How is Pebby being made?

How is Pebby being made?

Many of you must have been curious about it. It begins with the product design before finalising it to 80 x 80mm size after various number of testing with pets by the end of 2014.  In 2015 and 2016,  we moved on to executing out the prototypes and consultations with industry experts before executing second prototypes with additional features as well as continuing to improve and grow together as a team!

2017 arrived and that is when the real party begins.After being confident with our product, our product test were completed and manufacturing of Pebby began. We decided to start our crowd fund campaign from Kickstarter and Indiegogo which we managed to raise up to an estimated amount of USD 1 million.

Shortly after the campaign ended, our team flew to taiwan for manufacturing purpose with more details regarding on the manufacturing of the pebby process. The factory in Taiwan that we partnered is a large EMS manufacturer, with their own SMT lines, assembly lines and facilities for PCBs and quality control to run our scratch resistance, drop tests and manage certifications that would allow us to ship internationally. Molds are the fundamental layer in production process as it requires long and costly process as well as huge amount of pressure is being exert on it then comes the plastics where the quality and treatment is crucial in determining the final protective cases and durability.

Pebby is made up with variety of components and despite assembly and logistics being from Taiwan, a lot of parts are being shipped from around the world like China, Japan and even Russia! Fortunately with good partners in hand we are confident in managing the consolidation and shipment. So, this is us sharing our blue print here with you about Pebby’s creation!

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