We are a robotics company that designs and manufactures pet products infused with technology to strengthen the bond between pet parents and their pets. Sybo Tech Singapore developed Pebby, the world’s most advanced robotic pet sitter, enabling pet owners to interact with their pets anytime and anywhere.

Pebby was created to bridge the gap of communication and interaction between pet parents and pets while pet parents are away at work or having a holiday. Our team of engineers, marketers, and business specialists share a common interest of making use of smart technologies to enhance healthcare and improve our overall quality of life. Our goal is to build Pebby as the go-to tech brand when shopping for pet products.

Hansen Goh
CEO / Founder

Hansen has seen Pebby since its inception. He oversees the company’s general operations and strategic development.


Maksim is the roboticist of the company. He leads the engineering team effort and oversees the company’s different production channels.