As pet owners, you may understand your dogs and their body language but how much do you know about dogs? here are some facts about them i bet you never heard of!

Picking up human’s feeling simply by smelling

They are able to pick up your smell or any sudden change in your scent to determine what you are feeling and they will adjust accordingly to how you feel. Dogs are able to pick up that you are feeling low or sad and usually, they will observe you from a distance such as corner of the room and afterwards, they will make their way towards you and lie together with you. (thedentalspa) After all, pet owners are the center of their world and your emotions would affect them as well. It’s likely that they are able to detect certain medical illness or pregnancy going around in the house. (Valium)

They are able to sense your intention

Whether you are bringing them for bathing, hair trimming, getting their medications or cutting their nails, they will be able to sense your intention regardless if it’s good or bad. However, they are often the submissive in situations mentioned above and mind you, dogs have five senses — Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch and Hearing just like humans but, dogs have sixth sense too which is “Gut Feeling”. ( If the dog sense that it is a bad situation, they would act upon these feelings and move away or show aggression to people who are giving danger vibes. The difference between a human and a dog when it comes to gut feeling is that they trust and follow their instinct completely while us humans, we doubt ourselves at times and do not follow our instinct.

Sweat Glands

Why don’t dogs sweat like how humans do? We have sweat glands on the surface of our skin and we basically sweat everywhere from top to bottom and front to the back so where are dogs’ sweat glands then? Dogs’ sweat glands are located on their paws and not anywhere around with their fur and which is why sometimes you may notice their footprints on the floor as if they just finished bathing or jumped into the puddle before entering the house! Unlike us humans where we are able to cool down on our own without doing while dogs, they have to keep their mouth open where the moisture on their tongue is able to evaporate and the panting allows their lungs lining where moisture is able to evaporate from within and hence, the dog is able to cool down on its own.


According to the picture above, I guess you knew what I am about to talk about. It isn’t just humans that understand how favouritism is being carried out but dogs too as well understand them and by that, I meant that they really understand it well. For example, If there are 2 dogs in the house and one is getting a reward treat and the other does not, it is not a surprise if the other gets agitated when one is receiving rewards. Symptoms they show would be impatient scratching and licking themselves since they sensed the unfairness and should you know, many animals have a sense of justice.


Everyone grieve in their own ways but as for dogs, they are able to empathise and understand if you have just lost a loved one as mentioned in first point where they understanding and are able to pick up your feeling. After all, everyone grieves differently and what they would do is to be more attentive to you and perhaps, more clingier as death is not something a dog can fully understood but when it comes to grieving, yes without a doubt.