Flash Update: Intel Discontinues Edison Chip.

Dear Backers,

It has come to our surprise (and basically everyone around the world) that Intel is discontinuing the supply of Edison computing module just a week ago. We received this news first hand from our supplier network that they will not be supplying Intel Edison’s computing module for all future batches of Pebby apart from what has already been purchased/ordered. This is BIG for us, and BIG for every inventor/project creator who had relied on Intel’s framework.

Intel Edison in Pebby
Intel Edison in Pebby

What is Intel Edison and how does this affect us?

The Intel® Edison compute module is a modular, small and powerful system on a chip (SoC) that includes a CPU, MCU, memory, storage and dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is the computer and brain of any device and of course; Pebby. This particular series gained a large adoption among the developer’s community. In use it is mounted onto the printed circuit board for prototyping in many consumer and industrial IoT applications.

As you might know, Pebby’s current design is powered by Intel Edison. This ‘brain’ ties up all the processes and especially connectivity, allowing us to remotely do software upgrades and allowing our developers the ability to program and integrate algorithms that makes Pebby what it is.

With this recent news from Intel, in order to effectively deliver a unit that will be capable of all future upgrades and software level support, we have to move away from Intel Edison’s computing module for Pebby, for both current and future versions as we will not be able to purchase nor get support from Intel in the coming months for the Intel Edison module.

In order to ensure delivery of the best possible product to our customers, we seek your patience as we work out alternative measures that allows for a performance that equals or outperforms what Intel Edison has provided us thus far. Structural changes on both hardware and software level may be required to fit the new computing module. That may result in delays as changes will affect the developmental and manufacturing cycles. Our preliminary projection is that the delay is expected to be between 2-4 months.

With the recent news, it does not mean that all our activities are put on hold. Concurrently while solving for a new processor, our team has already made good progress on hardware level components that includes an improved battery life and higher resolution camera which we will share more information on in the next update. With that said, we are truly sorry for this unforeseen circumstance. We ask that you have confidence in us to solve this and to deliver each and every Pebby Package in the shortest time. Thank you.

Team Pebby


http://qdms.intel.com/dm/i.aspx/C5E58142-4E04-4CBD-A7A6-BF330573055D/PCN115579-00.pdf (Official Update)


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