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7 of the Most Popular Cat Related Twitter Accounts

Social media is a great way to promote your love for kittens, and some did it before others. With the hype around cats of Instagram, many forget where it all begins. The first cat profile accounts emerged on Twitter, and with the limitations that came with this social network, the creativity became a serious competition. […]

Pebby Update #21 & Beta Testing

Dearest Pebby Backers, In the previous update about how we were moving our development after Edison discontinuation. We entirely reworked PCBs, Mechanics, added a new enhanced camera and more powerful batteries. Previously our update, we have received from our manufacturer new set of mechanics and we have been doing assembly, testing and fine-tuning all modules […]

Pebby Update #20

Greetings to our dearest backers! We apologize for the delayed update that we are suppose to publish, we achieved major milestones of porting new software and firmware into the electronics while the remaining work (a.k.a. bugs) will be progressively implemented and rectified through the assembly phase! Based on our new finalized designs, we have also […]