may be a good exercise for the owner and a blessing for a dog, it may be insufficient to meet the needs for physical activity. Owners need to activate and stimulate their dogs. The best way is to give him a good example. In doing so, proper workout with a dog does not mean that people will waste a lot of time or that they’ll be physically exhausted.

Find the physical activity that best suits you and your dog. Before you begin, attach a fitness tracker to the collar. This gadget will help you get a better insight into the physical condition of your pup and the level of his activity.

Have insight about dog’s activity while someone is sitting him

Very often, if we can’t devote enough time to our beloved pet, we hire a dog walker or sitter to spend some time with him. Since we want our dog to stay fit and in good shape, we engage an additional help that will make our pet fulfill the daily goal of the physical activity.

Within an application that is linked with a fitness tracker on a collar, we get the right information about how much our dog was active, and whether he had a proper rest. If the dog needs additional activity, we can still take him for an extra evening walk or play with him after a busy day.

Fitness tracker can help your dog lose weight.

Fitness tracker should be connected to the proper application. Pet owner will enter all required information, such as the breed of your dog, current weight, and age. Based on this, they can easily find out whether your pup is obese or not. It is especially hard to notice in breeds that have a long and lush fur. There are specific standards in weight for each dog breed; every significant deviation from average weight indicates a problem.

After each activity, Fitness Tracker will show the consumption of calories, and let the owner know if his pup achieved the desired goal. If he didn’t, it is a clear sign that the pet needs a longer and faster walk or more play time. Over time, dogs will get the routine, and the results will be visible soon.

It can affect your dog’s attitude.

A pup that is active and who likes to play often enjoys the company of other dogs. Using a fitness tracker, you can track how much your dog walked and how much time he spent playing. Then it will probably be clear to us that our dog became introvert because he did not have anyone to play with and was not stimulated to be active.

As they improve their physical condition, dogs will have more will to socialize. Sometimes, it’s enough to keep an eye on him while he’s playing with other dogs in the park. Also, pet owners can notice that the behavior of their pet changes for the better. Dogs that are lazy are usually aggressive and destructive. They need something to get rid of that excessive energy, and the park, balls, and frisbees are a better solution than carpet or couch.

Useful for owners too

A physically active dog requires an owner in good shape, so this thing can be useful for you too. Together with your pet, owners can work on improving their form also. Both of you can be a good company and motivation to each other. The dog is your best friend, and he’ll be thrilled to spend time with you at any time of the day.

Besides, there is a chance to meet other people who do the same thing as you. In places such as pet-friendly parks, you can leave your pet to play with other dogs, while you can enjoy a pleasant conversation with other owners. Finding other pet lovers of the same interests can be useful in the future. You can share experiences, opinions, and get some valuable tips. Perhaps you and your pet will get some new friends with whom you can go for a walk or nearby dog parks.

A healthy dog is a happy dog

Dogs really can get close to our hearts and eventually, they become members of our family. Their friendship relaxes and releases us from negative energy. It is a well-known fact that dogs worship people and enjoy spending time with them, giving them all their love. But, besides mutual unconditional love, we must take good care of our beloved pets, so that they can stay with us as long as possible.

Technology has provided us with various useful gadgets that are there to make life easier for us. Buying a fitness tracker, which is described in the text, will be paid multiple times. It’s a small device that your dog will not notice, and it can be of great help.

Dogs are, by nature, a social animal and they like an open space. Sometimes we are forced to leave them in the house or yard, and therefore we have to compensate them. If we don’t think of them as living creatures with needs, they may get sick or become sad. And you certainly don’t want that to your best friend. A healthy dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog will make their lives better.

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