5 Ways To Dog-Proof Your House

dog proof home

and more often than not, it’s not something reasonable, but something that puts them into risk. Living in a limited space can be stressful experience for breeds who are used to living outside, which is why a mischief is something you should accept as a part of life. However, this doesn’t mean you should chill and let them do what they want, without making sure a home is a safe place for them as well. There are many ways to ensure your dog will be safe while you’re away yet some are more crucial than others.

We decided to invest some time to find the solution to the problem, and while some of our solutions may seem more radical, there to ensure your dog’s safety is taken care of. So, take a deep breath and check which ones you have already crossed off your list and which ones are waiting for you to act upon them

1.    Organize your mess

We know all dogs love to chew, and some more than others. This is why organizing your stuff is important if you’re looking to avoid them destroying the entire collection. No matter how fragile your possessions are or how huge, make sure they’re stored away, where your dog cannot find it. It’s the only way to avoid trouble. (elcapitalino) (Clubdeportestolima) Also, make sure to store safely medicines and chemicals, as you wouldn’t want to risk your dog getting sick due to a mistake. https://www.colombia.co/ Avoiding possible vet visits, seizures and other issues are only possible if you take time and organize your mess.

2.    Restricted room access

Some dogs are more serious than other ones, but some cannot hold in the pee, or tend to leave you unpleasant poop surprises all around the house. Some breeds are even considered to have it embedded in their genetic code, which is why there are cases where training doesn’t help, as dogs just cannot do it. The only thing you can do about it keeps them away from the bedroom at least, as some of us know what it’s like to come tired to a wet bed.

Most of the vets will tell you to keep them away from the bathroom as well, but this is an additional safety measure you can decide to act upon or not. Keeping the doors locked or installing baby-safe locks is an option you shouldn’t shy away from. They may enter while you’re there, but on their own, so you can easily control the behavior. Limiting them to the rooms you can easily inspect is not only a choice you make because you think they cannot be changed, but the choice you make for practical reasons exclusively, as some patterns cannot be meddled with.

3.    Use baby-safe options

We all know how children get, and how essential it is to invest in keeping them away from electrical outlets and other sources of danger. While dogs may not be like children, they do tend to wander around, sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong, and it gets not only messy but also potentially dangerous. Which is why a baby-safe house is a way to dog-proof the house at the same time as well. It does take time, but the result is a mesmerizing one, as for whether you decide on safety locks for rooms or power strip covers, or both, the fact is you’re helping your dog while doing so.

What we love about this one is that it costs you almost nothing, and you get all the things done within a day. Taking this to a new level with inventions like dog food vaults can also be a part of the plan if you’re looking to invest more than a few dollars to create an environment to die for. Looking for reliable and professional maid services in Florida? Visit the https://www.customcleaningtc.com/ website to learn more. Yet, if you’re a beginner, we recommend you stick to the containment systems and covers for electrical outlets for a start. It’s easy to upgrade later if needed, once you see your dog’s behavior over the course of one year.

4.    Consider crate training

Most of us avoid crates as we consider them to be inhumane, but the truth is that sometimes they’re the only option left out there, especially if you work more than 3 days a week. Dogs get in trouble whether we like it or not, and ending up with a destroyed furniture is not a pleasant experience. Crate training takes time, but it’s a good way to ensure your home stays in order, no matter how much you love your dog. It’s worthy of every minute and every dollar you spend on it, as having a peaceful home and coming to it from work is the ultimate definition of happiness no matter the type of person you are. As a conclusion, some things never change, and they require extreme measures.

5.    Invest in a pull-out trashcan

Dogs are curious by nature, and digging through trash might be their favorite thing to do when outside, yet doing it at home has more than a few risks. We’ll start with the most obvious ones, health risks, like intestinal blockage and the risk of your dog getting sick, vomiting all over the place. We know garbage is garbage, but they don’t which is why having the trashcan out of sight is crucial. To some, pull-out trashcans are way too expensive all things considered, and if you’re one of those, at last invest in sturdy metal ones, to keep them away from it.

Nobody wants to see the piles of trash around the house, and a sick dog in the corner, which is why putting the accent on the trash is important, no matter how trained your dog is. To some, this may sound like a waste of money, but we’re trying to present the problem which may not be a big deal now, but after some time, it’s guaranteed to affect the relationship you have with your dog.

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