IOS Beta Testing: Phase 1 part 3 and data results

With this beta testing, we have concluded at this point that our testing was a success and we gathered ratings, results, feedback, and data from the backers we have that allowed us to look through.  We have concluded the areas to improve are the following which is shown in the graph below:

We look forward to our next beta testing for IOS and Android testing with our backers and producing our pet product within our best and together with the feedback, we gathered from our backers. We received feedback from backers who did not manage to participate in the IOS beta testing due to several reasons and hence, we will be having another IOS testing in the next few months,  as well as Android beta testing too!

Our next round of beta testing for IOS and Andriod users will be out this month June! hope to see all of our backers’ participation in this round!


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